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What syntax will NOT create a new structure using <cfscript>? (Choose TWO)
A. stStruct = StructNew();
B. stStruct[“key”] = “4”;
C. stStruct.key = “2”;
D. StructUpdate(stStruct, “key”, “5”);
E. StructInsert(stStruct, “key”, “3”);
Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 112
What is NOT a means for invoking a web service?
A. <cfservice>
B. <cfhttp>
C. createObject()
D. <cfinvoke>

Correct Answer: A
Consider the custom tag call.
<cf_age fname=”Douglas” lname=”Adams” returnage=”theAge”> The age variable is named AgeVar within
the custom tag code. How is its value returned to the calling page as the local variable, theAge?

A. <cfset temp=ReturnToCaller(theAge, AgeVar)>
B. <cfset theAge=Evaluate(AgeVar)>
C. <cfset “caller.#attributes.returnage#”=AgeVar>
D. <cfset theAge=AgeVar>

Correct Answer: C
Why does the code below generate an error?
<cfset lday = “MA/NH/VT,CT,RI:ME”>
<cfloop item = “State”
list = “#variables.lday#”
delimiters = “,:/”>

A. each delimiter must be enclosed in single quotes (‘)
B. variable #State# needs to be prefixed in the <cfoutput> statement
C. attribute ‘item’ is invalid in a loop list
D. cannot specify more than one delimiter
Correct Answer: C
What ANSI SQL wildcards are used with the LIKE operator? (Choose TWO)
A. _
B. ?
C. *
D. %
Correct Answer: AD
What are the two valid values of the format attribute of the <cfdocument> tag?
A. PDF, Flash
B. PDF, FlashPaper
C. DOC, FlashPaper
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 117
In many development environments, URL or form variables in a dynamic query can append malicious SQL statements to existing queries. What ColdFusion tag is needed to solve this problem?
A. <cfqueryparam>
B. <cfreturn>
C. <cfprocessingdirective>
D. <cfparameter>

Correct Answer: A
What tags are used to independently execute a stored procedure? (Choose TWO)
A. <cfquery>
B. <cfprocparam>
C. <cfstoredproc>
D. <cfexecute>
E. <cfinvoke>

Correct Answer: AC
What happens when the tag is processed? (Choose TWO) <cfapplication name=”hrapp” clientmanagement=”yes” clientstorage=”hr_db”>
A. enables session variables for client management
B. allows cookies to be stored in the client storage hr_db
C. creates cfid and cftoken variables
D. creates the client variables in a database table named hrapp
E. allows client variables to be stored in the client storage hr_db

Correct Answer: CE
What are the memory-resident variables that are tied to an application? (Choose TWO)
A. Cookie
B. Server
C. Request
D. Application
E. Session
Correct Answer: DE
What <cfinput> attribute provides input validation using regular expressions?
A. rematch
B. validexpr
C. pattern
D. regexp
E. revalid
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 122
What happens to the data because the OUTPUT attribute is NOT used? <cfwddx action=”CFML2WDDX” input=”#aCart#”>
A. data is serialized and placed in the special variable wOutput
B. data is serialized and outputted to the page
C. data is serialized but no data is outputted
D. nothing the page returns a syntax error

Correct Answer: B
What is the value of the attribute “action” on the <cfdirectory> tag that creates a directory on the server’s file system?
A. action=”new”
B. action=”add”
C. action=”write”
D. action=”create”

Correct Answer: D
How is a query object named qProducts returned from within a method of a ColdFusion component? (Choose TWO)
A. <cfscript>return qProducts;</cfscript>
B. <cfreturn value=”#qProducts#”>
C. <cfreturn qProducts>
D. <cfreturn value=#qProducts# returnType=”query”>
E. <cfresult #qProducts#>

Correct Answer: AC
What value in the access attribute of a ColdFusion component method restricts access such that only components in the same directory can invoke the method?
A. public
B. package
C. directory
D. remote
Correct Answer: B
What is NOT a valid method of caching a query recordset over time?
A. store the query object in the Application scope
B. use cachedWithin attribute of the <cfquery> tag
C. wrap the <cfcache> tag around the <cfquery> tag
D. use the cachedAfter attribute of the <cfquery> tag
Correct Answer: C
What attributes of <cfloop> are required to loop over a structure? (Choose TWO) A. list
B. index
C. item
D. condition
E. collection

Correct Answer: CE
What scope is NOT available as an option in the Variables section of the Debugging Settings?
B. Session
C. Variables
D. Server

Correct Answer: C
What is added to publish a CFC method as a WebService method?
A. webservice=”true” attribute to the <cffunction> tag
B. access=”remote” attribute to the <cffunction> tag
C. webservice=”true” attribute to the <cfcomponent> tag
D. access=”remote” attribute to the <cfcomponent> tag

Correct Answer: B
What tag will upload a file from the user’s computer to the server?
A. <cfupload accept=”application/msexcel” destination=”#getTempDirectory()#/groupimport.xls” filefield=”filename” nameconflict=”overwrite”>
B. <cffile accept=”application/msexcel” action=”write” destination=”#getTempDirectory()#/groupimport.xls” filefield=”filename” nameconflict=”overwrite”>
C. <cffile accept=”application/msexcel” action=”upload” destination=”#getTempDirectory()#/ groupimport.xls” filefield=”filename” nameconflict=”overwrite”>
D. <cfhttp accept=”application/msexcel” action=”upload” destination=”#getTempDirectory()#/ groupimport.xls” filefield=”filename” nameconflict=”overwrite”>

Correct Answer: C
Given a one-dimensional array named aCart, how is an element of an array populated with a structure? (Choose TWO)
A. <cfset aCart[1]=StructNew()>
B. <cfset aCart=StructNew()>
C. <cfset StructNew(aCart, 1)>
D. <cfset ArrayNew(aCart, StructNew())>
E. <cfset ArrayAppend(aCart, StructNew())>
Correct Answer: AE
How is a <cfml> custom tag created in ColdFusion?
A. Create a ColdFusion page and save it with a CF_ prefix.
B. Use the CustomTag Wizard in ColdFusion MX to create the tag.
C. Register the custom tag in the ColdFusion Administrator.
D. Create a ColdFusion page and save it with a .cfm extension.
Correct Answer: D

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