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What variables are accessible by all ColdFusion templates, custom tags, components, and functions called as part of a page request? (Choose THREE)
A. <cfset myVar = 1>
B. <cfset var myVar = 1>
C. <cfset Caller.myVar = 1>
D. <cfset Session.myVar = 1>
E. <cfset Request.myVar = 1>
F. <cfset Attributes.myVar = 1>
G. <cfset Application.myVar = 1>
Correct Answer: DEG QUESTION 82
Where are client variables stored by default?
A. Text file
B. XML file
C. Registry
D. Database

Correct Answer: C
When is the onApplicationEnd method of Application.cfc executed?
A. at the end of all page requests
B. when the ColdFusion Server shuts down
C. when an application error is encountered
D. during the execution of a </cfapplication> closing tag

Correct Answer: B
What functions provide security information once the <cfloginuser> tag is processed? (Choose TWO)
A. IsLoggedIn()
B. GetAuthUser()
C. IsUserInRole()
D. IsAuthenticated()
E. RoleHasPermission()

Correct Answer: BC
What happens when the tag is processed? (Choose TWO)
<cfapplication name=”hrapp” clientmanagement=”yes” clientstorage=”hr_db”>
A. creates cfid and cftoken variables
B. enables session variables for client management
C. allows cookies to be stored in the client storage hr_db
D. allows client variables to be stored in the client storage hr_db
E. creates the client variables in a database table named hrapp
Correct Answer: AD
What statements best describe the Application.cfm file? (Choose TWO)
A. An Application.cfm file must include at least one CFML tag.
B. Only one Application.cfm is ever processed automatically for a page.
C. You cannot stop ColdFusion from including the closest Application.cfm file.
D. You must have an Application.cfm file somewhere in the production servers file system.
E. An Application.cfm file should be used to include a HTML header file to maintain a consistent look and feel across the application.
Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 87
What is the result from the code? <cfxml variable=”x”>

<b c=”d” />
<e f=”g” />
<h i=”j” />
<cfset y = xmlSearch(x, “//*/@*”)>
<cfloop index=”i” from=”1″ to=”#arrayLen(y)#”>

b e h
c f i
d g j
An error occurs
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 88
Where is the <cfrethrow> tag valid?
A. <cftry> tag
B. <cferror> tag
C. <cfcatch> tag
D. custom error handler

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 89
What happens to the data because the OUTPUT attribute is NOT used? <cfwddx action=”CFML2WDDX” input=”#aCart#”>
A. nothing the page returns a syntax error
B. data is serialized but no data is outputted
C. data is serialized and outputted to the page
D. data is serialized and placed in the special variable wOutput

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 90
What attributes of the <cffunction> tag are required to make the function available as a web service? (Choose TWO)
A. show
B. output
C. access
D. silentMode
E. returnType

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 91
How is an attribute set to make a component available as a web service?
A. access=”remote” in the <cfcomponent> tag
B. any component is automatically available as a web service
C. access=”remote” in both <cfcomponent> and <cffunction> tags
D. access=”remote” in one of the <cffunction> tags inside the component

Correct Answer: D
What ColdFusion function is used to search an XML document that is represented as a string variable?
A. XmlFind()
B. XmlDoc()
C. XmlExpr()
D. XmlXPath()
E. XmlSearch()

Correct Answer: E
What is the correct syntax to invoke a web service?
A. <cfhttp method=””
B. <cfwebservice name=””
C. <cfinvoke component=””
D. <cfinvoke webservice=””

Correct Answer: D
Why is the XmlValidate function used? (Choose TWO)
A. Check for well-formedness.
B. Validate the results of a web service call.
C. Validate an XML document against a Schematron rule set.
D. Validate an XML document against a Document Type Definition.

Correct Answer: AD
In which order do the exception handling strategies listed provide increasingly more control over the application and code?
A. cferror ; cftry ; Site-Wide Error Template
B. Site-Wide Error Template ; cferror ; cftry
C. cftry ; Site-Wide Error Template ; cferror
D. Site-Wide Error Template ; cftry ; cferror
Correct Answer: B
How can ColdFusion XML document objects be created? (Choose THREE)
A. XML tag
B. CFXML tag
C. XMLNew function
D. XMLParse function
E. XMLFormat function

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 97
Given a one-dimensional array named aCart, how is an element of an array populated with a structure? (Choose TWO)
A. <cfset aCart=StructNew()>
B. <cfset StructNew(aCart, 1)>
C. <cfset aCart[1]=StructNew()>
D. <cfset ArrayNew(aCart, StructNew())>
E. <cfset ArrayAppend(aCart, StructNew())>

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 98
How is the value “Pedro” outputted? (Choose TWO)
<cfset employees = StructNew()> <cfset employees[“Person”] = “Pedro”> <cfset test = employees> <cfset StructInsert(test, “Pet”, “Rocky”)>
A. <cfoutput>#test[key]#</cfoutput>
B. <cfoutput>#test[Person]#</cfoutput>
C. <cfoutput>#test[“Person”]#</cfoutput>
D. <cfoutput>#employees[1]#</cfoutput>
E. <cfoutput>#employees.person#</cfoutput>

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 99
Which datatype is NOT appropriate for the storage of ordered data?
A. List
B. Array
C. Query
D. Structure

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 100
What is the value of the attribute “action” on the <cfdirectory> tag that creates a directory on the server’s file system?
A. action=”new”
B. action=”add”
C. action=”write”
D. action=”create”

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 101
How many attributes does the StructNew() function accept?
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Correct Answer: A
When is it acceptable to nest <cfoutput> tags?
A. never nest <cfoutput> tags
B. when outputting results from more than one query
C. when outputting from an array within an existing <cfoutput> tag
D. when using the ‘GROUP’ attribute on the parent <cfoutput> tag to group output results from a query

Correct Answer: D
What type of reusable ColdFusion construct can be made available to a ColdFusion page by using <cfinclude>?
A. Custom Tags
B. User-defined functions
C. Built-in ColdFusion functions
D. ColdFusion Components (CFC)

Correct Answer: B
What does the code output?
<cfset DaysArray = ArrayNew(2)> <cfset DaysArray[1][1] = “Monday”> <cfset DaysArray[2][1] = “Tuesday”> <cfset DaysArray[3][1] = “Wednesday”> <cfset DaysArray[1][2] = “April 12”> <cfset DaysArray[2][2] = “April 13”> <cfset DaysArray[3][2] = “April 14″> <cfset ArrayDeleteAt(DaysArray,2)> <cfoutput> #DaysArray[2][1]# #DaysArray[2][2]#<br> </cfoutput>
A. Monday April 13
B. Tuesday April 13
C. Tuesday April 14
D. Wednesday April 12
E. Wednesday April 13
F. Wednesday April 14

Correct Answer: F
What type of variable must be enabled in both the ColdFusion Administrator and through the use of the <cfapplication> tag?
B. Server
C. Cookie
D. Session

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 106
What is the purpose of the <cfcontent> tag? (Choose TWO)
A. Flush any available data to the client.
B. Generate HTTP response headers to return to the client.
C. Set the MIME content encoding header for the current page.
D. Return the encoding (character set) of the Form or URL scope.
E. Send the contents of a file from the server as the page output.

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 107
What tag is wrapped around code to determine the execution time?
A. <cftimer>
B. <cftotaltime>
C. <cfstopwatch>
D. <cfexecutiontime>

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 108
What is a possible value of THISTAG.ExecutionMode?
A. End
B. Stop
C. Begin
D. SubtagProcessing

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 109
What should NOT be used in a template after a call to <cfflush>? (Choose TWO)
A. <cfhttp>
B. <cfobject>
C. <cfoutput>
D. <cfheader>
E. <cflocation>

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 110
What is the output of the code?
<cfset tree=”oak”>
<cfswitch expression=”tree”>
<cfcase value=”oak”>
This is an Oak tree!
<cfcase value=”maple”>
This is a Maple tree!

Unknown tree type! </cfdefaultcase> </cfswitch>
A. An error will occur.
B. The text “This is an Oak tree!” will be displayed.
C. The text “Unknown tree type!” will be displayed.
D. The text “This is a Maple tree!” will be displayed.

Correct Answer: C
What looping statements are valid in ColdFusion? (Choose TWO)
A. <cfloop collection=”#ststructure#” key=”key”> ? </cfloop>
B. <cfloop from=”1″ to=”3000″ index=”i”> ? </cfloop>
C. <cfloop array=”#aarray#” index=”i”> ? </cfloop>
D. <cfloop query=”qquery”> ? </cfloop>
E. <cfloop expression=”qQuery.currentRow LTE 10″> ? </cfloop>

Correct Answer: BD

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Adobe 9A0-702 PDF, Best Quality Adobe 9A0-702 Exam Materials Are Based On The Real Exam