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If a directory’s permission are set to ________, you cannot display the contents of that directory if you know its name and if you possess the necessary file access permissions.

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A user cannot log in to your computer over FTP. Which step could help you troubleshoot the issue?
A. Verify that /etc/ftpd.conf exists.
B. Verify that the file /etc/ftpchroot exists.
C. Verify that the user is listed in /etc/ftpusers.
D. Add -d to the appropriate line in /etc/xinetd.d/ftp, then view /var/logs/ftp.log during login.
E. Use Activity Monitor to verify that you have at least one instance of ftpd running before the user logsin over FTP.

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Which process runs the startup scripts?
A. SystemStarter
B. StartScript
C. Startupd
D. Startup_p

Correct Answer: A
Which three (3) are agents that lookupd can use to query user account information? (Choose THREE.)
A. Ni agent
B. DS agent
C. DNS agent
D. Cache agent
E. Apple talk agent
F. Rendezvous agent

Correct Answer: ABD
You are accessing user records in a third-party directory. Other than modifying the schema, how can you provide valid mount records for network home directories?

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Exam A
In Mac OS X. the current domain and the IP address (es) of the DNS server(s) are accessible via _______?
A. local.nidb
B. resolv.conf
C. dnsdb.conf
D. lookupd.conf

Correct Answer: B
You can use ifconfig to ______?
A. configure firewall rules
B. monitor network traffic
C. view a summary of all system settings
D. display the computer network interface settings

Correct Answer: D
Identify the three (3) levels of access control you can assign to a new keychain item.

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