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Exam A
In Mac OS X. the current domain and the IP address (es) of the DNS server(s) are accessible via _______?
A. local.nidb
B. resolv.conf
C. dnsdb.conf
D. lookupd.conf

Correct Answer: B
You can use ifconfig to ______?
A. configure firewall rules
B. monitor network traffic
C. view a summary of all system settings
D. display the computer network interface settings

Correct Answer: D
Identify the three (3) levels of access control you can assign to a new keychain item.
(Choose THREE.)?
A. Allow access on login
B. Confirm before allowing access
C. Always allow access to this item
D. Allow only admin users to access to this item
E. Ask for keychain password and UID before allowing access
F. Confirm before allowing access, and ask for keychian password

Correct Answer: BCF
Which four (4) tools in Mac OS X v10.3 help you manage locally-cached kerberos tickets?
A. kmod
B. kinit
C. klist
D. kadmind
E. kdestroy
F. Kerberos utility
G. Kerberos Assistant
H. Kerberos Ticket Init utility

Correct Answer: BCEF
Mary logs in to Mac OS X v10.3.3 as an Active Directory user, via Apple Active Directory plug-in. A network home folder has been configured for her account. By default, her home folder _______?
A. on the local volume is disabled
B. resides on an auto-mounted AFP volume from Mac OS X Server
C. is stored locally, but an SMB home? is mounted on desktop
D. resides on the NFS volume provide by the Active Directory domain

Correct Answer: C
When you mount an AFP or SMB volume from the command line, what must be specified in the mount command?
A. account password
B. name of the shared volume
C. short user name that corresponds with you account
D. full path of the shared volume on host computer

Correct Answer: B
Disk Utility can repair incorrect permission on ________?
A. any file owned by root
B. any file on the root volume
C. files listed in .bom files under/Library/Receipts
D. home directory subdirectories, such as ~/Pictures

Correct Answer: C
What dose the -LoginHook option do in the code sample below from /etc/ttys?
A. Disables Shutdown and Restart buttons for non-administrators
B. Invokes the script mailLogininfo when a user logs in to the computer
C. Sets the terminal type to vt100 for each user who logs in to the computer
D. Starts the main windowing system, window server, in a secure console window on startup

Correct Answer: B
You can list queued print jobs from the command line by typing ______.
A. Iprm
B. Ipinfo
C. Ipstat
D. Ipadmin

Correct Answer: C
What are (3) ways to supplement data that is missing from a third-party LDAP server to support Mac OS X clients? (Choose THREE)
A. Repurpose existing fields in the directory schema.
B. Modify the server’s search path to exclude /Netlnfo/root.
C. Create local mapping with static and variable attributes.
D. Remove unused objectClasses from the local directory schema.
E. Enable OPTION 95 to assure communication with the DHCP server.
Correct Answer: ACE QUESTION 11
In a network of Rendezvous-enabled Mac OS X computers, ________ is the protocol that enables name-to-address lookups in the absence of a DNS server.
C. Apple Talk
D. Multicast DNS
E. Link-local addressing

Correct Answer: D