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A user cannot log in to your computer over FTP. Which step could help you troubleshoot the issue?
A. Verify that /etc/ftpd.conf exists.
B. Verify that the file /etc/ftpchroot exists.
C. Verify that the user is listed in /etc/ftpusers.
D. Add -d to the appropriate line in /etc/xinetd.d/ftp, then view /var/logs/ftp.log during login.
E. Use Activity Monitor to verify that you have at least one instance of ftpd running before the user logs in over FTP.

Correct Answer: D
When you copy a forked file from an HFS Plus file system to ________, using ________, the information in the original file resource fork is lost in the copy.
A. a UFS filesystem; the finder
B. another HFS puls file system; cp
C. an MS-DOC keychain device; cpMac
D. an MS-DOS keychain device; the Finder

Correct Answer: B
The traceroute command _______. (Choose TWO.)
A. display the routing table
B. finds the best route to a specified host
C. show what hosts are in the local subnet
D. determines where a route stops functioning
E. determines whether there is congestion on the network
Correct Answer: DE
Which tool displays disk capacity and the amount of available space on file systems?
A. dd
B. df
C. du
D. dmsg
Correct Answer: B
One function of /etc/hostconfig is to _________.
A. map a network service to its daemon
B. assign addresses to network interfaces
C. store network service startup parameters
D. display the contents of network data structures

Correct Answer: C
When using Apple Active Directory plug-in, Kerberos is automatically configured. How dose Kerberos affect the user experience when logging in to Mac OS X whit an Active Directory user account? (Choose TWO.)
A. The user home directory will be mounted at login.
B. The user will be able to log in to Mac OS X when disconnected from the network.
C. The user will experience a single sign-on to kerberized service within the domain.
D. Mac OS X will with password polices set from the Active Directory Administrator.
E. Address Book will automatically look up user contact information stored in the Kerberos realm.

Correct Answer: CD
To allow users to add files to a directory but prevent them from deleting each other’s files the directory, you _______.
A. set the sticky bit on the directory by using the chmod command
B. move the directory to /,library by using the sudo mv command
C. change the directory’s flag to uchg by using the chflags command
D. make the directory hidden by modifying its name to begin with a dot (.)
E. change the directory’s permissions to 751 by using the chmod command

Correct Answer: A
You physically disconnect your Mac OS X computer from the Ethernet network. As a result, configd _______. (Choose TWO.)
A. restarts lookupd
B. updates the routing table
C. takes the Ethernet interface down
D. notifies the IP Configuration Agent of the change
E. notifies the system_preferences process of the change
F. reevaluates which interface should set as the primary interface
Correct Answer: AD
Which three (3) must you specify when you add a printer from the command line? (Choose THREE.)
A. the -x flag
B. the printer device URI
C. a unique name for the printer
D. the PPD file for that printer
E. the IPP attributes file for that primter model
F. the name of the Apple Talk zone where the printer resides

Correct Answer: BCD
In the Services pane of Directory Access, the service discovery protocols Rendezvous, SLP, and SMB are enable. Which service CANNOT be browsed with the finder Network browser? (Choose all that apply.)
C. Netinfo
F. Mac OS X Server NFS

Correct Answer: A
You can use _______ to display the contents of a file resource fork.
A. wc
B. Is
C. CpMac
D. Derez

Correct Answer: D
A search base for an LDAP request describes ________.
A. the network path to the LDAP server
B. where in the LDAP hierarchy to start the search
C. the client application that makes the search request
D. the Directory Services data types that correspond to the LDAP entry

Correct Answer: B
Which three (3) events occur when you start Personal File Sharing from the sharing pane of System Preferences? (Choose THREE.)
A. The AppleFileServer process starts.
B. /etc/afp.conf updates to say ENABLE=-YESC. /etc/xinetd.d/afp updates to say DISABLE=-NOD. /etc/hostconfig updates to say AFPSERVER=-YESE. The valu of the guestAccess property in AllpeFileServer.plist changes to true.
C. The value of the anable of the enable property of personal File Sharing in com. apple. sharing. firewell. plist changes to 1.
Correct Answer: A
Which are private (non-routable) addresses? (Choose all that apply.)
Correct Answer: AEF QUESTION 50
You are configuring you Mac OS X computer to authenticate at the login window through an LDAP server. Which Open Directory USEr attribute are you NOT required to map to an LDAP user attribute?
A. UniqueID
B. RealName
C. RecordName
D. GeneratedUID

Correct Answer: D
Rendezvous names ________. (Choose TWO.)
A. can be used with certain command-line tools
B. cannot be used with any command line tools
C. always consist of the Host Name plus the string ?rndv
D. always consist of the Computer Name plus the string?
E. consist of alphanumeric strings that allow certain punctuation marks

Correct Answer: AE
What three (3) pieces of information must be specified in the Active Directory plug-in configuration in order for Mac OS X v10.3 to bind to Active Directory the Active Directory plug-in? (Choose THREE.)
A. IP address
B. Computer ID
C. Ethernet Address
D. Active Directory tree
E. Active Directory Forest
F. Active Directory Domain
G. Active Directory Mount Point

Correct Answer: BEF
To prevent a normal user from moving or deleting file , you can lock the file by setting the _______flag on it, using the ______command.
A. arch; chmod
B. uchg; chflags
C. opaque; chown
D. nodump; chflags
E. uappnd; chmod
Correct Answer: B
When you clone a volume in order to use clone as a boot volume, _________.
A. all preferences will be preserved in the clone
B. you must distribute the clone as a disk image
C. you should not be booted from the volume being cloned
D. you cannot use command line utilities to create the clone

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 55
You can change you computer’s SMB workgroup by using _______.
A. Directory Access
B. Sharing Preferences
C. Network Preferences
D. xinetd in debug mode

Correct Answer: A
The dig command queries the DNS server _______.
A. through configd
B. though nslookup
C. though lookupd
D. directiy

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