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If a directory’s permission are set to ________, you cannot display the contents of that directory if you know its name and if you possess the necessary file access permissions.
A. dr–r–r-
B. d-w–w–w-
C. d–x–x–x
D. dr–xr–xr–x
E. drwxrwxrwx

Correct Answer: C
Which command will identify all files in the hierarchy rooted at the current directory that have either the setuid or the setgid bit set?
A. find . – perm +2000
B. find . – perm +3000
C. find . – perm +4000
D. find . – perm +5000
E. find . – perm +6000
F. find . – perm +7000
Correct Answer: E
What networking services does Rendezvous offer? (Choose all that apply.)
A. local document printing (printing)
B. host naming for an IP address (naming)
C. service discovery to find names (browsing)
D. automatic network address assignment (addressing)
E. file exchange between non-networked devices (sharing)
F. transmission of packets beyond the local subnet (routing)

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 60
Which command will display the names of all NFS host mounted volume which were exported by the server
A. nmblookup – u
B. rpcinfo – p
C. mount – t nfs
D. showmount

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 61
If you use ifconfig to change your IP address, the preferences. Plist file will ______.
A. be updated automatically to reflect the new address
B. be updated after you restart the System preferences application
C. be updated after you click the Apply Now button in the Network pane of System Preferences
D. not be updated automatically to reflect the new address; after a reboot the system will revert to the IP address configuration from the plist file

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 62
If a router on the Internet receives a packet destined for a private (non-routable) IP address, the order will ________.
A. drop the packet
B. return the packet
C. broadcast the packet
D. roeword the packet to the private network gateway

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 63
Which is a limitation of using lookupd – d?
A. The daemon, lookupd, is interactive.
B. The result of the lookupd -d command are from a new instance of lookupd.
C. The lookupd -d command is used to find information on DNS resolution.
D. If configured to use DSAgent, the lookupd -d command will get the same results as DirectoryService.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 64
Which command lets you test whether you have a network connection to another host?
A. ping
B. ,host
C. whereis
D. nslookup

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 65
By default, which agent does lookupd check first to resolve a machine name?
A. Netinfo agent
B. Flat file agent
C. LDAP agent
D. cache agent
E. DNS agent

Correct Answer: D
A shadow password is stored _________.
A. as several hashes in a file
B. using the crypt ( ) function
C. in the the local LDAP data base
D. in the the local NetInfo database

Correct Answer: A
You have manually mounted a non-AFP file system from the command line . To force a volume icon to appear in the finder, you can_______.
A. unmount and remount using the – f flag
B. type disktool -r from the command line
C. run the umount command from the /volumes directory
D. open Disk Utility and select Show All from the File menu
E. use the chmod command to enable execute permission on the volume

Correct Answer: B
Which two (2) statements about passwords for local user accounts in Mac OS X v10.3 are true? (Choose TWO.)
A. DirectoryService is the authoritative authentication agent for crypt and
B. A crypt password can be 32 bytes in length; a shadow password has no length limitation.
C. A crypt password is stored as a hash in the user account; a shadow password is stored as several hashes in a file.
D. A crypt password is accessible by anyone using the computer; a shadow password is only accessible by the System Administrator (root).
E. Mac OS X v10.3 creates crypt passwords by default; shadow password are created for a user account when the option is specified in System Preferences.
Correct Answer: CD
Which Mac OS X log contains a record of every login via the command line or login window?
A. /var/log/wtmp
B. /var/log/system.log
C. /var/log/cups /access_log
D. /var/log/samba/log.smbd
Correct Answer: A
Xinetd and inetd differ in that______.
A. inetd is more secure that xinetd
B. xinetd uses a separate configuration file for each service
C. inetd listens on only one port, while xinetd listens on many
D. ainetd allow you to control access to your services based on the requester’s MAC address

Correct Answer: B
Which statement about symbolic links is true?
A. A symbolic link content are stored in the resource fork.
B. A symbolic linkinfo window lists its Kind as ymbolic Link?
D. In a long is listing, the pathname to which a symbolic link points is preceded by’->?
F. If you move the file to which a symbolic link points, the link path is updated, so the link continues to point to the file.

Correct Answer: C
_______is a command -line tool that you can use to display the headers of packet seen by computer network interface card.
A. arp
B. ping
C. scutil
D. netstat
E. tcpdump

Correct Answer: E
When you FTP service in the sharing pane of System Preferences. __________.
A. xinetd starts ftpd
B. xineted notifies inetd
C. xinetd starts listening on port 53
D. the /etc/xinetd.d/ftp file is modified
Correct Answer: D
Which protocols encrypt data transferred over the network? (Choose all that apply.)

Correct Answer: AC
Which two (2) commands will display any system.log entries containing the word failed? (Choose TWO.)
A. pico failed /ver/log/system.log
B. grep failed /var/log/system.log
C. more /ver/log/system.log I grep failed
D. Is /ver/log/system.log I grep failed
E. Console /var/log/system.log I grep failed

Correct Answer: BD
Identify three (3) reasons why NFS is not as secure as other file-sharing protocols. (Choose THREE.)
A. NFS is limited to 32-bit encryption for data transfer.
B. NSF volumes cannot be mounted as read-only volume.
C. NFS gives all user root privileges to the mounted volume.
D. NFS dose not prompt for a password when you mount a volume.
E. Access ,to NFS server volume is based on the IP address of the client.
F. NFS assumes user have the same UID assignments on both the xlient and server,.

Correct Answer: DEF
Which three (3) are Mac OS X Open Directory plug-ins that can request data from a directory service? (Choose THREE.)
B. Apple Talk
D. Rendezvous
E. Active Directory
F. BSD Flat File and NIS

Correct Answer: CEF
Your umask is set to 026. You use touch from the command line to create a new file. What are the permission on the new file?
A. 600
B. 640
C. 644
D. 751
E. 755
Correct Answer: B
When you use Disk Utility to restore a volume from a disk image, ______.
A. you must first boot the computer from the same volume from a disk image,_______.
B. The disk image must be on the same computer as the volume you are restoring to
C. The disk image and the volume you are restoring to must be on different computers
D. You must first boot the computer from a volume other than the one you are restoring to
Correct Answer: D
An example of multihoming is when ______.
A. multiple computers share a single IP address
B. a single user has multiple Home folders on a serve
C. multiple computers serve pages web site
D. multiple IP addresses are assigned to the same network interface on the same machine

Correct Answer: D
Which command lets you view contents of the last DHCP packet a Mac OS X client received over built-in Ethernet form a DHCP server?
A. cups-config
B. ifconfig getpacket en0
C. ip6config hostbits6
D. ipconfig getpacket en0
Correct Answer: D

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Apple 9L0-606 Dumps PDF, Most Accurate Apple 9L0-606 Certification On Sale