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Which process runs the startup scripts?
A. SystemStarter
B. StartScript
C. Startupd
D. Startup_p

Correct Answer: A
Which three (3) are agents that lookupd can use to query user account information? (Choose THREE.)
A. Ni agent
B. DS agent
C. DNS agent
D. Cache agent
E. Apple talk agent
F. Rendezvous agent

Correct Answer: ABD
You are accessing user records in a third-party directory. Other than modifying the schema, how can you provide valid mount records for network home directories?
A. Create a mount record in the local LDAP directory on the Mac OS X client.
B. Use Directory Access to map VFSType to apple-user-homeurl oneach client computer.
C. Use the Active Directory schema rather than the RFC 2307 schema on the LDAP directory.
D. Supplement the existing directory with a directory on Mac OS X Server to host the mount records.
Correct Answer: D
Which two (2) are online resources for secunity issues relevant to Mac OS X? (Choose TWO.)
B. Virex
D. Apple security-announce mailing list
E. Apple Security updates streaming video broadcast
Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 16
Which two (2) commands will capture Rendezvous packets only? (Choose TWO.)
A. sudo tcpdump -I en0 dst port 53
B. sudo tcpdump -I en0 dst port 5375
C. sudo tcpdump -I en0 dst port 5353
D. sudo tcpdump -I en0 I grep rndz
E. sudo tcpdump -I en0 I grep mdns

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 17
In Printer Setup Utility, if you click on the Add icon in the toolbar while holding down the Option key, you can _______.
A. export printers to Samba for Windows clients
B. use the Advanced feature to specify a custom PPD
C. rename an existing print queue and change its printer Model type
D. add a Rendezvous-enabled printer form the list of mulicast addresses

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 18
You cannot access the server, but you can access other servers. Which step could help you identify the cause of the problem?
A. Use the scutil command to display the status of the server.
B. Use the arp command to determine whether the server address is busy.
C. Use the domainlookup command to determine whether the domain has been registered.
D. Use the dig command to determine whether the problem is the result of anerror in the domain name DNS entry, or a missing entry for the domain in the DNS files.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 19
Chris is logged in to Mac OS X v10.3 using a non-admin network user account on Mac OS
X Server v10.3. The user account is configured to use an Open Directory password. When Chris tries to connect to an AFP server that is configured to use only Kerberos authentication, an authenticate to Kerberos dialog appear, requesting a name, realm, and password. Chris enters the user account name and password again, and clicks OK. The same dialog reappears.
What can a local system administrator do to resolve Chris issue?
A. Log in with a secure shadow hash.
B. Enable the Kerberosv5 plug-in in Dirrctory Access.
C. Use kdestroy to destroy any existing tickets in the cache, then connect to the server again.
D. Ensure that the date, time, and timezone on the Mac OS X client and on the KDC are synchronized.
E. Cancel the authenticate to Kerberos dialog, log in as guest, and assume the connection is secure.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 20
To create a secure connection to server, you must _______.
A. use Directory Access to disable Apple Talk services discovery
B. type the mount -s command and connect to the file server manually
C. enable remote Apple Events in the Sharing pane of System Preferences
D. select “Secure Shell (ssh)” when using the Connect to Server command from the File menu in Terminal

Correct Answer: D
Which three (3) Ethernet network settings can you configure from System Preferences? (Choose THREE.)
A. speed
B. duplex
C. Ethernet ID
D. verbose logging
E. maximum packet size
F. maximum number of hops to gateway

Correct Answer: ABE
Which three (3) statements about keychains are true? (Choose THREE.)
A. Keychains feature 3DES encryption.
B. Keychain can store passwords of various types.
C. Keychain entries cannot be moved between keychains.
D. Keychain are automatically enabled when auto-login is disabled.
E. Each keychain password entry has a name and a URL associated with it.
F. You can display keychain contents in Terminal using the keychain command.

Correct Answer: ABE
Directory services simplify the process of identification and authentication over a network by _______. (Choose THREE.)
A. giving service clients the option of accessing identification and authentication information from a variety of data stores
B. providing a platform-independent means of authenticating user accounts and authorizing access to resources
C. standardizing the network hardware so that any computer can identify and authenticate its users
D. providing a central location for commonly requested identification and authentication information
E. providing a common file format for identification and authentication information
F. providing a way to distribute identification and authentication
Correct Answer: ADF
Which statement about keychain in Mac OS Xv10.3 is true?
A. The default name of a new user keychain is login?
C. Keychain entries cannot be moved between keychains.
D. Users must authenticate to use the “Copy Password to clipboard” feature of Keychain Access.
E. By default, an administrator has permission to view and edit keychain for all user accounts an his computer.
Correct Answer: A
What information is included in a ticket-granting ticket (TGT) from the Key Distribution center (KDC)?
A. time TGT was issued
B. public key for the KDC
C. user account crypt password
D. length of time the TGT remains valid
E. service key for all supported kerderized services

Correct Answer: AD
Which two (2) features are provided by ssh but not telnet? (Choose TWO.)
A. MD6 encryption
B. PGP file encryption
C. Asynchronous transfers
D. Encrypted authentication
E. Encrypted communication sessions

Correct Answer: DE
_________contains information describing the physical network interfaces installed on a Mac OS X v10.3 computer.
A. /etc/inetd.conf
B. /var/db/netinfo/local.nidb
C. /Library/networkInterfaces/system_profiler.plist
D. /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist

Correct Answer: D
Which IP address could be assigned to a computer via link-local addressing?
Correct Answer: B
When you define a new LDAP configuration in Directory Access, you might need to enter a
Distinguished Name and password for the connection. Distinguished Name refers to ______.
A. the name of the root user on the LDAP server
B. the canonical name of a normal user on the Mac OS X client computer
C. the name of the account required by your LDAP server to perform queries
D. the short name of a user with administrator permission on the client computer

Correct Answer: C
Identify a disadvantage of supplementing Active Directory with directory services running on Mac OS X Server.
A. A modification to the Active Directory schema is necessary.
B. The ability to manage individual user accounts in Mac OS X is sacrificed.
C. You can no longer manage directory services with tools provided by Apple.
D. A configured directory on Mac OS X Server must be added to the Active Directory domain.

Correct Answer: B
Before mapping LDAP entries for the Open Directory LDAPv3 plug-in, you should _______.
A. install the Apple LDAPv3 plug-in on your LDAP server
B. mount the LDAP server via NFS on your Mac OS X computer
C. install the Open Directory LDAP schema on your LDAP server and restart.
D. Create a new LDAP configuration in Directory Access and set the appropriate search base for the LDAP directory

Correct Answer: D
When you browse from a Windows XP computer, all Mac OS X computers on the network have the string “Mac OS X” in front of the computer name. To modify that string. Change a variable in _________.
A. /etc/smb.conf
B. /etc/hostconfig
C. /etc/xinetd.d/smbd
D. /etc/xinetd.d/nmbd

Correct Answer: A
Which of these are associated with tunneling methods? (Choose all that apply.)
A. rsh
B. ssh
D. telnet
Correct Answer: BC
Which three (3) statements about encrypted disk images are true? (Choose THREE.)
A. Encrypted disk images are read-only.
B. Encrypted disk images can be re-sized.
C. Encrypted disk images use AES 128-bit encryption.
D. The maximum size of encrypted disk images is 1 GB.
E. Mac OS X dose not leave any Cleartext copies of the contents of files opened from encrypted disk images.
F. A tcpdump of network traffic relating to mounting an encrypted disk image reveals the disk image data in unencrypted form.
Correct Answer: BCE
After mounting a volume from the command line, use _______ to update the disk arbitration table.
B. dmesg
C. diskarb
D. disktool

Correct Answer: D

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