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What actions can be performed when multiple, NON-consecutive, cells are selected? (Choose TWO)
A. Split cells
B. Delete row
C. Adjust background color
D. Adjust font face
E. Merge cells

Correct Answer: CD
Which symbols could be used to start a comment in JavaScript?” (Choose TWO)
A. /*
B. //
C. {
D. #
E. */

Correct Answer: AB
How can the same background color be added to several nonadjacent cells in a table?
A. Right-click (Ctrl-click Mac) on the table and choose Table > Edit Cells from the context menu. When the Table inspector opens, select the cells you wish to edit and choose the background color from the Color panel.
B. Choose Edit > Table > Select Nonadjacent from the menu, click in each of the cells to edit, and set the background color in the Property inspector.
C. Select the table and open the Table panel. In the Table panel, choose the cells to edit and select the desired color from the Background Color menu.
D. Hold the Ctrl key (cmd-click Mac) down and click in each cell to select. Then set the background color in the Property inspector.
Correct Answer: D
What is done when a desired event is grayed out in the Behaviors panel? (Choose TWO)
A. Select a different behavior.
B. Attach the behavior to a different element in the page.
C. Choose events for a different browser or version.
D. Use VBScript instead of JavaScript.
E. Use a server behavior instead of a client behavior.
Correct Answer: BC
What is done first in order to display the graphical site map?
A. Define a home page.
B. Set the option “add to site map” in the Page Properties.
C. Save a file named index.htm in the root folder.
D. Add a navigation bar on each page.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 98
A page has an embedded style sheet that redefines H3 as Arial, red. The same page has a linked style sheet attached that defines H3 as Verdana, blue, and 16 pixels. How should text between H3 tags display on the page in a browser?
A. Verdana, blue, 16 pixels
B. Arial, red, browser default font size
C. Verdana, red, 16 pixels
D. Arial, red, 16 pixels

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 99
What are the four types of template regions?
A. repeating, editable, editable tag attribute, custom
B. optional, custom, editable, repeating
C. editable tag attribute, optional, repeating, editable
D. editable parameter, editable tag attribute, editable, repeating

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 100
When setting the action of an HTML form to use the mailto command and sending the form data to an email address, what Enctype setting is necessary to present this data in a readable format in the body of the email?
A. “multipart/form-data”
B. “text/plain”
C. “plain”
D. “text”

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 101
What does cloaking a folder in the Files panel mean? The files
A. are not visible in the Files panel.
B. will be transferred to the web server, but hidden from browsers.
C. will never be transferred to the server.
D. will be ignored in a site operation such as Get and Put.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 102
What edits will make this HTML table correct? Exhibit:

A. Move line #9 below line #12.
B. Remove the Table Data width from line #12.
C. Set the Table Width to “100”.
D. Set the Table Data width in lines #8, #9, and #12 to “50”.

Correct Answer: A
What code is added to a web page when Set Color Scheme is invoked from the Commands menu?
A. a { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #07387A; text-decoration: none; } a:hover { color: #990000; }
B. <body bgcolor=”#FF9900″ text=”#333333″ link=”#FFFF00″ vlink=”#FFCC66″ alink=”#666600″>
C. <link href=”styles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>
D. <script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/JavaScript”>

Correct Answer: B
What is an example of a site relative path to the web document root?
A. file:///Macintosh HD/resources/books.html
B. /resources/books.html
C. ../resources/books.html
D. resources/books.html
Correct Answer: B
How is text rendered inside a <th> tag by most browsers by default? (Choose TWO)
A. Aligned top
B. Centered
C. Italicized
D. Aligned left
E. Bold

Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 106
What does Dreamweaver MX 2004 do by default when dependent files are included while transferring files?
A. transfers any embedded graphic file or included file
B. prompts you for every file
C. checks whether files are newer on remote site
D. transfers any included file, but does not create sub-folders

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 107
What will test to see if the values of x and y are the same?
A. if (x == y)
B. IF (x = y)
C. if (x = y)
D. if (x EQ y)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 108
What change will make this styles .CSS file correct? Exhibit:

A. Change “font-family” to “font” on Line #5.
B. Change the <style> tag to <jscript> and </style> to </jscript>.
C. Remove the <style> and </style> tags.
D. Change “text-align” to “text-position” on Line #7.

Correct Answer: C
What operation allows the user to change all areas of a page created from a template?
A. start over and use library items instead
B. detach the page from the template
C. make the body tag editable
D. make a separate template for the page

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 110
What type of graphic is best for creating menu buttons in a web page?
A. .eps
B. .fh11
C. .gif
D. .png

Correct Answer: C
What is NOT displayed after running a link check on the current document?
A. external pages
B. broken images
C. orphaned files
D. pages renamed outside Dreamweaver

Correct Answer: C
What is true about image maps? (Choose TWO)
A. can create image maps on both .gif and .jpg images
B. cannot use an image map in a frameset
C. can only have one image map on a single page
D. can create alternate text for each link within an image map
E. cannot have more than 5 links within an image map

Correct Answer: AD
What action reduces a page’s download time?
A. Use tables instead of CSS for page layout.
B. Reduce the number of colors used in GIF images.
C. Link, rather than embed, client-side JavaScript.
D. Resize images using the height and width attributes of the <img> tag.
Correct Answer: B
What three tags are associated with a Definition List?
A. dl, dt, db
B. dl, dt, li
C. dl, dd, li
D. dl, dt, dd
Correct Answer: D
What is the target attribute of the link (<a>) tag used to specify? (Choose TWO)
A. text/image that is to appear as a hypertext link
B. whether a linked page should open in a new browser window C. name of the anchor that is being linked to
D. frame in which a linked page should open
E. name of the file that is being linked to

Correct Answer: BD
What is done when a desired event is grayed out in the Behaviors panel? (Choose TWO)
A. Use a server behavior instead of a client behavior.
B. Select a different behavior.
C. Use VBScript instead of JavaScript.
D. Choose events for a different browser or version.
E. Attach the behavior to a different element in the page.

Correct Answer: DE
What type of feature can invoke client-side JavaScript code based on the actions of a user?
A. Application Object
B. Action
C. Command
D. Server Behavior
E. Behavior

Correct Answer: E
What behavior could you attach to a hyperlink to load new content into two different frames in a frameset?
A. Open Browser Window
B. Go To URL
C. Swap Image
D. Change Behavior
Correct Answer: B
What is used to apply a class style to selected text? (Choose TWO)
A. Assets panel
B. CSS Styles panel
C. Style panel
D. Property inspector
E. Insert bar
Correct Answer: BD
What CSS formatting options must be previewed in the browser to see them properly rendered?
A. A:link
B. Letter Spacing
C. A:hover
D. Line Height

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 121
Dreamweaver MX 2004 can display code that is inserted by the server using a server-side include. Why should a developer use this feature?
A. helps test how the server-side include works on a local machine
B. aids proper layout of the web page
C. way to create a server-side include in HTML
D. makes sure the code is accessible

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 122
What elements are NOT stored in the Assets panel?
A. images
B. reports
C. colors

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 123
What is the correct order of the CSS box properties surrounding a Content area from internal to external? Exhibit:


Correct Answer:
What elements are NOT stored in the Assets panel?
B. reports
C. colors
D. images

Correct Answer: B
While in Design view, what methods may be used to attach a hyperlink to highlighted text? (Choose TWO)
A. Property Inspector > Browse for File
B. Property Inspector > Point to File
C. Modify > Text > Hyperlink
D. Property Inspector > Create Hyperlink
E. Code > HTML > Hyperlink

Correct Answer: AB
How can changes to a template be applied to all attached pages?
A. Right-click (cmd-click Mac) in an editable region and choose Template > Update Editable Regions
B. File > Save as Template
C. Modify > Templates > Apply Template to Pages
D. Modify > Templates > Update Pages

Correct Answer: D
Which option is a Dreamweaver MX 2004 code rewriting preference?
A. validate XML
B. rewrite code as you type in Code view
C. complete tags as you write them in Code view
D. suppress code rewriting for specific file types

Correct Answer: D
A Flash source file (FLA) needs to be transferred to the web server, but it is being ignored when the site is synchronized. What is the best explanation?
A. the user needs the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player
B. FLA needs to be set as a MIME type on the web server
C. FLA files need the flash authoring software installed
D. FLA files are cloaked in Dreamweaver
E. directory permissions need changing on the web server

Correct Answer: D
What built-in feature allows the web developer to isolate a business address into a single unit that can later be easily edited and automatically updated on every page?
A. Tracing Image
B. Template
C. Library Item
D. Placeholder

Correct Answer: C
Which method is used to open a new browser window?
Correct Answer: D

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Adobe 9A0-802 Exam Test Questions, Best Quality Adobe 9A0-802 Dump Will Be More Popular