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Exam A
How does a sparse bundle disk image differ from a sparse disk image?
A. The image data in a sparse bundle disk image cannot be encrypted, while the image data in a sparse disk image can be encrypted.
B. The image data in a sparse bundle disk image is stored in multiple files, while the image data in a sparse disk image is stored in a single file.
C. A sparse bundle disk image must be formatted as an HFS volume, while a sparse disk image may use any format available for a Mac OS X volume.
D. As more files are added to a sparse bundle disk image, its file size increases, unlike a sparse disk image, whose file size remains static as files are added.

Correct Answer: B
Review the screenshot, then answer the question below.
You are creating an installation package named “Pretendco Database Scripts”. You want to add a license
agreement that will be displayed when users open the completed package.
Where in the interface shown above should you click to begin the process of adding the license

A. Pretendco Database Scripts
B. Configuration
C. Contents
D. Scripts
E. Edit Interface

Correct Answer: E
On a Mac OS X Server v10.6 computer, which command-line tool should you use to synchronize the local Software Update service catalog with Apple’s public Software Update servers?
A. swupd
B. swsvrd
C. swupd_syncd
D. swsvrd_updated
Correct Answer: C

What information is stored in the ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ folder on a Mac OS X v10.6 computer?
A. The computer’s network settings
B. The user preferences that are tied to specific computers
C. The access control settings specifying who can access the computer
D. The access control lists specifying the local files to which network users have Read/Write access
Correct Answer: B

Which task can an Apple Remote Desktop task server perform ?
A. Review reports about a client.
B. Scan the local network for ARD client computers.
C. Schedule tasks for client computers that are offline.
D. Turn on powered-down client computers using the Lights Out Management protocol.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6
In a Mac OS X Server v10.6 computer, which process provides software updates to client computers?
A. swupd
B. swsvrd
C. updated
D. httpd-1.3

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 7
You are defining a workflow in Automator that will automate the creation of customNetBoot service
Which statement about such a workflow is true?

A. The workflow is restricted to using actions available in Automator’s System library.
B. The “Add User Account” action can be used in a workflow that creates NetInstall images.
C. The results of one Automator action become the input to the next action in the workflow.
D. The workflow can branch based on the results of an action, causing just one of several defined actionsto be performed next.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 8
The ampere (amp) is a unit of ________.
A. electrical current
B. electrical resistance
C. power, equal to one joule per second
D. potential difference in electrical charge

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 9
In Mac OS X v10.6, which utility can you use by itself to create images for NetBoot service?
A. hdiutil
B. Disk Utility
C. System Image Utility
D. NetBoot Imaging Utility

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 10
You have configured two Mac OS X Server v10.6 computers as Software Update servers.
You want the Software Update service on one computer to retrieve available software updates from the
instead of both computers downloading updates from Apple’s public Software Update servers.
Which file should you edit to achieve this goal?

A. /etc/swupd/swupd.conf
B. /etc/swupd/swupd.plist
C. /usr/share/swupd/html/index.sucatalog
D. /Library/Preferences/

Correct Answer: B