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In which two folders should you perform a split-half search FIRST when troubleshooting a font issue that does NOT involve Classic fonts? (choose two)
A. /Library/Fonts
B. ~/Library/Fonts
C. /System/Library/Fonts
D. /System/Library/Caches
E. /System/Library/Font Book
Correct Answer: AB
Which statement is true of starting up in Safe Mode in Mac OS Xv10.4?
A. Items in /Library/StartupItems are executed.
B. Items in /System/Library/StartupItems are executed.
C. The launched process launches items in /Library/LaunchDaemons.
D. The launched process launches items in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons.

Correct Answer: D
The Lookup tool in Network Utility ________________
A. looks up routing table information
B. resolves host names to IP address
C. determines which ports are open on a remote computer
D. finds the complete route between your computer and another computer on an IP network

Correct Answer: B
Which two Mac OS X v10.4 applications are MOST helpful when troubleshooting Ethernet connectivity? Choose two)
A. Port Monitor
B. Internet Config
C. Network Utility
D. Process Manager
E. Network Diagnostics

Correct Answer: CE
Mac OS X v10.4 supports which two types of VPN connections bt default ? choose two
E. P2P

Correct Answer: BC
What two Network Utility commands can you use to determine whether there is an active network connection between your computer and a Web server of the internet? (choose to0
A. Traceroute
B. Lookup
C. Whois
D. Finger
E. Ping
Correct Answer: AE
In Mac OS X v10.4 change to network configuration ___________
A. are user-specific
B. require administrator authentication
C. require you to create a new network location
D. are made in the internet pane of System Preferences

Correct Answer: B
Which three tools can you use to configure networking in Mac OS X v10.4? (choose three)
A. Setup Assistant
B. System Profiler
C. Internet Connect
D. Network preferences
E. Network Location Manager
F. Configuration pane of Network Utility

Correct Answer: ACD

You see in Network preferences that the operating system has just updated your port priority order and port status indicators as shown in the exhibit. What could explain these changes?
A. The network cable has been disconnected
B. The DHCP server has a new Air Port card installed.
C. An Air Port Bass Station has been moved closer to the computer
D. The DHCP server on the Built-in Ethernet network is no longer available

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 129
Which three troubleshooting steps are useful if web pages will not load? (choose three)
A. Locate DNS servers on the network using Network Utility DNS Scan command
B. Test direct IP connectivity using Network Utility Ping command
C. Confirm Ethernet connectivity using Network Diagnostics
D. Review the Network Activity report in Activity Monitor
E. Verify the network settings in Network preferences
F. Review the Activity Report in Network Monitor

Correct Answer: BCD
Network users often have multiple passwords, a distinct password for each network service they access. Which is NOT a valid way simplify this situation for users in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. Set up Kerberos environment on the network.
B. Have users store their login information for different servers in Keychain.
C. Set up a directory service to make user and password information available to all computers
D. Have users enables the Single Sign-on option in the Authentication pane of Network preferences

Correct Answer: D
How can you configure Mac OS X to get authentication information from an LDAP server? (choose two)
A. Enter the IP address of an LDAP server in the LDAP pane of Network preferences
B. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X to get LDAP information from a DNS server.
C. Use the default configuration, which allows Mac OS X to use a DHCP-supplied LDAP server
D. Use Sharing preferences to configure Mac OS X ro use an Active Directory server as an LDAP server.
E. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X with the IP address, type and search base of a specific LDAP server.

Correct Answer: CE
In Mac OS X v10.4 you CANNOT use the Finder’s Connect to server command to connect to __________server.

Correct Answer: B
How do you configure a Mac OS X computer to use account information provided by an Active Directory server?
A. Enter the forest address, domain address, and computer ID in the Active Directory pane of System Preferences
B. Enter the forest address, domain address, and computer ID in the Active Directory pane of Network Preferences
C. In Directory Access, open the Active Directory plug-in and enter the forest address, domain address, and computer ID
D. In Directory Access configure Mac OS X to automatically receive an Active Directory forest address, domain address, and computer ID using DHCP option 95.

Correct Answer: C
Using Directory Access you can configure your computer to _________
A. use Apple Talk to discover FTP services
B. be a member of more than one Windows workgroup
C. use a specific WINS server for SMB service discovery
D. deny access to FTP server through the Connect to Server feature in the Finder

Correct Answer: C
You are trying access a file server from your Mac OS X v10.4 computer. The server is configured to use kerberos for authentication, but you are presented with an
authentication dialog. Which step could help you determine why kerberos is not functioning as expected?
A. Verify that kerberos is enabled in the Personal File Sharing pane of Shring preferences
B. Verify that the KDC address is set correctly in the Authentication pane of network preferences
C. Use the kerberos application in / System /Library/Core Services to view tickets received from the KDC.
D. Use the Kerberos application in /applications/Utilities/ Kerberos to create a test ticket and send it to the KDC.

Correct Answer: C
If Robert disables AppleTalk in the Directory Access utility on his Imac running Mac OS X v10.4 what is the result?
A. Robert iMac no longer discovers servers via AppleTalk
B. Robert cannot connect to an AFP file server from his iMac
C. Robert can no longer print to AppleTalk printers from his iMac
D. Users on other computers cannot to Robert’s iMac via AFP.

Correct Answer: A
Which three are dynamic services discovery protocols supported by Mac OS X v10.4 ? (choose three)
A. active Directory
B. Apple Talk
C. Bonjour
D. NetInfo
Correct Answer: ABC
Which statement is true of Kerberos?
A. Kerberos uses tickets
B. Kerberos require LDAP.
C. Kerberos requires service discovery
D. Your computer presents your user name and password to each server
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 139
In Mac OS X v10.4 you CANNOT turn off the _____service discovery protocol.
C. Bonjour
D. AppleTalk

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 140
Authorization verifies _________
A. a file’s creator and type
B. a user’s name and password
C. a computer’s membership in a computer list
D. a resource availability to a given user account

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 141
You are having issues sending and receiving mail from the Mail application in Mac OS X. Which is a valid troubleshooting step?
A. Use Connection Doctor in Mail to identify Mail connection problems.
B. Use the Email pan in Network Utility to verify that mail servers are operational.
C. Click the Reset Server Settings button on Mail preferences and re-enter the mail server addresses.
D. Use Network Utility from another computer to perform a port scan on your computer and verify that the POP and SMTP ports are oprn.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 142
Fred wants to upload PDF files to a printing company FTP server. He uses Connect to Server in Mac OS X v10.4 to access the FTP server, AND HE IS ABLE TO DOWNLOAD FILES FROM THE SERVER, BUT HE IS NOT ABLE TO UPLOAD HIS FILES. How can Fred resolve this issue?
A. Use an FTP client other than Connect to Server.
B. Enable FTP write access in Finder preferences
C. Enable the FTP Proxy in the Proxies pane of Network preferences
D. Start FTP Access in the Services pane of Sharing preferences on his computer.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 143
Which application provides the most detail about system processes in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. System Profiler
B. Activity Monitor
C. Process Manager
D. CPU Monitor Expanded Window

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 144
You have just completed a default installation of Mac OS X v10.4 (an easy install?.
Which three types of application can run without requiring additional software installations? (choose three)
B. X11
C. Java
D. Windows
E. Mac OS 9
F. Native Carbon and Cocoa

Correct Answer: ABC
A user is unable to open a document from within an application. Which is NOT a recommended troubleshooting procedure?
A. Try to open a different document with the same application
B. Double-click the document icon in the Finder while holding down the Option key.
C. Try to open the document from another application that supports the same document type.
D. Copy the document to the Shared folder then log in as another user and try to open the document

Correct Answer: B
A user reports that her Mac OS X v10.4 system is peaking? Every item on the screen. What action is MOST LIKELY to stop this behavior?
A. Restart the computer
B. Turn down the Alter volume in Sound preferences
C. Turn off Voice over in universal Access preferences
D. Turn off Apple Speakable items in Speech preferences

Correct Answer: C
What three permissions can you set on a file using the Ownership & Permissions section of the file info window? (choose three)
A. Delete
B. Read only
C. Write only
D. No Access
E. Execute only
F. Read & write

Correct Answer: ABC
In Mac OS X v10.4 the default Group and Other permissions for the Drop Box folder in a user Public folder are_________________
A. Read only
B. Write only
C. Read & Write
D. No Access
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 149
By default in Mac OS X v10.4 which two folders in a use home directory are accessible by all user accounts? (choose two)
A. Documents
B. Library
C. Public
D. Shared
E. Sites

Correct Answer: CE
Which statement is true of file and folder permissions in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. A file permissions are always identical to its enclosing folder permissions
B. A user with Read only permissions to a folder cannot view any files in that folder.
C. A user with Read only permissions to a folder cannot rename any files in that folder
D. A user with Read & write permissions to a folder cannot delete any files in that folder

Correct Answer: C
When an administrator attempts to drag an application to the Applications folder, a message reports that the file was not moved because the Applications folder cannot be modified. Which step will correct this issue?
A. Log in with the Master Password
B. Restart the computer and log in again.
C. Click the Repair Permissions button in Disk Utility
D. Add the administrator to the wheel group on the computer

Correct Answer: C
The primary role of the Master Password in Mac OS X v10.4 is to let you
A. make changes to Admin user accounts
B. reset the password for a File Vailt-enabled account
C. perform remote system installations on your network
D. switch to the System Administrator (root) account on a computer that has Fast User Switching enabled
Correct Answer: B
Which statement about File Vault is true?
A. Once a user enables File Vault, it cannot be disabled.
B. File Vault can only be enabled on non-administrator user accounts.
C. When a user enables File Vault the user home directory is transformed into an encrypted disk image
D. There is no way to recover a user data from a FileVault-protected account if the login password is lost.
Correct Answer: C
Which two procedures will reset an account password in Mac OS X v10.4? (choose two) A. In Accounts preferences, select the account, then enter the current and new passwords.
B. In Terminal, type pwd – username – newpassowrd, where username is the account name, and newpassord is your new password.
C. Boot the computer with the Mac OS X v10.4 Install DVD and use the Reset Password command to reset the account password.
D. In Keychain Access, delete the item called login passwd, ? then click the Password button and create a new item named login passwd? Containing the new password.
E. Start the computer in single user mode, mount the drive with the mount -uw / command and delete the user account keychain to force a new password. On next login.

Correct Answer: AC
From which two tools can you access Password Assistant in Mac OS X v10.4? (choose two)
A. NetInfo Manager
B. Keychain Access
C. Security preferences
D. Accounts preferences
E. Setup Assistant on the Mac OS X install DVD

Correct Answer: BD
In Accounts preferences you can configure an account to ___________
A. have Read only access
B. be regulated by Parental Controls
C. recognize multiple valid password
D. allow the user to log in via SSH only

Correct Answer: B
Which are three valid methods to increase security on a Mac OS X v10.4 computer? (choose three)
A. Click the Lock button in System Profiler to prevent remote users from collecting information from the computer.
B. Turn off automatic login and remove the Restart and Shut Down buttons from the login window.
C. Press options-Escape on startup to prohibit non-administrator user logins.
D. Define a strong password policy and use strong passwords consistently.
E. Use Password Assistant to encrypt user passwords.
F. Enable File Vault in Security preference
Correct Answer: ABC
Which two security options can you configure in Security preferences? (Choose Two)
A. Limit concurrent logins.
B. Create master Password
C. Override Firewall passwords.
D. Allow login for admin user only.
E. Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver
Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 159
Which two actions will reduce the amount of disk space used by a folder and its contents? (choose two)
A. Remove all file system journal entries for the folder
B. Build a package from the folder, then delete the original folder.
C. Create an encrypted disk image of the folder, then delete the original folder
D. Create a compressed disk image of the folder, then delete the original folder
E. Create an archive of the folder using the Finder Create Archive feature, then delete the original folder

Correct Answer: DE
What are two reasons to use burn folders rather than disk images to archive files onto CD or DVD? (Choose two)
A. Burn folders take less time to create than disk images
B. Burn folders take up less hard disk space than disk images
C. Burn folders are deleted automatically after burning; disk images are not.
D. Contents of unlocked burn folders can be updated; contents of unlock disk images cannot.
E. Burn folders automatically compress files during the process; disk images compress files only if a compressed image format is chosen in advance.

Correct Answer: AB
A disk image file can be ___________(choose three)
A. encrypted as it is created
B. compressed as it created
C. created from a volume or CD
D. created ONLY by a SYSTEM administrator
E. created by Setup Assistant during an Archive install.

Correct Answer: ABC
In what order does Mac OS X v10.4 search for resources such as fonts?
A. ~/Library, /Library, /System/Library
B. /Library, ~/Library, /System/Library
C. /System/Library, ~/Library, /Library
D. /library, /System/Library, /~Library
Correct Answer: A
The version of Disk Utility that installs with Mac OS X v10.4 allows you to
configure hard disks in what three RAID configurations? (choose three)
A. Parity
B. Striped
C. Parallel
D. Remote
E. Mirrored
F. Concatenated

Correct Answer: ABC
The function of journaling in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system is to______
A. expedite file system repairs
B. provide support for file forks
C. accelerate Finder performance
D. provide the user with a journal that lists recently created files and directories

Correct Answer: A
What three options to securely erase a hard disk are available in Disk Utility? (choose three)
A. 7-Pass Erase
B. 12-Pass Erase
C. 35-Pass Erase
D. Zero Out Data
E. Erase and Lock Drive
F. Delete and Zero Out Files in Trash

Correct Answer: ABC
A user, tsmith, is logged into a Mac OS X v10.4 computer. Where should he put a file that he wants to share with network guests?
A. /Users/Shared
B. /Users/Public
C. /users/tsmith/Shared
D. /Users/tesmith/Public

Correct Answer: D
Which statement represents a valid concern when enabling FTP on a Mac OS X v10.4 computer?
A. FTP service on Mac OS X v10.4 does not use usernames or passwords
B. FTP service on Mac OS X v10.4 requires the firewall service to be turned off.
C. FTP service on Mac OS X v10.4 is compatible only with other Mac OS X computers.
D. Remote users who connect to the computer over FTP can access files outside of their home directory
Correct Answer: D
You have set up a network as shown in the exhibit. Computer A has configured to share its internet connection from the cable modem with computers B and C over Ethernet. Why could this configuration be problematic?
A. Internet Sharing is incompatible with cable modems
B. Internet Sharing must be enabled on all three computers in order to share the cable modem.
C. A computer running Mac OS X v10.4 can use Internet Sharing to share its Internet connection with only one other computer on the network
D. Receiving and sharing an internet connection over the same Ethernet port on Computer A can cause network problems for other ISP customers.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 169
Phil has enabled Personal Web Sharing on a Mac OS X computer with the domain name finance Certkiller He has put HTML files in /Users/phil/Sites. Web browsers on other computers can access those files at___________
A. Certkiller
B. Certkiller
C. http://finance. Certkiller
D. http://finance. Certkiller

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 170
Mac OS X v10.4 administrator users can enable a personal firewall by clicking Start in the Firewall pane of_____________
A. Network Utility
B. NetInfo Manager
C. Sharing performance
D. Network performances

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 171
A user, tsmith, is logged into a Mac OS X v10.4 computer. Where should he put a file that he wants to share with network guests?
A. /Users/Shared
B. /Users/Public
C. /users/tsmith/Shared
D. /Users/tesmith/Public Correct Answer: D

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