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Which option is the term for what happens when a computer code is developed to take advantage of

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A single 802.11g access point has been configured and installed in the center of a square shaped Troytec office. A few wireless Troytec users are experiencing slow performance and drops while most users are operating at peak efficiency. From the list below, what are three likely causes of this problem? (Choose three)
A. Null SSID
B. Mismatched TKIP encryption
C. Cordless phones
D. Antenna type or direction
E. Mismatched SSID F. Metal file cabinets
F. Microwave ovens in the break room
Correct Answer: CDF
Part of the Troytec wireless LAN is shown below:

What two facts can be determined from the diagram of the Troytec WLAN shown above? (Choose two)
A. Access points in each cell must be configured to use channel 1 B. The network diagram represents an extended service set (ESS)
C. The two AP’s

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Before a Diffie-Hellman exchange may begin, the two parties involved must agree on what?

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Regarding constructing a good encryption algorithm, what does creating an avalanche effect indicate?
A. Changing only a few bits of a plain-text message causes the ciphertext to be completely different. You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 640-553
B. Changing only a few bits of a ciphertext message causesthe plain text to be completely different.

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Exam A
For which purpose is the command mpls ldp maxhops used?
A. In large ATM-MPLS networks, the LFIB can become too large and it may be necessary to limit the maximum diameter of the MPLS LSPs.
B. Because downstream-on-demand label allocation uses hop count to control loop detection, it maybe necessary to limit the maximum diameter of the MPLS network.
C. Because end-to-end delay can cause problems with some voice applications, it may be necessary to limit the maximum diameter of the MPLS network.
D. When interconnecting large frame mode MPLS and cell mode networks it may be necessary to limit the maximum network diameter to prevent forwarding loops.

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Exam A
When configuring a gatekeeper-controlled H.255 trunk, what is the maximum number of Cisco Unified CallManager systems that can be assigned to the trunk?
A. 4
B. 1
C. 3
D. 6
E. 2
F. 8

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Which codec complexity should be configured to maximize the number of simultaneous voice calls that can be supported by a PVDM2-16?

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Exam A
What are the three characteristics that govern the type of Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployment model? (Choose three.)
A. number of applications
B. size
C. type of applications
D. network characteristics
E. services provided by the PSTN carrier
F. geographical distribution

Correct Answer: BDF Section: (none) Explanation
Which three of these are characteristics of multicast music on hold? (Choose three.)
A. It usesone-way RTP point-to-point.

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Exam A
Which three steps need to be performed on a third party SIP phone device when adding it to Cisco Unified
Communications Manager 6.0?
(Choose three.)

A. Select XML as the method to send the third party SIP phone its configuration file.
B. Add the MAC address of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server to the SIP phone configuration.
C. Set the directory numbers to match the directory numbers configured in Cisco Unified CommunicationsManager.

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Exam A
About option 150?

A. Phones can’t download configuration
B. Phones need to be replaced
C. Try to install software manually for the
D. Phone can download configuration.

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 2 Doctor Nurse Admin and about presence group and what we have to create (like this)?

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