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What is an Enrollment Profile ?
A. Allow any computer access to any service
B. Autobinds the client to a directory server
C. Allows the server to manage your device
D. Allows workgroup Manager to manage your device

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 102
What is a Payload ?
A. A profile used to enroll a device with profile manager
B. the settings stored within a Profile
C. Managed Preferences pushed out using Workgroup Manager
D. Information sent to generate an Apple Push Notification certificate

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 103
Which of the following CANNOT be managed in iOS using Profiles
A. Software Updates
B. Subscribed Calendars
C. Email

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 104
Both OS X and iOS devices can be managed via Profile Manager ?
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 105
What is a Configuration Profile ?
A. Allow Workgroup manager to remotely look your device
B. Allow Profile Manager to remotely look your device
C. Allow Profile Manager to remotely wipe your device
D. contains settings and preferences to manege the user experience

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 106
By default which directories are shered on a new installation of server ? ( Select 3 )
A. groups
B. publics
C. user
D. shared items

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 107
How can you view the number of connected AFP and SMB users ?
A. select the account users from the Stats pane
B. use the connected users tab in the file sharing pane
C. can only be done from the command line
D. use the old server admin tool

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 108
Why might the FTP service not be the appropriate to use ? ( Select 3 )
A. User names are sent in clear text
B. Passwords names are sent in clear txt
C. the content is not encrypted
D. By default ‘everyone’ receives read/write access

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 109
By default which directory is shared via the FTP service ?
A. No folder is shared by default
B. the public folder
C. the groups folder
D. the default web site on that server

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 110
How can you disable gust access on a share point ?
A. Remove ‘ Everyone Else ‘ from the ACL
B. Edit the guest users service access list
C. Edit the share adn unselected ‘Allow guest users to access this share ‘
D. remove ‘ Guest ‘ from the ACL

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 111
How can you set complex permission for an ACE such as ‘Delete subfolders and Files ‘ ?
A. Control click the file sharing service in serve app
B. file sharing tab of server admin
C. store pane of Server App
D. Control click the Share point in the file Sharing Service

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 112
Which user record attribute is used to identify ACL permissions ?
C. Short name
D. Long name

Correct Answer: B
In Profile Manager which of the following support the Software Update Service ? ( select 2 )
A. User
B. Group
C. Device
D. Device Groups

Correct Answer: CD
Which network protocols can be used with NetInstall ? (select 2)

Correct Answer: BD
How can you configure a computer to use your own software Updates Services ?
A. Uese the ‘ defaults ‘ commands in Terminal
B. Use DNS to spoof the Apple servers
C. Use the software Updates preferences pane
D. set the software Updates payload for a device in Profile manager
Correct Answer: AD
What are the benefits in using the software Updates Service
A. You can control the Apple software updates available to your users
B. you can customize which Apple and third-party updates are available
C. Internet Bandwidth can be better managed
D. It support iOS devices as well as desktop and portable macs
Correct Answer: AC
Waht is the default network port user by the Software Update Server ?
A. 80
B. 8008
C. 8088
D. 548

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 118
How can you let NetBoot clients preserve their own application preferences ?
A. Make NetBoot image read/write
B. configure network home folders
C. Enable shadow files
D. They must login with a network user account

Correct Answer: BD
Where are the shadow files stored if you are using Diskless Enabled ?
A. /private/var/netboot/
B. /Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0
C. /private/var/shadow/
D. /Library/NetBoot/NetBootClients0

Correct Answer: D
what is the maximum recommended number of NetBoot clients over a 100Mb switched network
A. 10
B. 50
C. 100
D. unlimited

Correct Answer: B

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