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Which protocol does the iChat service in OS X Lion Server use to send messages?
A. IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
B. SMP (Symmetric Messaging Protocol)
C. AIMP (AOL Instant Messaging Protocol)
D. XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)
Correct Answer: D
Using Server Admin, you are configuring email alerts to be sent to the system administrator of an OS X Lion Server. Which THREE of these server events can you select to trigger an alert? (Choose 3.)
A. An unsuccessful attempt was made to log in with the root account.
B. A web page has been updated in the wiki service.
C. The number of files on the server has exceeded a specified number.
D. The number of users has exceeded a specified number.
E. New software updates are available for the server.
F. A disk has less than a specified percentage of free space available.
G. A certificate has expired or is about to expire.
H. A user has exceeded his or her assigned disk quota.

Correct Answer: EFG
Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.
The highlighted item is called ________.

A. an access control entry
B. an access control list
C. a defined permissions setting
D. a permissions definition entry

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 75
Review the screenshot from Server app of the Permissions pane for a folder, and then answer the question below.
Pat is a member of the employees group. You have assigned permissions to a folder as shown in the screenshot. What access does Pat have to the folder?


A. Pat has both read and write access to the folder.
B. Pat has write-only access to the folder.
C. Pat does not have any access to the folder.
D. Pat has read-only access to the folder.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 76
HOTSPOT In the screenshot below, click the icon of the OS X Lion System Preferences pane where you can disable the feature that restores windows when apps are reopened.


Correct Answer: QUESTION 77
Review the screenshot of an ACL, and then answer the question below. Which statement best explains the highlighted entry in the ACL above?

A. A guest user is logged in.
B. The file or folder can be indexed by Spotlight.
C. A user or group has been deleted.
D. A Windows group has read/write access.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 78
Which two utilities are available from the Utilities menu when you start up from the Lion Recovery system partition?
A. Migration Assistant and Terminal
B. Migration Assistant and Activity Monitor
C. Network Utility and AirPort Utility
D. Network Utility and Terminal

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 79
Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below. What is the DNS name of the mail server for


Correct Answer: A QUESTION 80
Using the Server Status widget in OS X Lion Server, which of these services can you monitor?
A. Podcast
B. Profile Manager
C. File Sharing
D. Web

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 81
A user named Robert has an existing user account. The user name associated with the account is Robert. Robert wants to access some of the services provided by an OS X Lion Server using Bob as his user name, rather than Robert. How can you accommodate his request?
A. In Server Admin, click Settings and add a rule to the Services list that substitutes Bob in place of Robert.
B. In Server Admin, go to the Advanced Options pane, and add Bob as an alias to the user account.
C. In Server app, add a rule to the Services list in the Settings pane that substitutes Robert in place of Bob.
D. In Server app, go to the Advanced Options pane for Robert’s account, and add Bob as an alias.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 82
Which service do you use to configure both OS X Lion computers and iOS devices?
A. Firewall
D. Profile Manager

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 83
Review the screenshot of settings for Address Book on an OS X Lion computer, and then answer the question below.
The OS X Lion computer whose Address Book settings are shown above is connected to an active Address Book service on a Lion Server at By default, where will new contacts be stored?

A. In the iCloud service, and synced to all configured devices
B. Only on the Lion client computer
C. Only on the Lion Server
D. On the Lion Server, and synced to the Lion client computer

Correct Answer: D
What URL should you use on an iOS device to access a WebDAV-enabled share point that is hosted by an OS X Lion Server located at
A. webdav://
B. afp://

Correct Answer: C
At PretendCo, users currently have to remember multiple names and passwords to access various servers. Which of these OS X Lion Server services can you deploy to let users access the servers using a single set of credentials?
A. Address Book
B. File Sharing
C. Profile Manager
D. Open Directory

Correct Answer: D
You upgraded a Mac from Snow Leopard to OS X Lion, and maintained a standard user’s home folder with legacy FileVault encryption. The user has forgotten the login password. As an administrator of the Mac, how can you help the user regain access to the encrypted home folder?
A. Log in to the admin user account, open Users & Groups preferences, click the Reset Password button, enter the admin password, and then reset the user account password.
B. At the Login Window, enter an incorrect password three times in a row. When the “forgot your password” dialog appears, click the Arrow button next to Master Password. Enter the master password once, and then reset the user account password.
C. Log in to the admin user account, open Keychain Access, open the user’s login keychain, and then let the user view the account password.
D. Log in to the admin user account, change the privileges on the user’s home folder, and mount the home folder image using Disk Utility, then open Users & Groups preferences, and reset the user account password.

Correct Answer: B
Which TWO OS X Lion Server applications can you use to download and install software updates on a Lion Server? (Choose 2.)
A. Server Assistant
B. System Image Utility
C. Server Admin
D. Workgroup Manager
E. Server Monitor
F. Server app

Correct Answer: CF QUESTION 88
Lion Server uses SSL certificates to ________.
A. restrict access to services
B. encrypt network communications
C. identify Kerberos principals
D. authenticate services

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 89
Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.
On an OS X Lion computer, you see the dialog shown above. What is the most likely explanation for System Preferences needing to quit and reopen?

A. System Preferences needs to restart from a recoverable error related to Apple Qmaster preferences.
B. Apple Qmaster’s permissions need to be updated before System Preferences can load the Apple Qmasters preferences pane.
C. System Preferences needs to restart in 32-bit mode to run Apple Qmaster preferences.
D. System Preferences needs to load OpenCL libraries in order to run the Apple Qmaster preferences.

Correct Answer: C
Which application can you use to enable an OS X Lion Server computer’s Software Update service?
A. Workgroup Manager
B. Server app
C. Server Admin
D. Profile Manager
Correct Answer: C
Which password policy CANNOT be set for user accounts in OS X Lion Server?
A. Password must differ from all passwords used in the past year.
B. Password must contain a character that is not a letter or a number.
C. Password must differ from the last three passwords used.
D. Password must be reset at a specified time interval.
E. Password must contain at least one letter.
F. Password must contain both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Correct Answer: A
How do you change the spelling of the full name for an existing user account?
A. You can ONLY edit the full name using Server app.
B. You can ONLY edit the full name using Workgroup Manager.
C. The full name can ONLY be changed by deleting the account and creating a new account with the changed name, using either Workgroup Manager or Server app.
D. You can edit the full name using either Server app or Workgroup Manager.

Correct Answer: D
Review the screenshot of the user settings for Chris Johnson, and then answer the question below.
What iChat service account name will this user have on the server?

A. [email protected]
B. Chris Johnson
C. [email protected]
D. [email protected]
Correct Answer: C

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