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You are in a Terminal window, and your current directory is your home directory. What could you type to display the contents of the file named ” Certkiller File”, which resides in your home directory? (Choose all that apply.)
A. cat Certkiller File
B. cat ../ Certkiller File
C. cat ~ Certkiller File
D. cat ./ Certkiller File
E. cat ~/ Certkiller File

Correct Answer: ADE
Exhibit Owner: Read & Write Group: Write only Others: Write only You create a folder in your home directory from the Finder, and set its permissions as shown in the exhibit. When you an ls -l ~ listing, the file for this folder begins with _____________.
A. -rw–w–w-
B. drw-w-w-
C. drwx-wx-wx
D. -rwx-wx-wx
E. frwx-wx-wx-
F. frw–w-wLeading the way in IT testing and certification tools, www. Certkiller .com
Correct Answer: C
Which method would you use to shut down Classic?
A. Hold down Control-Option-Escape
B. Quite all running Classic applications.
C. Click Stop in the Classic pane of System Preferences.
D. Control-click on the Finder icon in the Dock and choose Quite Classic from contextual menu.
Correct Answer: C
Suppose you are a Mac OS X v10.3 user named Certkiller. Where would you put a file in order to share it with network guests?
A. /Users/Shared
B. /Users/Public
C. /Users/Certkiller/Shared
D. /Users/Certkiller/Public

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 51
A non-administrative Mac OS X v10.3 user named “drking” wants to use an iMac with Mac OS X v10.3 as web server. Where should he put his HTML files to be shared?
A. /Users/Public
B. /Users/Shared
C. /Users/drbill/Sites
D. /Users/drbill/Shared

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 52
Mac OS X v10.3 Internet Sharing lets you share your Internet connections with other users via _______. (Choose all that apply.)
A. AirPort
B. Ethernet
C. Bluetooth
D. Modem

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 53
The Sharing pane of System Preferences has an option to __________.
A. Create network users and groups
B. Share your Internet connection
C. Create a disk partition to share
D. Set up FTP accounts

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 54
If Sandra disables AppleTalk in the Directory Access utility on her iMac running Mac OS X v10.3, what is the result?
A. Sandra cannot print to AppleTalk printers from her iMac.
B. Sandra’s iMac no longer discovers servers via AppleTalk.
C. Sandra cannot connect to an AFP filer server from her iMac.
D. Users on other computers cannot connect to Sandra’s iMac via AFP.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 55

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