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QUESTION 12 Question: 12
You require additional information about a specific problem with a customer’s Mac. Which one of the following resources is the Apple-recommended choice for researching the problem?
A. Downloads
B. Discussions
C. User’s manual
D. Knowledge Base Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 13 Question: 13
A customer asks about RAM speed requirements to upgrade his Mac. What Apple resource should you refer this customer to?
A. Downloads
B. Discussions
C. Specifications
D. Service manual Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 14 Question: 14
Where is the BEST place to look for information regarding special take-apart tools for an Apple product?
A. Discussions
B. Service News
C. User’s manual
D. Service manual Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 15 Question: 15
You are running Apple Hardware Test on a customer’s Mac. The test fails with an error code. Which one of the following resources is the Apple-recommended choice for locating the meaning of this code?
A. Apple Hardware Test Help
B. Service Source
C. Service manual
D. User’s manual

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 16
Question: 16
Which of the following scenarios would be most appropriate to use Apple Hardware Test?
A. You want to test a Mac’s Ethernet port after its logic board has been replaced.
B. You are unsure if the customer’s issue is caused by software or hardware.
C. You need to check the Mac’s LCD display for any pixel anomalies.
D. You want to verify that Mac OS X has been installed properly. Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 17 Question: 17
Which of the following scenarios would be most appropriate to use Apple Service Diagnostic?
A. You want to check a Mac for accidental damage.
B. You want to verify product functionality after a repair.
C. Your customer wants to run diagnostics on his Mac Pro.
D. You need to check the Mac’s LCD display for any pixel anomalies.

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 18 Question: 18 Examine this exhibit. Is this the correct tool to remove the top cover from a MAC mini?

A. Yes

B. No Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 19 Question: 19
A useful tool to have when servicing an Apple portable computer is _____ tape.
A. plastic
B. kapton
C. packing
D. electrical

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20 Question: 20

A. Mac Pro Wrench
B. iMac Gap Measurement Tool
C. MacBook Spring Adjustment Tool
D. Xserve Processor Alignment Wrench

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 21 Question: 21
Which of the following tools would be the most appropriate to use when verifying whether a backup battery inside a Mac is faulty?
A. Flashlight
B. Torx driver
C. Multimeter
D. Magnetizer

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 22 Question: 22
You are about to begin disassembly of an iMac (24-inch Mid 2007) to replace the LCD display. Which TWO of the following tools are required to do this? SELECT TWO
A. Multimeter
B. Suction cups
C. Service stand
D. Anti-static, lint-free gloves
E. Torx T-15 driver with 5 inch shaft

Correct Answer: BD
QUESTION 23 Question: 23
The two primary goals of troubleshooting are _____ and _____. SELECT TWO
A. Repairing a product quickly
B. Repairing a product cheaply
C. Repairing a product properly
D. Using as many parts as possible
E. Running as many diagnostics as possible

Correct Answer: AC
QUESTION 24 Question: 24
Which of the following is NOT one of the steps of the Apple-recommended troubleshooting process?
A. Verify repair
B. Verify problem
C. Clean plastics
D. Try quick fixes
E. Run diagnostics

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 25 Question: 25
Which of the following would be the most appropriate question to ask FIRST, when gathering information from customers about a problem with their Apple product?
A. What is the issue?
B. What operating system are you using?
C. Did you turn off the computer improperly?
D. What steps have you taken to resolve the problem yourself?

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 26 Question: 26

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