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According to Apple service manuals, what steps should you take before performing any take-apart steps when replacing a part in any Apple product?
A. Disconnect and reconnect all internal cables.
B. Lay the product on its side so it will not fall over.
C. Discharge the CRT and establish an ongoing ground.
D. Gather all necessary tools and perform all preliminary steps.
E. Order all available service parts for the appropriate configuration of the product.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 12
Where is the BEST place to look for information regarding special take-apart tools for an Apple product?
A. Discussions
B. Service News
C. User’s manual
D. Service manual

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 13
Which of the following is the format used to describe a version of Apple diagnostic software used with Intel Macs?
A. 3S107
B. 2.5.8

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 14
“In Apple Hardware Test, what does an error code of “”mem_X/X”” signify?
A. It signifies that memory should be replaced.
B. It signifies that all memory slots are occupied.
C. It signifies that test results have been memorized.
D. It signifies that Apple Hardware Test requires more memory.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 15
A Mac mini displays a flashing question mark at startup. Which step does Apple recommend you take FIRST?
A. Replace the logic board.
B. Try to start up from a bootable CD or DVD.
C. Reinitialize the hard disk and reinstall the Mac OS.
D. Replace the internal hard drive with a known-good hard drive.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 16
You are troubleshooting an eMac system that has Mac OS X. The icon of a connected external FireWire drive is not appearing on the Finder Desktop. Which of the following would be MOST useful in troubleshooting this issue?
A. Terminal
B. Network Utility
C. Process Viewer
D. System Profiler
E. Apple Hardware Test

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 17
The fans inside a customer’s Power Mac G5 seem to constantly run at full speed after a repair involving logic board replacement. What should be done FIRST to correct this problem?
A. Replace the processor(s).
B. Run Apple Service Diagnostic.
C. Replace the fans inside the Power Mac G5.
D. Replace the Power Mac G5 logic board again.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 18
Which of the following is the format used to describe a version of Apple diagnostic software used with PowerPC Macs?
A. 3S107
B. 2.5.8

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 19
A customer needs to transfer data from her eMac for use on her Power Mac G5, but the eMac fails to finish starting up due to a video issue. Which of the following would most easily accomplish the data transfer?
A. Remove the hard drive from the eMac and install it into the Power Mac G5.
B. The eMac will need to be repaired before any data can be recovered from it.
C. Boot the eMac into Mac OS X Safe Mode and connect the eMac and Power Mac G5 with an Ethernet cable.
D. Boot the eMac into Target Disk Mode and connect the eMac and Power Mac G5 with a FireWire cable.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 20
Which of the following can permanently damage an LCD display?
A. Rubbing the display.
B. Using a screen saver.
C. Not using a screen saver.
D. Turning brightness up too high.

Correct Answer: A
What is the main function of Server Monitor?
A. It provides detailed status of Xserve hardware functionality.
B. it executes a full suite of diagnostics on all internal Xserve hardware.
C. It monitors the Mac OS X Server operating system and reports on any crashed processes.
D. It provides the video driver software to support connection of an Apple Cinema display to an Xserve running Mac OS X Server.

Correct Answer: A
What does Apple recommend you do before replacing or installing any internal parts in an Xserve?
A. Remove all drive modules from the Xserve.
B. Remove the Xserve from its rack.
C. Press the System Identifier button.
D. Unlock all drive module bays.

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following tools is required to remove most major modules inside an Xserve G5?
A. None
B. Torx Driver
C. Hex Nut Driver
D. Flat Blade Screwdriver

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following combination of Drive Module Status Lights and Drive Module Activity Lights should you look for before you can safely remove a module from an Xserve G5?
A. Both lights ON
B. Both lights OFF
C. Status light ON, activity Light OFF
D. Status light OFF, activity light ON

Correct Answer: B
Why do you need to take precautions when disposing of CRT displays? SELECT TWO
A. CRT displays may contain toxic gases.
B. CRT displays may present a fire hazard.
C. CRT displays may implode if mishandled.
D. CRT displays may present a radiation hazard.
E. CRT displays may contain hazardous materials.

Correct Answer: CE
Which THREE of the following are valid CRT safety rules? SELECT THREE
A. Touch the computer’s metal chassis.
B. Wear a grounded ESD wrist strap.
C. Connect the AC power cord.
D. Remove any metal jewelry.
E. Wear safety goggles.
F. Don’t work alone.

Correct Answer: DEF
When discharging a CRT, what part do you touch with the tip of the discharge tool?
A. anode aperture
B. high voltage cable
C. Flyback transformer
D. yoke connector/cable

Correct Answer: A
Which part or parts of an eMac should NOT be touched until after the display is disconnected from its power source and the CRT is properly discharged? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
A. Yoke assembly
B. Anode aperture
C. Flyback transformer
D. Front of CRT display
E. Outer plastic housing
F. Yoke cable/connector
Correct Answer: ABCF
Which one of the following is NOT a risk when working around CRTs?
A. Implosion
B. Overheating
C. Electric shock
D. Toxic materials
Correct Answer: B
What precautions should be taken if a discharged CRT must remain exposed for any length of time?
A. You should reset the Power Manager Unit on the logic board.
B. You should perform a full set of video adjustments on the CRT.
C. You should remove the CRT from the computer or display assembly.
D. You should establish an ongoing lead between the CRT anode and ground.

Correct Answer: D
Which TWO of the following are symptoms of a ‘no video’ condition? SELECT TWO
A. You don’t hear a startup chime
B. You can’t connect to the Internet
C. You may hear fan or drive noise
D. The power button or power indicator lights up
E. The cursor is frozen and the system is unresponsive.

Correct Answer: CD
Which of the following is ALMOST CERTAINLY a software-related problem?
A. No video on display
B. Single beep at startup
C. No Internet connectivity
D. iPhoto quits when launched

Correct Answer: D
A customer states that he has never been able to burn DVD’s with his Mac mini yet his friend has an identical-looking Mac mini that can burn DVD’s. You have verified that the customer’s Mac mini has a DVD / CD-RW Combo optical drive and is running the latest version of Mac OS X. The Mac mini has no other problems. What is the probable cause of this issue?
A. The Mac mini requires more RAM.
B. The Mac mini requires a firmware update.
C. The Mac mini optical drive is malfunctioning.
D. The Combo drive is not capable of burning DVD’s.

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following Apple diagnostic utilities is the most appropriate for a service technician to test a Mac Pro?
A. Mac Test Pro
B. Tech Tool Deluxe
C. Apple Hardware Test
D. Apple Service Diagnostic

Correct Answer: D
You have replaced the video card in a Power Mac G5. In what THREE ways should you test the repair before returning the system to the customer? SELECT THREE
A. Leave the computer on overnight.
B. Verify that the original symptom is resolved.
C. Verify that no new symptoms have occurred.
D. Run all Apple Service Diagnostic tests for the Power Mac G5.
E. Run Apple Service Diagnostic video tests for the Power Mac G5.
F. Start up the computer in Target Disk Mode to test the internal hard drive.

Correct Answer: BCD
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