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What is the BEST way to properly ground an ESD workbench mat?
A. Attach the mat to the unit being serviced.
B. Connect the mat to a grounded electrical outlet.
C. Connect only the wrist strap and cord to a grounded electrical outlet.
D. Connect the wrist strap and cord only to the mat.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 47
What humidity level should be maintained to ensure an ESD-safe environment?
A. 25%-40%
B. 50%-75%
C. 70%-90%
D. 90%-100%

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 48
Which of the following is the most common example of electrostatic discharge?
A. You touch an object and feel a brief spark.
B. You see a bright flash on the CRT display of an eMac.
C. You plug a power cord into an outlet and you see a spark.
D. You hear a crackling noise coming from inside the computer.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 49
Which of the following items are appropriate to use for ESD prevention?
A. Metal work surface
B. CRT discharge tool
C. Grounded work mat
D. Wrist strap and cord
E. Static-shielding bags

Correct Answer: CDE
Which FOUR of the following actions helps reduce the risk of damage from ESD?
A. Ground yourself and the equipment you are working on.
B. Always place ESD-sensitive components on metal surfaces.
C. Handle all ESD-sensitive boards by the connectors, not the edges.
D. Use static-shielding storage bags for ESD-sensitive components.
E. Do not touch anyone who is working on ESD-sensitive components.
F. Do not bring plastic, vinyl, or foamed polystyrene near ESD-sensitive components.

Correct Answer: ADEF
Which part or parts of an eMac should NOT be touched until after the display is disconnected from its power source and the CRT is properly discharged?
A. Anode cap
B. Yoke assembly
C. Flyback transformer
D. Front of CRT display
E. Yoke cable/connector
F. Outer plastic housing

Correct Answer: ABCE
When discharging a CRT, what part do you touch with the tip of the discharge tool?
A. anode aperture
B. high voltage cable
C. Flyback transformer
D. yoke connector/cable
Correct Answer: A
Which TWO of the following statements about handling a CRT are true?
A. A discharged CRT can build up a secondary charge over time.
B. You should wear a grounding wrist strap or heel strap when discharging a CRT.
C. You must attach the discharge tool to ground before using it to discharge a CRT.
D. You should wear a grounding wrist strap or heel strap when performing live adjustments.
E. You must disconnect the power cord and discharge the CRT before performing live adjustments.
Correct Answer: AC
Why do you need to take precautions when disposing of damaged CRT displays?
A. CRT displays may contain toxic gases.
B. CRT displays may present a fire hazard.
C. CRT displays may implode if mishandled.
D. CRT displays may present a radiation hazard.
E. CRT displays may contain hazardous materials.

Correct Answer: CE
What precautions should be taken if a discharged CRT must remain exposed for any length of time?
A. You should reset the Power Manager Unit on the logic board.
B. You should perform a full set of video adjustments on the CRT.
C. You should remove the CRT from the computer or display assembly.
D. You should establish an ongoing lead between the CRT anode and ground.

Correct Answer: D
When making LIVE adjustments to a CRT display, you should make sure that _____
A. you are NOT grounded
B. the CRT has been discharged
C. the yoke wires have been disconnected
D. you use an ungrounded electrical outlet
E. the equipment is properly connected and grounded
F. your building’s electrical outlets are properly wired and grounded

Correct Answer: AEF
Which of the following do you use when discharging a CRT?
A. light meter
B. safety glasses
C. grounded ESD mat
D. CRT discharge tool
E. jumper adjustment tool
Correct Answer: BD
Which of the following is a hazardous area due to high voltage even when an eMac is unplugged?
A. Anode cap
B. Hard drive
C. Logic board
D. Optical drive

Correct Answer: A
You need to verify a defective power/analog video board on a CRT iMac system. You removed power from the system and opened it (exposing the CRT), then had to leave it to do other work. Two hours have passed. Which TWO of the following steps should you take before beginning the verification procedure?
A. Reassemble the iMac
B. Discharge the CRT again.
C. Reapply power to the iMac.
D. Put on your ESD wrist strap.
E. Establish an ongoing ground.

Correct Answer: BE
When practicing component isolation, which ONE of the following components would NOT be a part of a minimal system configuration for a Power Mac G5?
B. Speaker
C. Hard Drive
D. Logic Board
E. Power Cable
F. Power Supply

Correct Answer: C
In the component isolation technique, if you do not get a startup chime and/or a flashing question mark, you check the components of the minimal system by _____.
A. visually inspecting them for damage
B. replacing them with known-good parts in any order
C. adding more known-good parts in a specified order
D. replacing them with known-good parts in a specified order

Correct Answer: D
When setting up a minimal system using the component isolation technique, you start with only the components necessary to _____.
A. boot the system into Mac OS 9
B. boot the system into Mac OS X
C. boot the system into Open Firmware diagnostics
D. hear a boot chime and/or see a flashing question mark on a display

Correct Answer: D
The basis for the component isolation troubleshooting technique is an understanding of _______ within computers.
A. power flow
B. software data flow
C. firmware data flow
D. processor instruction flow

Correct Answer: A
A 512 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM DIMM is properly installed in the memory slot of a Mac mini. Which of the following symptoms will occur?
A. The computer will not start up, produces no chime, and shows no video.
B. The computer will start up normally and recognize the RAM.
C. The computer will start up but without video.
D. The computer will beep 3 times.
E. The computer will beep 5 times.

Correct Answer: B
Which THREE of the following computers uses Serial ATA hard drive technology?
A. iMac G5
B. Mac mini
C. Power Mac G5 (Early 2005)
D. Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors)
E. Power Mac G5 (June 2004 Dual 2.5 GHz)

Correct Answer: ACE
An iMac G5 (20-inch Ambient Light Sensor) makes a loud buzzing sound through its speakers when it’s on. The noise seems to change in loudness when adjusting the brightness. What is the most likely module at fault?
A. Power Supply
B. Logic Board
C. Speakers
D. Display
Correct Answer: A
Exhibit: In this picture of an eMac (USB 2.0), what is the highlighted part?

A. Logic Board
B. Optical Drive
C. Power Supply
D. Power Analog Video Board

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 68
A customer states that he has never been able to burn DVD’s with his eMac (USB 2.0), yet his friend has an identical-looking eMac (USB 2.0) that can burn DVD’s. You have verified that the customer’s eMac (USB 2.0) has a DVD / CD-RW Combo optical drive and is running the latest version of Mac OS X. The eMac has no other problems. What is the probable cause of this issue?
A. The eMac (USB 2.0) requires more RAM.
B. The eMac (USB 2.0) requires a firmware update.
C. The Combo drive is not capable of burning DVD’s.
D. The eMac (USB 2.0) optical drive is malfunctioning.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 69
The liquid cooling system inside a Power Mac G5 (June 2004) has failed, causing a coolant leak. What should you do FIRST?
A. Use a patch kit to re-seal the leak.
B. Unplug the computer immediately.
C. Drain and refill the liquid cooling system.
D. Let the computer run overnight to evaporate any spilled liquid.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 70
What is the function of the PMU in an Apple desktop computer?
A. The PMU controls all aspects of power flow.
B. The PMU controls the speed of the hard drive.
C. The PMU manages the amount of virtual memory used.
D. The PMU manages all communication with attached peripherals.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 71
Exhibit: In this picture of an iMac (USB 2.0) logic board, what is the highlighted part?

A. Modem
B. Logic Board
D. Processor Module

Correct Answer: C
A hard drive in a Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver) is not spinning after the computer is powered on. You have verified that the drive power cable connector has no voltage by using a voltmeter. Which of the following is the most appropriate part or module to replace in this situation?
A. Hard Drive
B. Main Logic Board
C. Hard Drive Data Cable
D. Power Supply Assembly

Correct Answer: D
Which THREE of the following symptoms would be best resolved by performing a PMU reset as a first step?
A. Computer does not turn on
B. Fans run too loudly after startup
C. Network / Internet connectivity issues
D. USB and/or FireWire port(s) do not function
E. Computer does not sleep / wake from sleep
Correct Answer: ADE

In this photo, what type of port does the number “9” identify?
B. FireWire
C. Mini-VGA
D. FireWire 800

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 75
A Power Mac G5 sometimes becomes unresponsive and the cursor freezes on the display when running an application. You have verified the symptom, and have already attempted to force the application to quit, but the computer remains unresponsive. What should you try next?
A. Hold the mouse button down for several seconds to regain cursor control.
B. Press the power button for several seconds to try shutting the computer down.
C. Disconnect and reconnect all peripherals to reset the Open Firmware Device Tree.
D. Disconnect the power cord and the backup battery for several minutes to reset the PMU.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 76
A Power Mac G5 fails to start up, and the status light on the front of the computer flashes three times. What does this indicate?
A. Thermal failure
B. No startup disk found
C. Firmware v3.0 upgrade required
D. No RAM banks passed memory testing

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 77
Which of the following computers uses an internal 2.5-inch hard drive?
A. eMac
B. iMac G5
C. Mac mini
D. Power Mac G5

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 78
An eMac (USB 2.0) has a malfunctioning logic board. You replace the logic board.
Which of the following diagnostics utilities should you run to verify that the new logical board is functioning properly?
A. MacTest Pro
B. Disk First Air
C. TechTool Deluxe
D. Apple Service Diagnostic

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 79
Which of the following is ALMOST CERTAINLY a hardware-related problem?
A. No video at startup
B. Error beep at startup
C. Distorted video at startup
D. Blinking question mark at startup

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 80
You have just reassembled an iMac (Flat Panel) after replacing its logical board.
You start up the iMac and the unit powers on, a startup chime is heard, the hard drive sounds normal, and the unit seems to be booting, but there is only a blank white image displayed on the LCD display. You shut the unit down, connect an external VGA display to the iMac and try again. This time, a normal startup sequence is displayed only on the external VGA display.
What is the most likely cause of this problem among the choices listed?
A. The LCD display is malfunctioning.
B. A faulty replacement logic board was installed.
C. The video cable connector was not reattached to the logic board.
D. The LCD display requires adjustment after logic board replacement. Correct Answer: C
To isolate a video problem has hardware or software on an iMac (Plat Panel), which of the following steps should you try first?
A. Connect an external VGA display.
B. Reinstall the appropriate Mac OS.
C. Verify the hard disk with Disk First Aid.
D. Start up from a known-good startup disc.

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following would be the most appropriate question to ask FIRST, when gathering information from customers about a problem with their Apple product?
A. What is the issue?
B. What operating system are you using?
C. Did you turn off the computer improperly?
D. Is this the first time you have had this problem?

Correct Answer: A
Verifying that a computer functions properly after you repair it ensures that __________. (Choose all that apply)
A. No new issues have arisen.
B. Third-party software is working.
C. The original issue has been resolved.
D. The computer fails under service warranty.
E. System Preference settings are set correctly.

Correct Answer: AC
A customer’s eMac (USB 2.0) if freezing intermittently. Which of the following steps should you try FIRST to identify the problem?
A. Try quick fixes.
B. Repair the eMac.
C. Perform a split-half search
D. Run appropriate diagnostics
E. Escalate the problem to Apple.
F. Gather information about the problem.

Correct Answer: F
Which of the following is the best way to eject a disc when normal methods for ejecting it, such as using the MAC OS Desktop or the keyboard, have not succeeded?
A. Boot into Open Firmware and type ‘reset-nvram’.
B. Restart the computer while holding down the mouse button.
C. Remove and disassemble the optical drive to remove the disc.
D. Remove the computer’s front bezel and manually pry the disc out of the drive.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 86
A customer’s Power G5 fails to power on when connected to a known-good power outlet with a known-good power cord. Which of the following steps should be tried FIRST?
A. Replace the processor(s)
B. Replace the power supply
C. Reset the logic board PMU
D. Run Apple Service Diagnostic

Correct Answer: C
A Power Mac G4 (FW 800) boots but produces no startup chime. You have disconnected external microphones and speakers verified the volume setting and that mutes is not checked. What is the next recommended step to resolve this issue?
A. Reset Parameter RAM.
B. Replace the internal speaker.
C. Replace the main logic board.
D. Update the latest version of Mac OS X.

Correct Answer: A
You have replaced the video card in a Power Macintosh G4 (FW 800). In what THREE ways should you test the repair before running the system to the customer? (Choose three)
A. Leave the computer on overnight.
B. Verify that the original symptom is resolved.
C. Verify that no new symptoms have occurred.
D. Start up the computer in Target Disk Mode to test the internal hard drive.
E. Run all Apple Service Diagnostic tests for the Power Mac G4 (FW 800).
F. Run Apple Service Diagnostic video tests for the Power Mac G4 (FW 800).

Correct Answer: BCE
An eMac has no video, but powers on with a normal startup chime, and normal startup sounds from the hard drive. Which of the following steps should you try next?
A. Update the eMac firmware.
B. Replace the eMac logic board.
C. Replace the eMac Display/Analog Assembly.
D. Connect a known-good VGA display to the eMac.

Correct Answer: D
You are troubleshooting an intermittent video issue on an eMac. Which of the following is them most appropriate way to approach this problem?
A. Do nothing. The problem may resolve itself.
B. Run looping diagnostics to verify the issue.
C. Follow component isolation steps to resolve the issue.
D. Replace the Display/Analog Assembly inside the eMac.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 91
Which of the following is ALMOST CERTAINLY a software-related problem?
A. No video display
B. Low disk space warning
C. Single beep at startup
D. No Internet connectivity

Correct Answer: B
You are troubleshooting a Power Mac G5 that will not boot, and emits error tones when powered on. You suspect that the customer may have installed incompatible or faulty RAM, but you are not sure. What should you do to verify the RAM requirements for this Power MAC G5?
A. Call Apple
B. Order Apple RAM
C. Check Specifications
D. Count the RAM sockets on the logic board

Correct Answer: C
You are troubleshooting a Power Mac G5 that has the following symptom: The power-on LED illuminates when the power button is pressed, fans spin, and the boot tine chimes, but there is no video displayed on the attached know-good display.
Rank the following possible causes from First to Last, in the order you should check them:
Crashed PMU

Faulty logic board

Corrupted PRAM

Video card not fully seated in logic board connector

Faulty video card
A. 1, 3, 4, 5, 2
B. 2, 1, 4, 3, 5
C. 3, 1, 4, 5, 2
D. 4, 3, 5, 1, 2
E. 5, 1, 2, 4, 3

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