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A database contains a Customer table and an Orders table, which are related by a CustomerID column. What join type is required to retrieve all the customers and their orders including customers that have no orders?
A. self
B. inner
C. outer

D. cross Correct Answer: C QUESTION 72
What is the correct syntax for the CreateTimeSpan() function used inside the ‘cachedWithin’ attribute of the <cfquery>?
<cfquery name = “GetList” datasource = “mkt1″ cachedWithin = ” “>
A. CreateTimeSpan(0, 2, 0)
B. CreateTimeSpan(0, 2, 0, 0)
C. #CreateTimeSpan(0, 2, 0)#
D. #CreateTimeSpan(0, 2, 0, 0)#

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 73
What is NOT possible using Query of Queries?
A. changing a column datatype
B. sorting output from a <cfdirectory> tag
C. generating a sum from a numeric column
D. using UPDATE to modify a column value

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 74
In many development environments, URL or form variables in a dynamic query can append malicious SQL statements to existing queries. What ColdFusion tag is needed to solve this problem?
A. <cfreturn>
B. <cfparameter>
C. <cfqueryparam>
D. <cfprocessingdirective>

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 75
What ANSI SQL wildcards are used with the LIKE operator? (Choose TWO)
A. *
B. _
C. ?
D. %

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 76
What <cfquery> attributes are used in the implementation of query-based caching? (Choose TWO)
A. cachedtime
B. cachedafter
C. cachedquery
D. cachedwithin
E. querycached

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 77
The following statement is in an Application.cfm file.
<cfparam name=”DSN” default=”FastTrack_Lab”>
What is the correct way to reference the variable DSN created by the above code?
A. Client.DSN
B. Server.DSN
C. Session.DSN
D. Variables.DSN
E. Application.DSN

Correct Answer: D
What are the memory-resident variables that are tied to an application? (Choose TWO)
A. Server
B. Cookie
C. Session
D. Request
E. Application

Correct Answer: CE
How far up the directory tree will ColdFusion search for an OnRequestEnd.cfm page?
A. the web document root
B. only the current directory
C. the root directory for the application
D. only in the directory of the Application.cfm file

Correct Answer: D
What scopes natively store complex data types? (Choose TWO)
A. Client scope
B. Server scope
C. Cookie scope
D. Session scope

Correct Answer: BD

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