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What is the final value of x?
<cfset x=”4″>
<cfset y=”3″>
<cfset x=x & y>
<cfset x=x + y>

A. 7
B. 46
C. 21
D. 10
Correct Answer: B
What are true statements about error handling? (Choose TWO)
A. <cferror> is only used when </cferror> is present in the same page.
B. <cferror> is only used in application.cfm.
C. <cftry> can only be used when <cferror> is present in the same page.
D. cannot have both <cftry> and <cferror> in the same page.
E. <cferror> normally switches control to another page.
F. <cftry> takes precencence over <cferror>.

Correct Answer: EF
What is <cfcontent> used to do? (Choose TWO)
A. set up content layout
B. serve files of different MIME types
C. serve files outside of the web root directory structure
D. manage content changes on a server

Correct Answer: BC
What condition is used in a WHERE clause to determine if a database column has a NULL value?
A. columnName IS NULL
B. columnName IS ‘NULL’
C. columnName = ‘NULL’
D. columnName = NULL

Correct Answer: A
In what ways is data passed to the <cfchartseries> tag? (Choose TWO)
A. as datapoints in the <cfchartdata> tag
B. as a query
C. in the data attribute of the <cfchart> tag
D. in the series attribute of the <cfchart> tag
E. as a structure

Correct Answer: AB
Where are client variables stored by default?
A. Database
B. Text file
C. Registry
D. XML file
Correct Answer: C
What statement best describes a primary key?
A. One or more columns that uniquely identifies a row.
B. A column that either uniquely identifies a row or has no value.
C. A single column that uniquely identifies a row.
D. A column in a table that links to another column in a master table.
Correct Answer: A
What scopes natively store complex data types? (Choose TWO) A. Server scope
B. Session scope
C. Client scope
D. Cookie scope

Correct Answer: AB
The following statement is in an Application.cfm file.
<cfparam name=”DSN” default=”FastTrack_Lab”>
What is the correct way to reference the variable DSN created by the above code?

A. Session.DSN
B. Server.DSN
C. Variables.DSN
D. Client.DSN
E. Application.DSN

Correct Answer: C
What are valid storage locations for client scope variables? (Choose TWO)
A. Session Scope
B. In a Database
C. Cookies
D. Server Memory

Correct Answer: BC
What type of reusable ColdFusion construct can be made available to a ColdFusion page by using <cfinclude>?
A. ColdFusion Components (CFC)
B. Custom Tags
C. Built-in ColdFusion functions
D. User-defined functions
Correct Answer: D
Which datatype is NOT appropriate for the storage of ordered data?
A. Structure
B. Array
C. Query
D. List
Correct Answer: A
What ColdFusion tag conducts a test for a parameter’s existence during execution?
A. <cfinput>
B. <cfdefine>
C. <cfisdefined>
D. <cfparam>

Correct Answer: D

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