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What are valid storage locations for client scope variables? (Choose TWO) A. Cookies
B. In a Database
C. Session Scope
D. Server Memory

Correct Answer: AB
What statements best describe the Application.cfm file? (Choose TWO)
A. An Application.cfm file must include at least one CFML tag.
B. Only one Application.cfm is ever processed automatically for a page.
C. You cannot stop ColdFusion from including the closest Application.cfm file.
D. You must have an Application.cfm file somewhere in the production servers file system.
E. An Application.cfm file should be used to include a HTML header file to maintain a consistent look and feel across the application.

Correct Answer: BC
What are the memory-resident variables that are tied to an application? (Choose TWO)
A. Server
B. Cookie
C. Session
D. Request
E. Application

Correct Answer: CE
What is true when J2EE sessions are enabled? (Choose TWO)
A. Sessions end when a user closes the browser.
B. Variable session.cfid stores a J2EE sessionid value.
C. Session scope variables can be shared across a server cluster.
D. Session information is stored in a database specified in the ColdFusion Administrator.
Correct Answer: AC
What storage method is NOT selectable when choosing a storage location for client variables?
A. Cookie
B. Registry
C. Server memory
D. In a data source
Correct Answer: C
What are attributes of the <cftransaction> tag? (Choose TWO)
A. lock
B. action
C. commit
D. isolation
E. rollback

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 68
What WHERE clause is equivalent to the WHERE clause on the SELECT statement below?
FROM Customer
WHERE lastname IN (‘Smith’, ‘Jones’)

A. WHERE lastname = ‘Smith’ OR ‘Jones’
B. WHERE lastname BETWEEN ‘Smith’ AND ‘Jones’
C. WHERE lastname = ‘Smith’ OR lastname = ‘Jones’
D. WHERE lastname = ‘Smith’ AND lastname = ‘Jones’

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 69
What statement best describes a primary key?
A. A single column that uniquely identifies a row.
B. One or more columns that uniquely identifies a row.
C. A column that either uniquely identifies a row or has no value.
D. A column in a table that links to another column in a master table.

Correct Answer: B

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