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Which is a result when you use tables to add a liquid layout to a page?
A. resizes with the browser window
B. is a prototype stored in the Diagrams tab
C. reformats when new elements are added
D. updates automatically when elements are edited

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 72

Which two properties on the CSS layout object does the CSS provide? (Choose two.)
A. Block
B. Dimensions
C. Margin & Padding
D. Alignment for table
E. Background color of page

Correct Answer: AC
You want to define a default external style sheet for your site such that when a new file is created the default CSS is automatically assigned to the new file. What should you do?
A. create the new HTML file, and drag a CSS file into the Head section of the page
B. in the CSS tab, select a specific CSS file, right-click, and choose Set as Default CSS
C. select the new HTML file in the site window, open the CSS palette, and assign a CSS to the file
D. choose File > New Document, select Web > CSS > Basic CSS from the New dialog box, and click on OK

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 74
Which Object tab contains an object that allows you to create an image of a PDF document?
B. Head
C. Basic
D. Smart

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 75
WML, XHTML, and cHTML are all languages GoLive uses to create content for _____.
A. streaming video
B. wireless devices
C. multimedia presentations
D. foreign language encoding

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 76
You have added keywords by using Adobe Bridge. Which other type of metadata can you manually enter?
A. filename
B. resolution
C. document kind
D. copyright notice

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 77
Why should you use the Sync Modification Times command?
A. to manually synchronize modification times without transferring files
B. to upload files with modification times that differ between the local computer and the Web server
C. to download files with modification times that differ between the local computer and the Web server
D. to sync the modification time for the time zone of the local computer with the time zone of the Web server

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 78
Which Web site export option maps the hierarchy of folders, pages, and resources within your Site window to the resulting root folder?
A. Flat
B. As In Site
C. Separate Pages and Media
D. Honor Publish State of Folders and Files

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 79
What should you do in subsequent uploads to keep your Web site synchronized?
A. choose Upload Modified or Upload Selection
B. choose Site > Publish Server > Sync Modification Times
C. choose Upload All each time an upload is done, and upload all files
D. drag and drop a file from File tab of the Site window to the Publish Server tab

Correct Answer: A
Which non-file item can you add to the Site window by using the Clean Up Site command?
A. diagrams
B. collections
C. e-mail addresses
D. server synchronization data

Correct Answer: C
Which two tasks can you perform to create an animation by using the DHTML Editor? (Choose two.)
A. add a SMIL presentation that plays streaming video, audio, and text
B. add Play Scene and Stop Scene actions to allow viewer control of scene playback
C. add a scrolling marquee by dragging the marquee icon from the Basic set in the objects toolbox to the page
D. assemble movie tracks of a QuickTime movie, control their behaviors over time, and manage their interaction
E. add actions to the timeline of a layer by inserting markers in the Action track of the Timeline Editor and define the actions

Correct Answer: BD
You are adding a ready-to-use action to your page by using the DHTML Timeline Editor. What is the first step to take in incorporating this action?
A. insert markers in the Action Track
B. define the action in the Action Inspector
C. drag the Head Action object to your document window
D. choose Set Action Filter from the Actions palette pull-down
Correct Answer: A
How do you create multiple remote rollovers?
A. add an Action Group Head action to the Head section of the page, and add a Preload Image action for each image
B. add new rollover images to an image state in the Rollovers palette, and then enter the URLs for each of the images
C. choose File > Preferences, choose Images > Rollovers, and select the option, Automatically Detect Rollover Images, so the rollovers are automatically created
D. assign a Name/ID to the images in the image Inspector, add new rollover images to an image state in the Rollovers palette, and choose the previously defined image name from the Name/ID pop-up menu

Correct Answer: D
You want to add interactivity to a Web page by using an existing JavaScript. What should you do to allow a script to be executed while the visible section of the document is being loaded?
A. drag the Script object from the Head tab to your Site window
B. drag the JavaScript object from the Basic tab to your Site window
C. drag the Script object from the Head tab to your Document window
D. drag the JavaScript object from the Basic tab to your Document window

Correct Answer: C

How does updating the design diagram aid in its function?
A. reflects any links changed in the site diagram
B. reflects the files that have been removed from the site
C. allows a file to be moved from one position to another position in the site diagram
D. retains the file hierarchy when a file is moved from one folder to another in the site
Correct Answer: D

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