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Based on the following output in R1, which statement is true
R1#show mpls forwarding-table detail Local Outgoing Prefix Bytes tag Outgoing Next Hop tag tag or VC or Tunnel Id switched interface 19 17 0 Et0/0
A. If a labeled packet arrives with the top most label of 17, it will be replaced with label 19 and sent out on Ethernet 0/0 interface.
B. If a labeled packet arrives with the top most label of 19, it will be replaced with label 17 and sent out on Ethernet 0/0 interface.

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Which of the following events can NOT be tuned via router configuration to provide for faster convergence following a link failure?
A. Failure detection
B. Failure reporting
C. IGP LSP/LSA origination
D. Per-hop flooding time of new link state
E. Number of hops that need to be notified of new link state

Correct Answer: E
What best explainsthe BGP route-reflector function?

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Which statements about the Route Target Rewrite feature are not true? (Choose two.)
A. After the route target replacement policy is applied to the target router, the BGP session need not be refreshed manually to put the policy into operation.
B. Route Target Rewrite allows the administration of the routing policy to stay local to the AS.
C. Route target replacement is always done by the ASBR.
D. Route target rewrites are supported for VRF export maps.

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How would you characterize the source and type in a Denial of Service attack on a router?
A. By setting up and access-list to permit all ICMP, TCP, and UDP traffic with the log or lot ??????Cinput commands, then use the show access-list and show log commands to determine the type and source of attack By performing a “show ip interface” to see the type and source of the attack based upon the
B. access-list matches
C. By applying and access-list to all incoming and outgoing interfaces, turning off route-cache on all interfaces, then, when telnetting into the router perform a ‘debug ip packet detail’.

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In the context of MPLS,what is the correct action to be performed when an aggregate label isreceived ?

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Referring to the exhibit, if RTP header compression is used on the link, the header??s overhead on the voice packet will be reduced by what percent?

A. from 50% to 25%
B. from 50% to 20%
C. from 70% to 20%
D. from 70% to 33%
Correct Answer: D
Which two statementsare correct?

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Which of the following IOS features can prevent IP spoofing attacks?
A. PPP over Ethernet
B. Cisco Express forwarding C. MPLS traffic Engineering
D. IS-IS routing
E. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF)

Correct Answer: E
Which are correct descriptions and configurations of Anycast RP?

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What is the action of “pop” in the context of MPLS switching?
A. It removes the top label in the MPLS label stack.
B. It adds a top label in MPLS label stack.
C. It replaces the top label in the MPLS label stack with another value.
D. It replaces the top label in the MPLS label stack with a set of labels.
E. None of above.
Correct Answer: A
What is the encapsulation mode for MPLS running on Ethernet?

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Refer to the exhibit. Your customer has enabled IPv6 and IPv4 on routers R1 and R2, both running ISIS routing protocol, and they can no longer reach R3 network (R3 does not enable IPv6, enables IPv4 only). Which two steps should be taken no restore reachability to R3? (Choose two.)

A. Enable OSPFv3 to support IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously.
B. Configure static routes to all unreachable networks and redistribute to IS-IS.

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