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Cisco CCNP Wireless 300-365 Online Exam Practice Questions

What is the best practice for setting the WLC v7.0 use of WLAN QoS settings to support SIP phones on a VoWLAN?
A. Configure SIP with static CAC only with SIP call snooping.
B. Configure SIP with static CAC only without SIP call snooping.
C. Configure SIP with load-based CAC only with SIP call snooping.
D. Configure SIP with load-based CAC only without SIP call snooping.
E. Configure SIP with load-based CAC and TSPEC only with SIP call snooping.
Correct Answer: A

A wireless engineer must optimize RF performance for multiple bindings with multiple types of construction and user
density. Which two actions must be taken? (Choose two.)
A. Enable DTPC on the network.
B. Configure RF Profiles for each area type.
C. Configure WMM profiles for each building.
D. Configure FlexConnect groups for each building.
E. Configure AP groups for each area type.
Correct Answer: BE

When CAPWAP protocol runs over IPv4, which UDP port numbers are used for control and data traffic, respectively?
A. control 5246, data ?UDP-Lite(IP Protocol 136)
B. control 5247, data ?5246
C. control 5246, data ?5247
D. control 5247, data ?UDP-Lite(IP Protocol 136)
Correct Answer: C

In a Cisco controller-based wireless network that supports workgroup bridges, what is the maximum amount of wired
client connections supported on a workgroup bridge?
A. 25
B. 20
C. 35
D. 30
Correct Answer: B

Which protocol/port number is used by mDNS for service advertisement?
A. TCP 5353
B. UDP 53
C. UDP 5353
D. TCP 53
Correct Answer: C

You have just added a new MSE to Prime Infrastructure and want to synchronize the MSE with your 5508 WLC. which
is located behind a firewall in a DMZ. You notice that NMSP messages are failing between the two devices. What traffic
needs to be allowed on the Firewall to ensure the MSE and WLC can communicate using NMSP?
A. UDP 16113
B. TCP 1613
C. TCP 16113
D. UDP 1613
Correct Answer: C

An engineer must create data-link redundancy for the company Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. The engineer has
decided to configure LAG-based redundancy instead of port-based redundancy. Which three features of LAG-based
redundancy helped steer this decision? (Choose three.)
A. All interface traffic passes as long as one port is up.
B. Multiple untagged dynamic interfaces on same port.
C. Interface connection to two separate non-stacked switches.
D. Packets are always sent out on the same port they are received on.
E. Full bandwidth of all links available.
F. Ports are grouped into multiple LAGs.
Correct Answer: ADF

How is password recovery performed on a Cisco Mobility Services Engine 3300 Series?
A. Interrupt the boot sequence and modify the GRUB boot loader.
B. Reboot using a CD that is imaged with an ISO bootable file to reimage Cisco MSE.
C. Interrupt the boot sequence and modify the BIOS boot loader.
D. Use the emergency TFTP bootable image.
Correct Answer: A

You have VoWiFi running on FlexConnect AP with centrally-switched SSID. Which configuration must be performed to
preserve marking for central-switching SSID?
A. Trust DSCP
B. This will not work. The WLAN should be locally switched and we need to trust CoS.
C. Trust CoS
D. No need to trust anything. It should work fine because the WLAN is centrally switched.
Correct Answer: A

A network administrator has had issues with clients giving out their username and password to other employees to
authenticate to the internal wireless SSID. Which 802.1x authentication stops users from being able to share
Correct Answer: A

By default, how long does a Mobility Services Engine wait for an echo response from a Wireless LAN Controller before
declaring the neighbor dead?
A. 10 Seconds
B. 60 Seconds
C. 15 Seconds
D. 30 Seconds
Correct Answer: D

An engineer must deploy FlexConnect APs to a site that typically has 300 ms latency to the WLC. Which typical
operating mode must the engineer plan on for normal operations?
A. local authentication, local switching
B. central authentication, central switching
C. central authentication, local switching
D. connected mode
Correct Answer: A

Which three fields are required when creating a new NetFlow Exporter? (Choose three.)
A. IP address
B. AP group
D. port number
F. exporter name
Correct Answer: ADF

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