7 things the iPhone 7 can do that the Samsung’s Galaxy phones can’t

They’re the two best phones in the world: The new iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

Since the iPhone 7 just arrived, you’re 70-410 dumps probably wondering what new tricks it can do. Here’s a list of the most important features you’ll only find in the iPhone 7.

Note: We’re not comparing the iPhone 7 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 until the recall and its related battery issues have been fully resolved.

iPhone 7 Samsung Galaxy S7

You’ve managed to get your hands on a new iPhone 7, and now you need to download some apps.

We’ve handpicked seven of the best apps that 352-001 show off the new iPhone’s upgraded camera and iOS 10 software. These apps will help  352-001 pdf you take better pictures, find places to eat, quickly send people money with Siri, and more.

Not only is Adobe Lightroom an impressive mobile editing app,  certadept.com  but it can also shoot photos in full-resolution RAW (or DNG) format, which is the same format used by professional photographers.

Third-party apps like Uber and 352-001 pdf WhatsApp can be controlled with Siri in iOS 10. Once the Uber app is installed on your iPhone, just tell Siri something like “Get me an Uber ride” and you’ll be on your way. Lyft also supports Siri in iOS 10.