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Exam A
After creating a custom button named “mybutton” on the Stage, a yellow outline around the button appears when it is selected. How can this be disabled?
A. _focusrect = false;
B. _focus = false;
C. focusrect = false;
D. mybutton._focusrect = false;
E. mybutton.focusrect = false;
F. fscommand( “setFocusRect”, “false” );
G. fscommand2( “setFocusRect”, “false” );

Correct Answer: A
Which version of Flash Lite best supports right to left rendering of text, in Text fields using languages such as Arabic and Hebrew?
A. Flash Lite 1.1
B. Flash Lite 2.0
C. Flash Lite 2.1
D. Text Fields in Flash Lite do NOT support right to left rendering of text

Correct Answer: C
When a button receives focus, how is the outline surrounding the button defined?
A. bounding box of the button’s visible keyframes
B. exact shape of the contents in the “hit” keyframe
C. exact shape of the contents in the “up” keyframe
D. bounding box of the contents in the “hit” keyframe

Correct Answer: D
When sending an MMS message from Flash Lite how is an image attached?
A. Using the Image class
B. Using the getURL() method
C. Using the loadMovie() method
D. The user must attach the image manually

Correct Answer: D
On the BREW platform, Flash Lite is able to access the SMS system of the phone. How is the message sent?
A. The SMS message is sent as an email message.
B. Flash Lite is not able to send SMS messages from BREW.
C. The SMS system is started and prefilled but the user must still click send.
D. The SMS message is sent silently from the Flash Lite player, without any additional user interaction.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6

What are device fonts? (Choose two.)
A. arial
B. _arial
C. sans
D. _times
E. _tahoma
F. _typewriter
G. sans

Correct Answer: CF
What method of code looping offers the best performance for Flash Lite?
A. a ‘for’ loop
B. a ‘while’ loop
C. a ‘for…in’ loop
D. a ‘timeline’ loop

Correct Answer: B
What is the best and most efficient way to flip content 90 degrees and provide a landscape mode for an application?
A. _root._rotate = 90;
B. _root.rotation = 90;
C. tellTarget( ” ” ) { _rotation = 90; }
D. fscommand2( “setDisplayMode”, “portrait” );
E. fscommand2( “setDisplayMode”, “landscape”, 90 );
F. enclose everything in a movieclip and then apply _rotation = 90;
Correct Answer: F