Exam Online Adobe 9a0-602 Pass Certification Dumps with Exam Practice Questions

Exam A
What returns the string value “red” assuming node is equal to color in the XML below? (Choose TWO) <color>red</color>
A. node.childNodes[0].nodeValue
B. node.firstChild.nodeValue
C. node.childNodes.nodeValue
D. node.textNode.nodeValue
E. node.nodeValue

Correct Answer: AB
What Macromedia distributed file can be #included in a FLA file to enable Flash Remoting?
A. NetServices.as
B. CFServices.as
C. RemoteServices.as
D. WebServices.as

Correct Answer: A
What does this code display in the output window? var myEmployees:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); myEmployees.Address = “275 Grove Street”; myEmployees.fname = “Jeremy”; trace (myEmployees.toString());
A. blank output window
B. fname=”Jeremy”&Address=”275%20Grove%20Street”
C. fname=Jeremy&Address=275%20Grove%20Street
D. &fname=Jeremy&Address=275%20Grove%20Street&

Correct Answer: C
What is an example of correct syntax for calling a JavaScript function using a JavaScript pseudo-URL?
A. jsFunction:alert(“I am an alert message”);
B. getURL(“javascript:alert(‘I am an alert message’);”);
C. javascriptFunction(“alert(‘I am an alert message’);”);
D. getURL(“javascript”, “alert(‘I am an alert message’);”);

Correct Answer: B
What conditions must be met in order to remotely debug a Flash application from a web server? (Choose TWO)
A. Flash application must be loaded over an HTTPS (or SSL) connection
B. browser is using the Debug version of the Flash Player
C. SWD file is published with the Flash application and uploaded to the same location as the Flash application
D. cross-domain.XML file specifies the web server domain
E. must have a remote Debugging policy file

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 6
What line of ActionScript sets an instance of the stand-alone Flash Player to full screen?
A. fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);
B. _root.fullscreen = true;
C. _fullscreen = true;
D. Stage.size(“fullscreen”);

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7
Which option correctly defines a getter method that creates a property named “count”?
A. function get count():Number { return _nCount; }
B. function count():Number { return _nCount; }
C. function getCount():Number { return _nCount; }
D. function getter count():Number { return _nCount; }

Correct Answer: A
ActionScript works on a keyframe in what type of object?
A. MovieClip
B. Group
C. Button
D. Graphic

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 9
What correctly adds a listener object named “oListener” to a Button component instance named “cbtSubmit” such that the Button component will dispatch all click events to the listener?
A. cbtSubmit.addEventListener(“click”, oListener);
B. cbtSubmit.addListener(“click”, oListener);
C. cbtSubmit.addEventListener(oListener, “click”);
D. cbtSubmit.addListener(oListener, “click”);

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 10
What symbols or objects CANNOT have Timeline effects applied to them?
A. bitmap images
B. button symbols
C. text D. sound

Correct Answer: D