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Exam Code: C2090-424
Exam Name: InfoSphere DataStage v11.3
Updated: Jul 06, 2017
Q&As: 64

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C2090-549 dumps QUESTION: 44
Which are the possible drawbacks of the Digium Asterisk communication systems?
(Choose two)
A. Cost intensive high-skill trained IT technician are required.
B. Scalability can be achieved by enhancement through vendor independent servers.
C. Older Asterisk systems can be unstable or vulnerable without continuous software
D. No license costs to be paid for additional user enhancements.
Answer: A, C
What are the advantages of the open source technology of the Digium’s Asterisk
products? (Choose two)
A. System administration is simplified by a single, centralized, user-friendly Web-based
management tool.
B. An open source VoIP PBX concept is independent from specific hardware
manufacturers and from long term rigid contracts.
C. Voice mail/auto attendant is a standard capability.
D. Partial open source code can be used by developers and integrators for customized
end-user solutions.
Answer: B, D
C2090-549 exam 
Which communications product supports embedded SIP, analog, and digital trunking?
A. Mitel 5000 Network Communications Solution
B. Nortel BCM 200
C. Digium Switchvox SMB
D. Microsoft Office Communications Server
Answer: A
Which applications are standard on every Nortel Business Communication Manager
(BCM) system? (Choose two)

A. Unified Messaging.
B. Fax Answering.
C. Voice mailbox seat licenses.
D. Auto attendant.
Answer: B, D
C2090-549 pdf 
What is the advantage of integrated messaging in CISCO UCM 500 system?
A. It helps in quick deployment of the product in the field.
B. It supports 14 languages.
C. It serves as a VoIP migration path for a number of widely deployed legacy platforms.
D. It helps you check your voicemail by using Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) e
mail clients.
Answer: D
What are the advantages of the presence technology of the Siemens OpenScape Office
A. It allows users to cut the cost of mobile calls between different mobile networks or to
international destinations.
B. It helps set up ad-hoc conference calls, knowing exactly who can attend.
C. It allows external calls to be made via IP.
D. It allows users to route calls to wherever needed, so they are more contactable.
Answer: B
C2090-549 vce 
Which best describes the GSM integration capabilities of the Siemens HiPath solution?
A. Users can dial into the office system by using their mobile device when they are on the
road, be securely authenticated, and then get a dial tone so that they can make calls from
the office system.
B. Users can dial into the office system by using their mobile device and then transfer the
call to any other phone number without any authentication.
C. Users can dial into the office system by using their mobile device, log on to the
intranet, and then make free calls through any instant messaging application.

D. Users can dial into the office system by using their mobile device and connect only to
mobile phones that use the same mobile network.
Answer: A
Which system helps post voicemail and fax mail in the Outlook inbox and provides a
one-touch call record facility?
A. HiPath 5000 RSM
B. HiPath OpenStage
C. HiPath 3000
D. HiPath OpenOffice
Answer: D
C2090-549 dumps 
How does the Siemens HiPath OpenOffice system help raise the level of service offered
to the customers?
A. It allows users be contactable at multiple work locations using their mobile phones.
B. It allows users to easily download and upload files from and to a shared Web resource.
C. It helps users download the latest business information free-of-cost.
D. It helps staff members speak to the customers more often, and because the staff
members are not traveling as much they have more time to actually spend working on
solving customers’ problems.
Answer: D
Which facilities of Unified Communications can help reduce energy usage? (Choose two)
A. Recycling
B. Audio conferencing
C. Single number solution for voice communications
D. PSTN routing
Answer: B, C
C2090-549 exam QUESTION: 54
How do HiPath 3000 and HiPath OpenOffice help in reducing energy usage? (Choose
A. These hot desk and mobility solutions help implement desk sharing schemes.
B. These solutions reduce office space to maintain, heat and air-condition.
C. These solutions provide HD user experience.
D. These solutions allow ad hoc conferences to happen effectively.
Answer: A, B
Which feature of HiPath Wireless enables the use of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)?
A. Load-dependent clock speed modulation.
B. Extra power supply units.
C. Low power consumption (13 watts).
D. External application servers.
Answer: C
C2090-549 pdf 
Which feature of HiPath OpenOffice makes it an energy-efficient solution?
A. Power-over-Ethernet reduces operating costs.
B. Consolidation of servers reduces energy consumption in operation.
C. High-speed, cost-effective connections reduces latency.
D. Tele-presence reduces CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use.
Answer: B
How can Siemens’ customers make efficient use of IT resources? (Choose three)
A. By purchasing products that can be recycled.
B. By monitoring the usage of fax.
C. By measuring and reducing on energy usage.
D. By improving resource efficiency.

Answer: A, C, D
C2090-549 vce 
Which standards does Siemens follow when manufacturing its products? (Choose two)
A. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
B. Environmental Protection Agency
C. Green IT balance
D. Going Green Agreement
Answer: A, C
What might happen if your prospects don’t connect your solution to their unresolved
business issues? (Choose three)
A. You’ll damage the trust and rapport you’ve developed.
B. They won’t prioritize your sale at the top of their action list, which will likely delay
your sales cycle.
C. They are unlikely to buy your product or service without seeing how it resolves their
business issues.
D. They might move the budget item that covers your category to buy another solution
that clearly addresses a business issue.
Answer: B, C, D

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