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Which part or parts of a CRT display should NOT be touched until after the dsplay is disconnected from its power source and the CRT is properly discharged? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
A. Yoke assembly
B. Anode aperture
C. High voltage cable
D. Front of CRT display
E. Outer plastic housing
F. Outer plastic housing

Correct Answer: ABCE QUESTION 46
You should periodically _______ your ESD mats.
A. clean
B. replace
C. turn over
D. disconnect

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 47
A computer service technician says “I don’t use ESD precautions and have never had a problem.” What (if anything) is wrong with this statement?
A. Nothing is wrong with this statement.
B. ESD damage may not appear immediately
C. ESD happens only to inexperienced technicains.
D. ESD damage is really not as bad as everyone thinks.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 48
When you work at a computer site, you do not need to take any precautions to avoid ESD damage.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 49
You want to follow ESD prevention rules, but your work area is too small for you to be tethered with a wired wrist strap. What is one acceptable alternative solution to this issue?
A. Use a wireless wrist strap.
B. Use a grounded ESD heel strap.
C. Do not practice ESD prevention.
D. Work on the floor instead of a table.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 50
You are preparing to service a MacBook. To reduce the risk of damage from ESD, you clear the area of plastic, vinyl, or foamed polystyrene, and have static-shielding storage bags available for ESD-sensitive components. While you are working you should also remember to __________________ and _____________. SELECT TWO
A. ground yourselt and the equipment you are working on
B. always place ESD-sensitive component on metal surfaces
C. discharge the display to protect the other ESD-sensitive components.
D. handle any ESD-sensitive components by the connectors, rather than by the edges
E. ask other techicians to avoid touching you when you are working on ESD-sensitive components
Correct Answer: AE

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Apple 9L0-313 Dumps, Latest Updated Apple 9L0-313 Exam Questions Are The Best Materials