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QUESTION 26 Question: 26
A customer states that he cannot open an AppleWorks file. What is the most productive question to ask him FIRST?
A. Can you open any files?
B. Is your Mac connected to a network?
C. Can you open other AppleWorks files?
D. What version of AppleWorks are you using?

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 27 Question: 27
A customer claims that her Mac cannot connect to her AirPort Express network at home. Which of the following would be the BEST question to ask her FIRST?
A. Can any other computer successfully join her network?
B. Does your ISP support wireless access to the Internet?
C. What type of wireless card is installed in your Mac?
D. Have you upgraded to Mac OS X v10.4.8?

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 28 Question: 28
Which of the following is NOT one of the three qualities that define a quick fix?
A. Has little or no cost
B. Can be performed quickly
C. Eliminates intermittent problems
D. Involves little or no risk of harm to the system

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 29 Question: 29
What is the first step to take if you have a Mac that constantly ejects any CD / DVD that is inserted?
A. Replace the logic board.
B. Replace the optical drive.
C. Replace the optical drive cable.
D. Disconnect all peripheral devices, especially the mouse.

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 30 Question: 30
A MacBook has no video, but powers on with a normal startup chime, and normal startup sounds from the hard drive. Which of the following steps should you try next?
A. Replace the display.
B. Update the firmware.
C. Replace the logic board.
D. Connect a known-good display to the MacBook.

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 31 Question: 31
A MacBook Pro with a known-good main battery fails to power on, even when connected to a known-good power adapter. Which of the following steps should be tried FIRST?
A. Reset the SMC.
B. Replace the logic board.
C. Replace the DC in board.
D. Run Apple Service Diagnostic.

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 32 Question: 32
A MacBook sometimes becomes unresponsive and the cursor freezes on the display when running an application. You have verified the symptom, and have already attempted t force the application to quit, but the computer remains unresponsive. What should you try next?
A. Disconnect all power sources for several minutes to reset the SMC.
B. Hold the eject button down for several seconds to reset the application.
C. Hold the trackpad button down for several seconds to regain cursor control.
D. Press the power button for several seconds to try shutting the computer down.

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 33 Question: 33
A customer states that he has never been able to burn DVD’s with his MacBook, yet his friend has an identical-looking MacBook that can burn DVD’s. You have verified that the customer’s MacBook has a DVD / CD-RW Combo optical drive and is running the latest version of Mac OS
X. The MacBook has no other problems. What is the probable cause of this issue?
A. The MacBook requires more RAM.
B. The MacBook requires a firmware update.
C. The MacBook optical drive is malfunctioning.
D. The Combo drive is not capable of burning DVD’s.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 34 Question: 34
A Mac Pro fails to start up, and the status light on the front of the computer flashes three times. What does this indicate?
A. Thermal failure
B. No startup disk found
C. Firmware v3.0 upgrade required
D. A RAM bank failed memory testing

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 35 Question: 35
A customer claims that her Mac mini, with an AirPort Extreme card installed, cannot connect to her AirPort Express network at home. Her configuration includes an Apple Cinema Display resting on top of the Mac mini, and a functioning AirPort Express Base Station 20 feet away. Which of the following choices is the most likely cause of this problem?
A. The AirPort Express Base Station is too far away.
B. The Mac mini must be upgraded to Mac OS X v10.4.7 first.
C. AirPort reception is affected by the display on top of the Mac mini.
D. The AirPort Express Base Station is not compatible with the Mac mini.

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 36 Question: 36
The basis for the component isolation troubleshooting technique is an understanding of _______ and _______ within computers. SELECT TWO
A. Network flow
B. Coolant flow
C. Power flow
D. Fan air flow
E. Signal flow

Correct Answer: CE
QUESTION 37 Question: 37
When practicing component isolation, which ONE of the following components would NOT be a part of a minimal system configuration for a MacBook?
B. Speaker
C. Hard Drive
D. Logic Board
E. Power adapter

Correct Answer: C

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