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Which field in the Color Settings dialog box allows you to choose profiles that will act as the source profiles for newly created documents, which use an associated color model?
A. Settings
B. Advanced Mode
C. Working Spaces
D. Color Management Policies

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
Refer to the exhibit.
You are browsing files by using Adobe Bridge. What does the icon at the bottom right of the image thumbnail signify? Exhibit:

A. The file is a template.
B. The file is currently open.
C. The file contains alternate versions.
D. The file is an Adobe Stock Photo comp.

Correct Answer: B
Exhibit #1:

Exhibit #2 Which tool was used to create the text in image B in the exhibit?

A. Tool A
B. Tool B
C. Tool C
D. Tool D

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 4
To which image can you apply a spot color?
A. an embedded color GIF image
B. an embedded color TIFF image
C. an embedded grayscale GIF image
D. an embedded grayscale TIFF image

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 5
When setting tabs, which type of tab works with the Align On feature?
A. Left-Justified tab
B. Center-Justified tab
C. Right-Justified tab
D. Decimal-Justified tab

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6
Which is a typical resolution for printing gradients and mesh?
A. 72 ppi
B. 150 ppi
C. 200 ppi
D. 300 ppi

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 7
You need to export an Adobe Illustrator file to a format that supports lossless compression, the display of images on the World Wide Web, 24-bit images, and transparent backgrounds. Which format provides these options?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
Which palette allows you to quickly access tool options?
A. Info palette
B. Control palette
C. Variables palette
D. Attributes palette

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 9
You want Live Trace to use a custom color palette when converting a bitmap file to vector artwork. What is required to select the color palette from within the Tracing Options dialog?
A. The swatch library must be open.
B. Live Trace > Convert to Live Paint must be selected.
C. The Threshold dialog option must be set to 16 or more.
D. The Max Colors dialog option must be set to 2 or more colors.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 10
What is required for you to preview the effect of a filter on an object in the Filter Gallery?
A. The object must be a bitmap object.
B. The object must be in a CMYK or LAB color mode document.
C. The object can be either an expanded vector object or a bitmap object.
D. The object can be either an expanded vector object or a linked bitmap object.

Correct Answer: A