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You have four images open in Photoshop. You currently see each image in its own separate window with its own title bar. You would like to see just one image and tabs for the other images. Which should you choose?
A. Choose Edit > Menus and use the Menus tab
B. Window > Arrange > Float All in Windows
C. Click the 4-up button in the Arrange Documents menu
D. Click the Consolidate All button in the Arrange Documents menu
Correct Answer: D
On the Mac OS, which should you choose to group all the workspace elements in a single, integrated

A. View > Show > None
B. Window > Application Frame
C. Window > Workspace > Basic
D. View > Screen Mode > Standard Screen Mode
Correct Answer: B
Which two actions will display your image at 100%? (Choose two) Select all that apply. Options:
A. Choose View > Actual Pixels.
B. Double-click the Zoom tool in the toolbox.
C. Double-click the Hand tool in the toolbox.
D. Press Ctrl-0 (Windows) or Command-0 (Mac OS).
E. With the Zoom tool selected, click the Print Size button in the options bar.
Correct Answer: AB
You have selected the Zoom tool. What happens when you hold down the H key and click in the image
and hold down the mouse button?

A. Your image zoom changes temporarily
B. You see an animated zoom continuously zooming into an image
C. You see a synchronized zooming in of multiple images that are tiled
D. You zoom into an image while increasing the window size to accommodate the enlarged image

Correct Answer: A
You want to prepare an image for the Web that includes reducing the image resolution. Which resample
method is recommended as best for reduction?

A. Bilinear
B. Bicubic Sharper
C. Nearest Neighbor
D. Bicubic Smoother
Correct Answer: B
You have a 12-megapixel digital camera image and you want to reduce its size for a Web page where the image is required to be 400 pixels wide (with no height restriction). You want to edit the image further as a layered Photoshop file, so it must remain in Photoshop format after resizing.What is the best way to resize the entire image to the requirements above? Options:
A. Choose Image > Canvas Size, and in the New Size section set Width to 400 pixels
B. Choose File > Save for Web & Devices, and set W: to 400 px
C. Choose Image > Image Size, deselect Resample Image, and set Resolution to 72 ppi
D. Choose Image > Image Size, select Resample Image, and set Pixel Dimensions: Width to 400 pixels

Correct Answer: D
You want to add metadata to a JPEG file that will be used on the Web. Where should you enter the
copyright information for that file?

A. File > Scripts > Statistics
B. File > Import > Annotations
C. File > File Info and select the Description tab
D. File > Save for Web & Devices and select from the Metadata list

Correct Answer: C
You are using the Merge to HDR command to combine several images. Which Bit Depth will support the
full range of luminance values of an HDR image?

A. 8 Bit/Channel
B. 16 Bit/Channel
C. 24 Bit/Channel
D. 32 Bit/Channel

Correct Answer: D
You are working with an HDR image and you want to use a Photoshop filter that does NOT work with an
HDR image. What should you do?

A. Convert the image to 32 Bits/Channel
B. Convert the image to 16 Bits/Channel
C. Convert to LAB color mode at 32 Bits/Channel
D. Convert to Multichannel mode at 16 Bits/Channel

Correct Answer: B
Which file format supports transparency in a Web browser? Options:

Correct Answer: A
Which file format can store the original Camera Raw file and image data from a digital camera? Options:
A. Cineon format
B. OpenEXR format
C. Digital Negative format (DNG)
D. Large Document Format (PSB)

Correct Answer: C
You are copying artwork from Adobe Illustrator and pasting it into Photoshop. Which should you choose
from the Paste options so that you create a layer that can be opened and edited in Illustrator?

A. Smart Object
B. Pixels
C. Path
D. Shape Layer

Correct Answer: A
You have converted a layer to a Smart Object and applied a Smart Filter. What can you do with the Smart
Filter sub-layer?

A. You can drag it onto a regular layer.
B. You can drag it onto another Smart Object layer.
C. You can merge it with the filter below.
D. If you edit the applied filter, you can preview filters stacked above it.

Correct Answer: B
Which is an essential component of a color managed workflow? Options:
A. color profiles
B. variables
C. smart objects
D. smart filters

Correct Answer: A
You are drawing a perspective plane in Vanishing Point. Which color indicates that your plane is a valid

A. red
B. green
C. yellow
D. blue

Correct Answer: D
In the Vanishing Point dialog box, you set up a perspective grid on a product box image so that you can apply a packaging design to two sides of the box in the image. After you cover one side of the initial perspective grid, you need to extend a second grid for the second side you want to cover. How do you extend the second perspective grid from the existing grid?

A. Command-drag (Mac OS) or Ctrl-drag (Windows) a middle handle on any side
B. Option-drag (Mac OS) or Alt-drag (Windows) a middle handle on any side
C. Shift-click a middle handle on any side
D. Double-click a middle handle on any side

Correct Answer: A
You open a Photoshop document prepared by someone else who created graphics prepared for NTSC
DV. There is a large logo in the middle of the frame that’s supposed to be circular, but it appears to be
distorted into an ellipse. What do you need to do to see the document without distortion?

A. Choose View > Pixel Aspect Ratio > Square
B. Choose View > Pixel Aspect Ratio > D1/DV NTSC (0.91)
C. Choose View > Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction
D. Choose View > Actual Pixels

Correct Answer: C
You want to use the Video Preview plug-in to preview an image open in Photoshop on a display device.
What should you do?

A. Convert any 16-bpc images to 8-bpc images
B. Check the appropriate File Compatibility options using File > Preferences (Windows) or Photoshop > Preferences (Mac OS)
C. Connect the display device to your computer via FireWire
D. Connect the display device to your computer via USB

Correct Answer: C
You are creating a new Photoshop document. Which option in the New dialog box should you choose in
order to create an HDR document?

A. Set the bit depth to 32
B. Set the image resolution to 32 pixels/inch
C. From the Color Mode popup list, choose LAB Color.
D. In the Advanced section, select ProPhoto RGB from the Color Profile popup list.

Correct Answer: A
When you view a 32-bit HDR image, what is the function of the 32-Bit Preview slider at the bottom of the
document window?

A. It sets the white point of the image data in preparation for downsampling to a 16-bit or 8-bit image
B. It sets the white point of the 32-bit image data as you make edits in 32-bit mode
C. It lets you see different segments of the total dynamic range of the image, since a monitor can’t display the entire dynamic range at once
D. It adjusts the highlight compression of a 32-bit image

Correct Answer: C
Which projection is optimized for wide horizontal panoramas? Options:
A. Perspective
B. Cylindrical
C. Collage
D. Spherical

Correct Answer: B
Which section of the Print dialog box provides the option to turn on Crop marks? Options:
A. Page Setup
B. Output
C. Color Management
D. Transfer

Correct Answer: B
You’re trying to center your image on a sheet of paper, but the margins visible in the Print dialog preview are not even. Where does Photoshop obtain information about available paper sizes and printer margins?
A. The Output pane of the Print dialog box
B. The document size information you enter in the New dialog box
C. The printer selected in the Page Setup dialog box
D. The Canvas Size dialog box

Correct Answer: C

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