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You are scanning a page that has very small text. What can you do to improve readability?
A. scan at a lower resolution
B. scan at a higher resolution
C. apply dithering and halftone settings
D. scan in color instead of black and white

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 32
After choosing File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files, you select multiple files for consolidation into a single PDF document. In which order will the selected files, displayed in the Files to Combine field of the dialog, be consolidated?
A. alphabetical order
B. the order displayed in the list
C. the sort order specified in the Organizer window
D. the sort order specified in the Convert to PDF dialog box

Correct Answer: B
You are creating an Adobe PDF document from a Microsoft Word document. Users will print the PDF document on laser and ink jet printers. You want to maintain print quality while minimizing the file size. From Word, you choose Adobe PDF > Change Conversion Settings. Which option should you choose from the Conversion Settings pull-down menu in the PDFMaker Settings panel?
A. Standard
B. High Quality
C. Press Quality
D. Smallest File Size

Correct Answer: A
You are going to create a PDF document from a Web page. You want to capture the Web page, but not the background image. You open the HTML Conversion Settings dialog box. What should you do next?
A. deselect Convert Images
B. select Disable Media Capture
C. set the Background Color to White
D. deselect Page Tiled Image Backgrounds

Correct Answer: D
You are customizing the settings in the Acrobat PDFMaker dialog box. Which setting applies to all converted files using Acrobat PDFMaker regardless of the application?
A. Add Links to Adobe PDF
B. Add Bookmarks to Adobe PDF
C. Convert Document Information
D. Attach Source File to Adobe PDF

Correct Answer: C
You have opened a PDF document and all of the toolbars are hidden from view. The menu bar is still visible. You want the toolbars to be visible. Which should you do?
A. choose View > Menu Bar
B. choose View > Full Screen
C. choose View > Toolbars > Show Toolbars
D. choose View > Task Buttons > Show All Task Buttons
Correct Answer: C
You want all PDF documents to open at a specific zoom percentage. What should you do?
A. with no file open, choose View > Full Screen View
B. set the desired magnification level in an open document and then quit Acrobat
C. set a Default Zoom value in the Page Display panel of the Preferences dialog box
D. set a magnification percentage in the Initial View panel of the Document Properties dialog box

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 38
Which property of a PDF document enhances PDF accessibility for users of Acrobat who have vision and/ or motor disabilities?
A. tags
B. guides
C. color management
D. document metadata

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 39
Your are using the Accessibility Setup Assistant to set the reading order for documents that are not tagged. Which is the recommended setting for the reading order?
A. infer reading order from document
B. use reading order in raw print stream
C. left-to-right, top-to-bottom reading order
D. Override The Reading Order In Tagged Documents

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 40
Which option should you choose to make your PDF document more accessible to users with vision and motor disabilities?
A. Advanced > PDF Optimizer
B. Advanced > Trusted Identities
C. Advanced > Digital Editions > My Digital Editions
D. Advanced > Accessibility > Add Tags to Document

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 41
You create a PDF document that you want to use as a proof. You also need to downsample the file to 72 pixels per inch to create a small file that you can email. You notice that monochrome images in the PDF document look jagged along curves and diagonal lines. Which setting should you change?
A. Anti-Alias to Gray; use 8-bit as a value instead of 2-bit or 4-bit
B. Final Resolution; resample to 100 pixels per inch instead of 72
C. Compression; use CCITT Group 3 instead of ZIP, CCITT Group 4, or Run length
D. Sampling; use Average Downsampling instead of Subsampling or Bicubic Downsampling

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 42
When should you change the default value for resolution in the Adobe PDF Settings dialog box of Distiller?
A. when you want to improve the compatibility of Distiller
B. when you want to emulate a printer of a certain resolution
C. when you need to change the pixel size of embedded images
D. when you need to set resolution of the flattening used for transparent objects Correct Answer: B
You are creating a PDF document to submit as a print-ready file. Because you have several images in the project that you have scaled down in size, you want to have Distiller downsample the files to reduce overall file size. Which should you select from the Images menu of the Adobe PDF Settings dialog box?
A. Subsampling
B. Bicubic Downsampling
C. Average Downsampling
D. You should NOT select anything. You should NOT downsample any images.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 44
You have three text fields on a form and you want each of them to be three inches wide. What is the easiest way to make all of the text fields three inches wide?
A. choose Layout > Make Same Size > Width
B. choose Layout > Make Same Size > Height
C. select the objects and choose Edit > Duplicate
D. select the objects and change their width in the Layout palette

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 45
How can you add a solid color frame or outline around all sides of three rectangles at the same time?
A. use the Line tool to draw a border around all sides
B. select the rectangles and change the Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins
C. select the rectangles, and in the Border palette change the Edges: to Edit Together, then enter the desired value
D. select the rectangles, and in the Border palette change the Edges: to Edit Individually, then enter the desired value

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 46
After selecting a field and then copying it, where will the new field appear when it is pasted onto a form?
A. at the top left corner of the form
B. exactly covering the original field
C. offset down and to the right of the original field location
D. The top left corner of the new field appears where the mouse was last positioned on the form.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 47
How do you remove a single object from a larger group?
A. select the object and choose Layout > Ungroup
B. click on the outline of the group and choose Layout > Merge
C. click on the outline of the group and choose Layout > Ungroup
D. click on the object, and simply drag it outside of the colored group outline

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 48
How can you make a form field taller by using the Layout palette?
A. select the object and change the height
B. select the object and change the Y: value
C. select the object and change the Reserve: value
D. select the object and change the top or bottom margins

Correct Answer: A
You want to evenly space three text fields vertically on the page. What should you do?
A. choose Layout > Align > To Grid
B. choose Layout > Distribute > Down
C. choose Layout > Distribute > Across
D. choose Layout > Align > Vertical Center

Correct Answer: B
How do you lock all field objects on the form design?
A. choose Edit > Lock Text
B. choose Edit > Lock Fields
C. choose Edit > Lock Static Objects
D. choose Edit > Select All and then right-click on the selection and choose Lock Fields

Correct Answer: B
Which option should you perform from the Drawing Aids palette to display crosshairs?
A. check Long crosshairs
B. check Show Guidelines
C. uncheck Long crosshairs
D. check Show Object Boundaries
Correct Answer: A
Your font information is missing from the toolbar at the top of the screen. What should you do?
A. choose select Window > Font.
B. choose select Tools > Customize and check the Font option
C. choose select Window > Manage Palettes > Reset Palette Locations
D. choose select Tools > Customize and check the Font and Paragraph options

Correct Answer: B
You want to change the units of measure for a form design from inches to points. Where or how should you make this change?
A. in the Layout palette
B. in the Data View palette
C. in the Drawing Aids palette
D. by choosing File > Form Properties

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 54
Where can you change the color of object boundaries such as text boxes, subforms, image fields, etc?
A. in the Border palette
B. in the Drawing Aids palette next to Show Object Boundaries
C. in the Drawing Aids palette in the Guideline Definitions section
D. in the Drawing Aids palette in the Grid and Ruler Settings section

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 55
How should you change the grid in the Drawing Aids palette, so that you have a gridline every two inches down the page?
A. under Grid and Ruler Settings, change the Y: Origin: to 2
B. under Grid and Ruler Settings, change the Y: Interval: to 2
C. click in the white box under Vertical Guideline Definitions and type 2
D. click on the green plus sign under Vertical Guideline Definitions and type 2

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 56
Which preflight feature allows you to preflight your file against the PDF settings of a print service provider?
B. validation
C. import of an FDF
D. import of a profile

Correct Answer: D

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