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How do you make a security policy display in the Secure button menu?
A. create a user security policy on an Adobe Policy Server
B. create an organizational security policy on an Adobe Policy Server
C. click the View button in the Managing Security Policies dialog button
D. click the Favorite button in the Managing Security Policies dialog button

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 43
You are applying password security to a PDF document. Which setting prevents search engines from accessing information such as author and keywords?
A. Encrypt all document contents
B. Enable copying of text, images, and other content
C. Enable text access for screen reader devices for the visually impaired
D. Encrypt all document contents except metadata (Acrobat 6 and later compatible)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 44
Which type of security policy allows individuals to limit the time period within which access to a PDF document is allowed?
A. password security policy
B. public key certificate security policy
C. user security policy on an Adobe Policy Server
D. organizational security policy on an Adobe Policy Server

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 45
When creating a preflight droplet, what do the On Success and On Error sections specify?
A. when to discontinue inspection
B. what to name files after inspection
C. where to store files after inspection
D. how to highlight files after inspection

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 46
Which preflight problem would cause failure during validation for the digital press (color) profile?
A. Object uses CMYK.
B. PDF version is newer than 1.2.
C. PDF/X label is missing or incorrect.
D. Document images are on CMY plates.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 47
Which kind of PDF document should be created by using the PDF/A (Draft) specification?
A. graphics project files for proofing
B. files that need to be as small as possible
C. documents being stored in a digital archive
D. files that need to be locked against changes

Correct Answer: C
Which Preflight Report option allows you to highlight problem areas with a transparent mask?
A. Text Report
B. XML Report
C. PDF Report
D. Insert Preflight Results As Comments

Correct Answer: C
You have a preflight profile that checks PDF documents for PDF/X-1a compliance and compliance for your particular press condition. Which should you set as an error in addition to the PDF/X-1a compliance check?
A. Trapping key is not set.
B. RGB is used as color mode.
C. The resolution of the images is too low.
D. The output intent is not set to swop or snap standards.

Correct Answer: C
You want to create a custom preflight profile to determine if a PDF document is PDF/X-1a compliant. Which must be checked by the profile?
A. file type
B. media size
C. image resolution
D. color model used

Correct Answer: D
Which setting is needed to convert a Microsoft Office document to PDF document that will be used for high-quality printing?
A. Allow Bleed
B. Subset Embedded Fonts
C. Convert Colors to CMYK
D. Enable Accessibility and Reflow with Tagged PDF

Correct Answer: C
You are producing a letterhead with Microsoft Publisher. There is an image in the file that extends beyond the top edge of the page. When the sheet is cut, there is no visible gap along the top of the letterhead. Which setting should you select in the PDFMaker for Microsoft Publisher dialog box to include the extended image area in the PDF?
A. Allow Bleed
B. Add Cut Marks
C. Add Links to Adobe PDF
D. Enable Accessibility and Reflow with Tagged PDF

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 53
You have created a presentation in PowerPoint. You want to post it on the Internet, where it will be accessed by members of your traveling sales force. Which Application Setting in the Adobe PDFMaker dialog box should you select to make this document available to the largest number of salespeople?
A. Save Slide Transitions in Adobe PDF
B. Convert Multimedia to PDF Multimedia
C. Enable Accessibility and Reflow with Tagged PDF
D. PDF Layout Based on PowerPoint Printer Settings

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 54
What is the most efficient way to create a PDF document from a Word document suitable for high quality print production and/or separation?
A. use Distiller and choose the Standard job option
B. use PDFMaker and choose the Press Quality job option
C. create PDF from File in Acrobat and choose the High Quality job option
D. use the Adobe PDF printer and choose the Smallest File Size job option

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 55
You create a PostScript file that will be converted into a PDF document.
You choose to embed the fonts into the PostScript stream. Which statement about the fonts embedded into the PDF document is true?
A. They are always embedded because they are embedded in PostScript.
B. They are only embedded if the fonts are TrueType or PostScript Type 1.
C. They are NEVER embedded because they CANNOT be embedded in PostScript and PDF.
D. They are only embedded if you select Embed All Fonts in the Adobe PDF setting’s Fonts tab.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 56
Which statement about the relationship between the Adobe PDF printer and Distiller is true?
A. Distiller uses the Adobe PDF printer to create PDF files.
B. The Adobe PDF printer uses Distiller to create PDF files.
C. The Adobe PDF printer and Distiller operate independently.
D. Distiller and the Adobe PDF printer have different functions.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 57
Which preflight feature allows you to preflight your file against the PDF settings of a print service provider?
B. validation
C. import of an FDF
D. import of a profile

Correct Answer: D

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