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What happens to untagged images when an ICC color profile is applied to the image?
A. The colors in the image are defined so that a printer can separate the colors in it.
B. The color numbers for the image are converted to CalRGB.
C. The color numbers in the image are converted making it compatible with a specific printing device.
D. The ICC profile is now used in the color managed workflow.

Correct Answer: D
You are looking for instructions in the Complete Acrobat 7.0 Help on how to convert your PDF document to HTML. What is the most efficient way to locate all of the relevant topics?
A. click the Index tab, then click on the entry caving, formats > HTML
B. click the Contents tab, then click on the entry Caving and Converting Adobe PDF Content > Converting Adobe PDF documents to other file formats > Conversion options for HTML, XML, or plain text format
C. click the Index tab, then click on the entry HTML Files > conversion settings
D. click the Search tab, type HTML

Correct Answer: D
You have digitally signed a PDF document. Which restrictions apply to other users who open the file in Adobe Acrobat Professional and attempt to make changes in the document?
A. They are UNABLE to print the document.
B. There are NO restrictions, but your signature is rendered as changed.
C. They are UNABLE to digitally sign the document.
D. There are NO restrictions, but your signature is rendered as invalid.

Correct Answer: D
The PDF/ X-1a and PDF/X-3 conversion settings in the Acrobat PDFMaker dialog box are used to create _____.
A. low resolution PDF files for posting on the Internet
B. high quality PDF files for printing to in-house output devices
C. low resolution PDF files for on-screen viewing only
D. high quality PDF files for newspaper and/or magazine publishing

Correct Answer: D
You want to add a comment without using a commenting tool. You have copied the text for the comment from a document in a word processing application. What should you do?
A. select the Hand tool and paste
B. select the TouchUpText tool and paste
C. select the Pencil tool and paste
D. select the Select tool and paste

Correct Answer: A
You have created an Adobe PDF document. When users view the file, the fonts do NOT display as they did in the original application document. Why do the font display incorrectly?
A. The fonts were outlined.
B. The original font was an OpenType font.
C. The original font was a TrueType font.
D. The fonts were NOT embedded in the PDF document.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 37
How should you enable a PDF document so that it has commenting rights in Adobe Reader 7.0?
A. send for an email-based review using Acrobat 7.0 Standard
B. upload for a browser-based review using Acrobat 7.0 Professional
C. send for an email-based review using Acrobat 7.0 Professional
D. upload for a browser-based review using Acrobat 7.0 Standard

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 38
What is the result of printing separations to a PostScript file and then converting it to PDF?
A. a grayscale PDF that will automatically separate on output
B. a composite-color PDF with separation parameters built into the PDF header
C. a preseparated file that contains a PDF page for each plate of each page in the document
D. a conversion error, resulting in no file generated

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 39
You are creating an Adobe PDF document from a Microsoft Word document. Users will print the PDF document on laser and ink jet printers. You want to maintain print quality while minimizing the file size. From Word, you choose Adobe PDF > Change Conversion Settings. Which option should you choose from the Conversion Settings pull-down menu in the PDFMaker Settings panel?
A. Press Quality
B. Standard
C. Smallest File Size
D. High Quality

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 40
You want to set the security on a PDF document to enable plaintext metadata. Which Compatibility setting should you use?
A. Acrobat 6.0 and later
B. Low (40-bit RC4)
C. High (128-bit RC4)
D. Acrobat 5.0 and later

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 41
A dark spot color ink is spreading during trapping. How should you adjust this in the Ink Manager?
A. reset the ink Type to Normal instead of Opaque or OpaqueIgnore
B. adjust its sequence to a higher number in the printing order
C. raise its neutral density
D. redesign the project to remove the need for trapping

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 42
You create a document that contains a transparent one-color vector logo overlapping a solid-color background. In the Flattener Preview dialog box, which Raster/Vector Balance setting should you use to preview and apply transparency flattening to the resulting PDF document?
A. 50
B. 0
C. 100
D. 75

Correct Answer: C
Which two modifications can be made in the Ink Manager? (Choose two.)
A. remapping spot colors to equivalent CMYK builds
B. converting all RGB colors to CMYK
C. removing all LAB colors
D. creating an alias from one color to another
E. removing all spot colors from a document

Correct Answer: AD
How do you make a security policy display in the Secure button menu?
A. create a user security policy on an Adobe Policy Server
B. click the View button in the Managing Security Policies dialog button
C. create an organizational security policy on an Adobe Policy Server
D. click the Favorite button in the Managing Security Policies dialog button

Correct Answer: D
You are creating color separations at output and need to convert a spot color to 4-color process. What should you do?
A. You choose Advanced > Separation Preview and then select the appropriate color name.
B. You do nothing. Spot color conversion needs to be done before the PDF document is created.
C. You choose Document > Preflight, select List all objects not 4c from the Profiles dialog box, and click Analyze.
D. In the Advance Print Setup dialog box, you choose Separations from the Color pull-down menu and then select Convert All Spots to Process in the Ink Manager.

Correct Answer: D
You want to reduce the file size of an existing PDF document. You want to use the PDF Optimizer to discard unnecessary objects. Which option removes accessibility and reflow capabilities from the document?
A. Discard All JavaScript Actions
B. Discard Embedded Thumbnails
C. Discard All Alternate Images
D. Discard Document Structure
Correct Answer: D
Which element can the fixed from the Fix Hairlines dialog box?
A. Photoshop images
B. gradient mesh objects
C. trim marks
D. Type1 fonts

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 48
You have inadvertently created an alias for an ink that exists on one page of a PDF document to an ink that exists on another page. You want to identify this problem. What should you do?
A. preview your color separations from the Output Preview dialog box
B. select Rich Black from Warnings area of the Output Preview dialog box
C. set the neutral densities of the colors in the Ink Manager
D. select Total Area Coverage in the Output Preview dialog box

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 49
When creating a preflight droplet, what do the On Success and On Error sections specify?
A. where to store files after inspection
B. what to name files after inspection
C. when to discontinue inspection
D. how to highlight files after inspection

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 50
You have a document that contains both color and grayscale images. Which should you do in the Images options section of the Adobe PDF Settings dialog box to create a PDF document that is optimized for viewing in a Web browser?
A. set the Grayscale Images to Downsample to 300 pixels per inch
B. set the Compression for Color Images to Off
C. set the Compression for Grayscale Images to Off
D. set the Color Images to Downsample to 150 pixels per inch

Correct Answer: D

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