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Why would you choose to copy images into your document versus referencing them?
A. to keep the file size of the FrameMaker document small
B. to enable the creation of a List of Figures for the document
C. to enable the creation of a List of References that lists all graphics in the document
D. to eliminate the need to send the images with the document when it is sent to someone else for printing or editing

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 43
You have imported page layouts from another document. You want to assign one of the new master pages to all pages that used a particular custom master page. What should you do?
A. choose Format > Page Layout > Pagination
B. choose Format > Page Layout > New Master Page
C. choose Format > Page Layout > Master Page Usage
D. choose Format > Page Layout > Apply Master Pages

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 44
You have a small graphic that will be used in a frame above a paragraph.
You do not want FrameMaker to maintain a link to the original file. What should you do?

A. select Object Properties and modify the Facets
B. select Store in Document from the Links palette
C. choose File > Import > File and Copy into Document
D. choose File > Import > File and Import by Reference

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 45
You are creating a multi-lingual document. Each page will contain a column of text in each language that will need to flow to the following page. What should you do?
A. insert a table with one column for each language
B. use a separate, connected flow for each language
C. use a separate, disconnected flow for each language
D. put all of the text in Flow A; use column or page breaks to split the text into the appropriate columns

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 46
You want to print “Page X of X” on every page in your document. How would you define a variable to print the entire text?
A. Page <$currentpage> of <$lastpage>
B. Page <$curpagenum> of <$totalpages>
C. Page <$curpagenum> of <$lastpagenum>
D. Page <$currentpage> of <$totalpages>

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 47
You want to apply a custom master page to page 4 of your document. Which menu item should you choose?
A. Format > Page Layout > Master Page Usage
B. Format > Page Layout > Apply Master Pages
C. Format > Customize Layout > Master Page Usage
D. Format > Customize Layout > Apply Master Pages

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 48
Which text frame setting causes FrameMaker to insert additional pages as you add content?
A. Pagination
B. Autoconnect
C. Column Layout
D. Connect Text Frames

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 49
Which tool should you use to create an independent line of text that grows or shrinks as you edit it?

A. D

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 50
You have applied a custom master page called Landscape to page 8 of your document. All of the text is contained in Flow A, and Autoconnect is turned on for all text frames. You edit the document, adding two pages of text before page 8. Which pages use the master page called Landscape?
A. only page 8
B. only page 10
C. pages 8, 9 and 10
D. The custom master page assignment is removed.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 51
What is the purpose of the Smart Selection tool?
A. to select text as an object
B. to select all objects in an anchored frame
C. to select any objects that have been grouped together
D. to place an insertion point when the pointer is over text or select objects when the pointer is over an object

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 52
You need to produce HTML using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Which WebWorks Publisher template should you use?
C. Portable HTML

D. Dynamic HTML Correct Answer: D QUESTION 53
Which file type assures the highest quality for full-color printing at a high resolution?

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 54
For what is the MARKED metadata setting used?
A. to mark the document or book as web-purposed or print-purposed, or both
B. to mark the document or book as being copyrighted or in the public domain
C. to mark the document or book as containing watermarks and hidden text or not
D. to mark the document as ready for indexing and database incorporation or not

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 55
You have a long document project that has been broken into chapters. Each chapter is represented by a separate file name. You want to print the entire document at once. How should you do this?
A. print each document separately
B. create a book file, add the documents to the book file, and print from the book file
C. open each file in project and print the first file; Adobe FrameMaker will automatically print the rest
D. press the Shift (Windows)/Command (Mac) key when you select Print from any of the chapter documents

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 56
By default, what does FrameMaker do when printing two overlapping colored objects?
A. The overlapping areas are blended together.
B. The top color of the overlapping area is knocked out.
C. The bottom color of the overlapping area is knocked out.
D. The overlapping area prints based on the Paper color setting.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 57
You are preparing a FrameMaker file for conversion to a PDF document. Bookmarks can be created automatically from _____.
A. selected markers
B. selected paragraph tags
C. cross-references you specify
D. words assigned a specific character format

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 58
You want to create a single clickable hypertext word in the middle of a paragraph, rather than making the entire paragraph active. What should you do?
A. outline the single word in a text frame
B. apply a character format to the single word
C. underline the single word with the line drawing tool
D. use a hypertext command that references the word rather than the paragraph

Correct Answer: B
Which formatting option is ignored when mapping Adobe FrameMaker styles to WebWorks Publisher?
A. table formats
B. color definitions
C. character formats
D. formatting overrides

Correct Answer: B
You have used the hypertext marker “alerttitle” in your document. What happens when you save your document as PDF or HTML?
A. In PDF, it appears as a note with a title.
B. In PDF, it appears as a note WITHOUT a title.
C. In HTML, it appears as a note with a title.
D. In HTML, it appears as a note WITHOUT a title.

Correct Answer: A
When you print separation proofs from a document, a CMYK color prints to its own plate. Why does this happen?
A. The color was set to overprint.
B. The color was defined as a spot color.
C. The file was printed to a black and white printer.
D. The color was defined as a tint of a process color.
Correct Answer: B
Which procedure reduces the size of a PDF file?
A. embedding necessary fonts
B. selecting the Press job option in the Distiller settings
C. selecting the Generate Tagged PDF option in the Tags page of the PDF Setup dialog box
D. deselecting the Create Named Destinations for All Paragraphs option on the Links page of the PDF Setup dialog box
Correct Answer: D
FrameMaker for Windows converts all color values to _____ when printing.
C. L*a*b
D. Grayscale

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 64
Given the following XML Element:
<List> PCDATA Type = Bulleted Type = Numbered </List>
How do you determine whether the list uses numbers or bullets?
A. Structure View
B. Element Catalog
C. Attributes Editor
D. Paragraph Designer

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 65
You are working with a document that will be exported to SGML. What must you do?
A. use WebWorks Publisher
B. use a structured template
C. generate a conversion table
D. use an unstructured template

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 66
You are creating a double-sided document that will be spiral bound. Which margin should you set to accommodate the binding?
A. left
B. right
C. inside
D. outside

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 67
You are creating a template for an index. You want to reduce the number of
group titles by grouping them together so there are several letters in each group title (i.e. A-C, D-F).

What should you do?

A. add the group titles to each master page
B. modify the GroupTitles section on the reference page
C. group the sections together manually after generating the Index
D. modify the autonumber format for the GroupTitlesIX paragraph tag

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 68
You are preparing a document that will be saved as HTML. You want to assure that all of your graphics appear in your HTML output. What should you do?
A. save all the graphics as GIF files
B. save all the graphics as TIFF files
C. place all of the graphics in anchored frames
D. place all of the graphics in unanchored frames

Correct Answer: C
Which structured FrameMaker EDD formatting definition displays the value of the Security attribute in the current element?
A. Prefix: <$attribute[Security]>
B. Prefix: <$attribute[Security:Current]>
C. Prefix: <$attribute[Security(Current)]>
D. Prefix: <$attribute[Security:{notfirst}]>

Correct Answer: A
You want to associate a format with the first Item element in a NumberList element. Which structured FrameMaker EDD format rules should you use?
A. Item < {first}
B. Item < NumberList
C. {after NumberList}
D. {first} < NumberList

Correct Answer: D

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