April 2016

Exam A QUESTION 1 Which TWO of the following features are available in the Aluminum PowerBook G4 models but not in the Titanium PowerBook G4 models? A. USB ports B. PCMCIA slot C. Built-in modem D. FireWire 800 port E. Built-in Bluetooth F. Built-in wireless networking Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 2 Which of the following […]

Exam A QUESTION 1 You are configuring your Alcatel-Lucent 7750SR Service Router from the Command Line Interface (CLI), and after entering a lengthy command, wish to return directly to the ROOT context. Which control command allows you to do this quickly? A. Ctrl-Z B. Ctrl-c C. Esc D. Shift-Page Down Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2 […]

Exam A QUESTION 1 What returns the string value “red” assuming node is equal to color in the XML below? (Choose TWO) <color>red</color> A. node.childNodes[0].nodeValue B. node.firstChild.nodeValue C. node.childNodes.nodeValue D. node.textNode.nodeValue E. node.nodeValue Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 2 What Macromedia distributed file can be #included in a FLA file to enable Flash Remoting? A. NetServices.as […]

Exam A QUESTION 1 You are debugging a Flash movie. Which view will display information about the dimensions, files size, and current frame of the main timeline? A. File properties B. Properties panel C. Bandwith Profiler D. Document properties Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2 Click the Exhibit button. Where is the error in the displayed […]