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Exam Code: 70-764
Exam Name: Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure
Q&As: 119

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Hydrodensitometry (hydrostatic weighing, underwater weighing) has several sources of error. Which of the following is NOT a common source of error when using this technique to determine body composition?
A. Measurement of the vital capacity of the lungs.
B. Interindividual variability in the amount of air in the gastrointestinal tract.
C. Interindividual variability in the density of the individual lean tissue compartment.
D. Measurement of the residual volume.
 70-764 exam Answer: A
The definition of cardiorespiratory fitness is
A. The maximal force that a muscle or muscle group can generate in a single effort.
B. The coordinated capacity of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory system, and tissue metabolic systems to take in, deliver, and use oxygen.
C. The ability to sustain a held maximal force or to continue repeated sub maximal contractions.
D. The functional ROM about a joint.
Answer: B
Which of the following formulae is used for determining workload on a bicycle ergometer?
A. Belt length x resistance x grade.
B. Belt length x resistance x revolutions pedaled per minute.
C. Resistance x distance flywheel traveled per revolution x revolutions per minute.
D. Resistance x distance flywheel traveled per revolution.
 70-764 dumps Answer: C
Adults age physiologically at individual rates. Therefore, adults of any specified age will vary widely in their physiologic responses to exercise testing. Special consideration should be given to older adults when giving a fitness test, because
A. Age is often accompanied by de conditioning and disease.

B. Age predisposes older adults to clinical depression and neurologic diseases.
C. Older adults cannot be physically stressed beyond 75% of age-adjusted maximum.
D. Older adults are not as motivated to exercise as those who are younger.
Answer: A
A client with a functional capacity of 7 MET, an ejection fraction of 37%, and an ST – segment depression of 1 mm below baseline on exertion
A. Should not exercise until his or her ejection fraction is >50%.
B. Is considered to be at low risk.
C. Is considered to be at moderate risk.
D. Is considered to be at high risk.
 70-764 pdf Answer: C
The most accurate screening method for signs and symptoms of CAD is a
A. Maximal exercise test with a 12-lead ECG.
B. Submaximal exercise test with a 12-lead ECG.
C. Discontinuous protocol, stopping at 85% of maximal heart rate.
D. Continuous protocol, stopping at 85% of maximal heart rate.
Answer: A
What is the best test to help determine ejection fraction at rest and during exercise?
A. Angiography.
B. Thallium stress test.
C. Single-proton emission computer tomography.
D. MUGA (blood pool imagery) study.
 70-764 vce Answer: D
A “cold spot” detected in the inferior portion of the left ventricle during a stress test that resolves 3
hours later most likely indicates
A. An old inferior MI.
B. A MI that is healing.
C. Reversible myocardial ischemia.
D. The need for multiple bypass surgery.
Answer: C
What is the best test of cardiovascular function for a client who is obese, has claudication in the legs, and has limited mobility because of neurologic damage from uncontrolled diabetes?
A. Dipyridamole or dobutamine testing and assessment of cardiovascular variables.
B. Discontinuous treadmill exercise test.
C. Resting echocardiography.
D. Continuoussubmaximal cycle ergometer test.
 70-764 exam Answer: A
Although 12-lead testing is the optimal ECG configuration, if only one lead can be used, which one
should it be?
A. Lead II.
B. Lead AVL
C. Lead V5
D. Lead V1
Answer: C
Which of the following is an indication for terminating an exercise test?
A. The client requests test termination.
B. The respiratory exchange rate exceeds 0.95.

C. The maximal heart rate exceeds 200bpm.
D. The RPE exceeds 17 on the standard scale.
 70-764 dumps Answer: A
Given the sensitivity of the exercise ECG, stress testing conducted on 100 cardiac rehabilitation clients with documented CAD would be expected to produce what results?
A. All 100 clients show ECG indicators of CAD.
B. Approximately 50 clients show ECG indicators of CAD.
C. Approximately 30 clients would show ECG indicators of CAD.
D. Approximately 70 clients would show ECG indicators of CAD.
Answer: D
What action should you take for a 55-year-old client who has three risk factors for heart disease and complains of fatigue on exertion?
A. Conduct asubmaximal stress test without the presence of a physician.
B. Conduct a maximal diagnostic stress test in the presence of a physician.
C. Use a questionnaire to evaluate activity, and do not conduct a test.
D. Start the client exercising slowly, and test after 6 weeks.
 70-764 pdf Answer: B
For a client taking a 3-blocker who has lowered resting blood pressure and heart rate, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. Asubmaximal test will provide the best estimate of the client’s fitness.
B. Asubmaximal test may underestimate the client’s fitness.
C. Asubmaximal test may overestimate the client’s fitness.
D. The client should be tested only when not taking the medication.
Answer: C
Two individuals have the same body weight, gender, ethnic background, and skinfold measurement results. One is 25 years old; the other is 45 years. Given this scenmio, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. They both have the same percentage of body fat.
B. The 25-year-old individual is fatter.
C. The 45-year-old individual is fatter.
D. Who is fatter cannot be determined from the information given.
 70-764 vce Answer: C

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