Cisco 642-371


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Exam A
How does the Cisco IOS IPS feature set monitor the network for malicious activity?
A. passive “bird-on-a-wire” packet inspection
B. deep inline packet inspection
C. Security Device Event Exchange (SDEE) packet inspection
D. out-of-band (OOB) packet inspection

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
What are three benefits that companies gain with intelligent networking based on Cisco IOS network infrastructure? (Choose three.)
A. a fully integrated network
B. a network requiring fewer networking devices
C. an adaptive network
D. a more resilient network
E. a completely fault-tolerant network

Correct Answer: ACD Section: (none) Explanation
Your customer has a basic stateful firewall setup that only permits incoming traffic from the Internet to an internal web server. What are the security risks if the firewall being used does not perform advanced application inspection and control like the ASA Security Appliance does? (Choose two.)
A. Allowing all return traffic from the internal web server back out to the Internet may increase the risk of worm propagation.

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Exam A
You work in the Certkiller .com support staff. You need to explain the security appliance feature for Certkiller .com. Match the feature with the appropriate description.

Correct Answer: Section: (none) Explanation
Which two of these items best describe the benefits of RF management for the wireless core feature set using autonomous access points? (Choose two.)
A. Rogue AP detection extends only to the boundaries of the Basic Service Set.

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