Adobe 9A0-094

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You have four images open in Photoshop. You currently see each image in its own separate window with its own title bar. You would like to see just one image and tabs for the other images. Which should you choose?
A. Choose Edit > Menus and use the Menus tab
B. Window > Arrange > Float All in Windows
C. Click the 4-up button in the Arrange Documents menu
D. Click the Consolidate All button in the Arrange Documents menu
Correct Answer: D
On the Mac OS, which should you choose to group all the workspace elements in a single, integrated

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You want to deploy a Flash movie for a CD-ROM. Your movie must also be cross platform compatible. Which file format should you select from the Publish Settings dialog box?
A. Macintosh Projector and SWF
B. Windows Projector (EXE) and SWF
C. Macintosh Projector, Windows Projector (EXE) and SWF
D. Macintosh Projector and Windows Projector (EXE) Correct Answer: D

You want to import a resolution-independent image asset directly into Flash CS4. Which image asset type should you use?

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