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What type of animation is NOT available for a shape until it is converted into a symbol?
A. onion skinning
B. shape tweening
C. motion tweening
D. frame-by-frame animation

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 12
ActionScript works on a keyframe in what type of object?
A. Button
B. Group
C. Graphic
D. MovieClip

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 13
What symbols or objects CANNOT have Timeline effectsapplied to them?

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Exam A
What returns the string value “red” assuming node is equal to color in the XML below? (Choose TWO) <color>red</color>
A. node.childNodes[0].nodeValue
B. node.firstChild.nodeValue
C. node.childNodes.nodeValue
D. node.textNode.nodeValue
E. node.nodeValue

Correct Answer: AB
What Macromedia distributed file can be #included in a FLA file to enable Flash Remoting?
A. NetServices.as
B. CFServices.as
C. RemoteServices.as
D. WebServices.as

Correct Answer: A
What does this code display in the output window? var myEmployees:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); myEmployees.Address = “275 Grove Street”; myEmployees.fname = “Jeremy”; trace (myEmployees.toString());

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