Exam A QUESTION 1 If you are working in a two-layer document, how should you make the top layer display only where it overlaps the content of the low layer. A. link the layers B. make a clipping group C. link the layers and select Merge Linked D. turn Preserve Transparency for the top layer […]

Exam A QUESTION 1 Match each 3Com Wireless Switch (WX) term with its description. A. B. C. D. Correct Answer: QUESTION 2 Which functionality is transferred from 3Com Access Points (APs) to the 3Com Wireless LAN Controller/ Switch, creating Fit APs or Managed Access Points (MAPs) with the 3Com Wireless LAN Mobility System? A. Radio […]

Exam A QUESTION 1 Which file system command displays the directory entries on a 3Com switch? A. dir /all B. cd dir /all C. display dir D. display dir /all E. dir display /all F. mkdir display /all Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2 What is the purpose of the RIP View command network network_address? A. […]

Exam A QUESTION 1 What is the most common Layer 2 method for handling multicast traffic? A. DVMRP B. PIM-SM/DM C. IGMP Snooping Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2 Which two features are supported on all Switch 8800 I/O modules? (Choose two.) A. Small Form-factor Plug-in (SFP) interface for all Ethernet ports B. IEEE 802.3ad Link […]

QUESTION 1 The Switch 7700 or Switch 8800 can be used as the primary authentication service or as a backup if the RADIUS server group is unavailable. A. True B. False Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2 Which four are Switching Fabric features/Functions on the Switch 8800? (Choose four) A. Each Switch Fabric has a data […]