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Which three categories of symbols are represented on Business Process Diagrams? (Select three.)
A. Swimlanes
B. Stereotypes
C. Flow Objects
D. Decision Trees
E. Connecting Objects
Correct Answer: ACE

When should the Encyclopedia Explorer Auto Refresh feature be disabled?
A. when an Oracle database is used
B. when no catalog is defined in the system
C. in a multi-user, low bandwidth environment
D. in a single-user, low bandwidth environment
Correct Answer: C

How are Matrices accessed in System Architect?
A. click Matrix Browser on the View menu
B. click the Matrices tab in the Encyclopedia Explorer
C. click the Matrices tab in the Diagram Properties dialog box
D. click the Show Matrix Browser button on the Diagram toolbar
Correct Answer: A

Which type of diagram enables you to graphically model the goals and objectives of an organization along with the strategies and tactics devised to achieve those goals?
A. Business Concept Diagram
B. Business Process Diagram
C. Enterprise Direction Diagram
D. Business Process Hierarchy
Correct Answer: C
Which statement best describes Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)?
A. BPMN is designed to diagram programming logic for non-technical users.
B. BPMN is a graphical way to create an animated model of business processes.
C. BPMN is a graphical notation that depicts the end-to-end flow of a business process.
D. BPMN is used by programmers to document program structures relating to business processes.
Correct Answer: C
What is the purpose of Business Process Matrices in System Architect?
A. to create links between BPMN processes and related definitions
B. to display an organized view of all objects and artifacts in the project encyclopedia
C. to provide a mapping between business process models and the underlying execution languages
D. to document the relationships between each child diagram in a Business Process Hierarchy Diagram
Correct Answer: A

Which three elements are included in a complete enterprise? (Select three.)
A. traceability to the goals and objectives of the organization
B. descriptions of the components that make up the organization
C. technology and process standards for deployment and maintenance
D. historical data that contributed to the current state of the organization
Correct Answer: ABC

Which Connection Object represents communication between business process participants?
A. Gateway
B. Message Flow
C. Sequence Flow
D. Process Connector
Correct Answer: B

Which three types of information can be accessed through the System Architect Guidebook? (Select three.)
A. how to publish reports
B. setting application preferences
C. accessing XML code for diagrams
D. assistance with scaling and printing diagrams
Correct Answer: ABD
What are three typical domains in an enterprise architecture? (Select three.)
A. source code
B. project plans
C. business processes
D. technology infrastructure
E. applications and information
Correct Answer: CDE
What do the following symbols represent?

A. Process
B. Association
C. Message Flow
D. Sequence Flow

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12
What BPMN symbol does the following image represent?

A. Decision
B. Gateway
C. End Event
D. Intermediate Event
Correct Answer: C

Which are three key components of a Business Process Diagram? (Select three.)
A. Event
B. Activity
C. Gateway
D. Data Flow
E. Sequence Flow
Correct Answer: ACE

Which modeling symbol does the following image represent?

A. Event
B. Route
C. Process
D. Gateway
Correct Answer: D

Which basic BPMN model describes processes that are internal to a specific organization?
A. Native
B. Private
C. Internal
D. Intrinsic
Correct Answer: B

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IBM C2140-047 Exam Dump, Offer IBM C2140-047 PDF Download With High Quality