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What are two differences between a Cisco WSA that is running in transparent mode and one running in explicit mode?
(Choose two.)
A. When the Cisco WSA is running in transparent mode, it uses the WSA\\’s own IP address as the HTTP request
B. The Cisco WSA responds with its own IP address only if it is running in explicit mode.
C. The Cisco WSA is configured in a web browser only if it is running in transparent mode.
D. The Cisco WSA uses a Layer 3 device to redirect traffic only if it is running in transparent mode.
E. The Cisco WSA responds with its own IP address only if it is running in transparent mode.
Correct Answer: BD

Why is it important to have logical security controls on endpoints even though the users are trained to spot security
threats and the network devices already help prevent them?
A. to prevent theft of the endpoints
B. because defense-in-depth stops at the network
C. to expose the endpoint to more threats
D. because human error or insider threats will still exist
Correct Answer: D

Which solution combines Cisco IOS and IOS XE components to enable administrators to recognize applications, collect
and send network metrics to Cisco Prime and other third-party management tools, and prioritize application traffic?
A. Cisco Security Intelligence
B. Cisco Application Visibility and Control
C. Cisco Model Driven Telemetry
D. Cisco DNA Center
Correct Answer: B

For which two conditions can an endpoint be checked using ISE posture assessment? (Choose two.)
A. computer identity
B. Windows service
C. user identity
D. Windows firewall
E. default browser
Correct Answer: BD

An engineer is configuring a Cisco ESA and wants to control whether to accept or reject email messages to a recipient
address. Which list contains the allowed recipient addresses?
Correct Answer: D

What are two functions of secret key cryptography? (Choose two.)
A. key selection without integer factorization
B. utilization of different keys for encryption and decryption
C. utilization of large prime number iterations
D. utilization of less memory
E. provides the capability to only know the key on one side
Correct Answer: BE

An administrator wants to ensure that all endpoints are compliant before users are allowed access on the corporate
The endpoints must have the corporate antivirus application installed and be running the latest build of Windows 10.
What must the administrator implement to ensure that all devices are compliant before they are allowed on the
A. Cisco Identity Services Engine and AnyConnect Posture module
B. Cisco Stealthwatch and Cisco Identity Services Engine integration
C. Cisco ASA firewall with Dynamic Access Policies configured
D. Cisco Identity Services Engine with PxGrid services enabled
Correct Answer: A

What Cisco command shows you the status of an 802.1X connection on interface gi0/1?
A. show authorization status
B. show authen sess int gi0/1
C. show connection status gi0/1
D. show ver gi0/1
Correct Answer: B

Which two are valid suppression types on a Cisco Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System?
A. Port
B. Rule
C. Source
D. Application
E. Protocol
Correct Answer: BC

What is a difference between DMVPN and sVTI?
A. DMVPN supports tunnel encryption, whereas sVTI does not.
B. DMVPN supports dynamic tunnel establishment, whereas sVTI does not.
C. DMVPN supports static tunnel establishment, whereas sVTI does not.
D. DMVPN provides interoperability with other vendors, whereas sVTI does not.
Correct Answer: B

After deploying a Cisco ESA on your network, you notice that some messages fail to reach their destinations. Which
task can you perform to determine where each message was lost?
A. Configure the trackingconfig command to enable message tracking.
B. Generate a system report.
C. Review the log files.
D. Perform a trace.
Correct Answer: A

A network engineer is configuring DMVPN and entered the crypto is akmp key cisc0380739941 address
command on host A The tunnel is not being established to host B. What action is needed to authenticate the VPN?
A. Enter the same command on host B.
B. Enter the command with a different password on host B.
C. Change isakmp to ikev2 in the command on host A.
D. Change the password on host A to the default password.
Correct Answer: A

In which cloud services model is the tenant responsible for virtual machine OS patching?
A. IaaS
B. UCaaS
C. PaaS
D. SaaS
Correct Answer: A

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