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A company is using a multi-site centralized call processing model. Which feature ensures that the remote site IP phones will still have limited functionality given a WAN outage?
B. Call Admission Control

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 74
A service provider sets up LSP among all the edge Routers in its network by using LDP. A user would like to maintain its DSCP marking across the service provider backbone. Mark the MPLS packets with the appropriate EXP values according to QoS policies.
Which step should be taken to classify and queue packets on egress nodes on the basis of EXP marking?
A. Copy MPLS EXP at penultimate hop into DSCP
B. Disable penultimate hop popping
C. Use MPLS network-wide QoS propagation
D. Copy IP DSCP at the ingress into MPLS EXP

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 75
Which two potential effects are caused by increasing the percentage of priority traffic? (Choose two)
A. It will not ever change the performance of non-priority traffic
B. It can increase latency and jitter for priority traffic
C. It must be avoided regardless of traffic patterns
D. It can increase latency and jitter for non-priority traffic

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 76
Which option is correct in terms of designing a policy in which more than one class share a queue?
A. It requires consideration of the performance targets of classes sharing the queue.
B. It should be deployed throughout the network to simplify the design.
C. It will result in a negative class.
D. It must be avoided under all circumstances.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 77
Which two items are true about QoS in MPLS VPN (RFC 2547bis) networks? (Choose two)
A. MPLS can force packets into specific paths and bandwidths based on Edge-LSR mapping of DSCP to EXP.
B. On egress from the Edge-LSR, the EXP field is used for PHB QoS towards the CE.
C. DiffServ information must be made known to the LSR in the MPLS header using the EXP field.
D. MPLS QoS is a scalable and simple solution because it only requires application at the Edge- LSR.

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 78
Which two benefits does VoFR provide? (Choose two.)
A. Congestion notification
B. Bandwidth efficiency
C. Cell-switching
D. Heterogeneous network

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 79
Which tool enables a network designer to route traffic according to the source IP address?
A. Policy-based routing
B. MPLS Layer 3 VPNs
C. Source routing
D. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 80
Which one of the following technologies allows a Router to route traffic according to the size of the incoming packet?
D. OSPF version 3
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 81
For the following mechanisms, which two are preferred to detect Layer 2 link failures quickly? (Choose two)
A. Fast RSVP hellos
B. Loss of signal
C. LDP keepalives

Correct Answer: BD

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In order to pinpoint the reason for a routing recursion error, which network management tool should a network manager consult?
A. SNMP routing traps
B. syslog (for BGP errors)
C. RMON events group
D. debug (for BGP output)

Correct Answer: D
Which two design criteria are for an out-of-band network? (Choose two)
A. circuit diversity
B. vendor diversity
C. device diversity
D. protocol diversity
Correct Answer: AC
Which description is true about downstream suppression?
A. It is the ability of an element manager to restrict forwarding to critical performance alarms northbound to the Manager of Managers and suppress other alarms
B. It is the ability of a fault management tool to generate alerts for only an upstream device failure and to suppress the alarms related to all unreachable downstream sites
C. It is the ability of a Router to suppress downstream route fluctuations to avoid introducing instability into the network core
D. It is the ability of a network management station to perform root cause analysis on a network fault and remove duplicates of all other alarms resulting from fault symptoms
Correct Answer: B
When is the site-to-site remote access model appropriate?
A. For multiple ISDN connections
B. For use by mobile users
C. For modem concentrated dial-up connections
D. For a group of users in the same vicinity sharing a connection
Correct Answer: D

Which advantage is of creating an in-band instead of an out-of-band management network?
A. Protection of management traffic
B. Lower equipment costs
C. Separate transport equipment
D. Protection of production traffic
Correct Answer: B

Which function is performed by the Community String field defined in a trap PDU?
A. Isolate the PDU within a defined region of the network
B. Enable reliable delivery of messages
C. Enable the routing of messages
D. Allow authentication by management station
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 88
How are community formats sent in SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c?
A. In both protocols they are sent as clear text.
B. In SNMPv1 they are sent as clear text and in SNMPv2c they are sent as part of an encrypted session.
C. In SNMPv1 they are sent as clear text and in SNMPv2c they are encrypted.
D. In both protocols they are encrypted.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 89
Which two practices need to be implemented to increase SNMPv1 security? (Choose two.)
A. Restrict access to the specific SNMP engine IDs in use.
B. Use SNMP encryption for transport confidentiality.
C. Use ACLs to allow only specific IP addresses to poll SNMP.
D. Use a combination of alphanumeric characters for the community strings.

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 90
Which description is correct about SNMPv3?
A. It expands the SNMP Response protocol message so that the message must be used by managers in response to traps sent by agents.
B. It provides authentication.
C. It adds the Inform protocol message.
D. It adds the GetNext protocol message.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 91
Which statement about CiscoWorks 2000 Inventory Manager is true?
A. When the configuration of a device changes, the inventory is automatically updated.
B. It uses SNMP v1.
C. It scans devices for hardware information.
D. It scans and records the operational status of devices.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 92
The Cisco IOS SLB feature is a Cisco IOS-based solution that provides server load balancing. This feature allows you to define a virtual server that represents a cluster of real servers, known as a server farm. When a client initiates a connection to the virtual server, the IOS SLB load balances the connection to a chosen real server, depending on the configured load balance algorithm or predictor.
Which three implementation modes may be used to deploy SLB? (Choose three)
A. Bridge mode inline
B. Three-arm mode
C. Router mode
D. One-arm mode

Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 93
When dealing with transparent caching, where should the Content Engines be placed?
A. At the Internet edge
B. Close to the end users
C. In front of web server farms
D. Close to the servers

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 94
A network designer might be interested in which NetFlow feature?
A. the amount of sample flow information sent to the correlation engine and the frequency with which it is sent
B. the location of the OSS and the number of call detail records sent to it
C. the NetFlow version number, sample rate, and type of collector
D. the location of the collector and the amount of flow information sent to it

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 95
Which content networking device allows bandwidth configuration settings so that streaming content will not interfere with other network traffic?
A. Content Distribution Manager
B. IP/TV Control Server
C. IP/TV Broadcast Server
D. Content Engine

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 96
Which two items could be used to determine how much jitter is occurring across a customer’s existing network? (Choose two.)
A. External test equipment
B. Synthetic transactions in conjunction with Service Assurance Agent (IP SLA)
C. RMON probes
D. SNMP GET requests and put commands between CallManager and VoIP phones

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 97
The network administrator would like to generate synthetic traffic using the Service Assurance Agent contained in Cisco IOS. Which CiscoWorks network management application will be used to report the latency and availability for configured traffic operations on an end-to-end and hop-by- hop (Router-to-Router) basis?
A. Device Fault Manager
B. Internetwork Performance Monitor
C. CiscoView
D. nGenius Real-Time Monitor Correct Answer: B
NetFlow provides valuable information about network users and applications, peak usage times, and traffic routing. Which function is of NetFlow?
A. Generate traps for failure conditions
B. Monitor CPU utilization
C. Monitor link utilization
D. Monitor configuration changes
Correct Answer: C
Which three things can be restricted by the Class of Service in a traditional PBX? (Choose three.)
A. Dial plans
B. Dialed numbers
C. Voice mail prompts
D. Phone features
Correct Answer: ABD
Which two of the following Cisco Router platforms support Multicast Distributed Fast Switching? (Choose two)
A. 3600 series
B. 7500 series
C. 12000 series
D. 7200 series with NSE-1
Correct Answer: BC
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