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A system administrator is added to multiple roles in the BlackBerry Manager. Which administrative role governs the tasks which are available to the system administrator? (Choose one.)
A. The first role assigned to the system administrator
B. The last role assigned to the system administrator
C. The system administrator will be assigned to all roles
D. The administrative role with the most tasks
E. The administrative role with the least tasks

Correct Answer: E
When installing the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service for the first time, the Admin and Publisher accounts are created. Which two statements are true about these roles? (Choose two.)
A. The Admin account can only be used to perform administrative tasks relating to the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service.
B. The Publisher account can only be used to perform administrative tasks relating to the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service.
C. The Admin account is the only account that can publish custom applications to the BlackBerry MDS
application database.

D. The Publisher account is the only account that can publish custom applications to the BlackBerry MDS application database.
E. The Admin account can be used to both administer BlackBerry MDS Integration Service and publish custom applications.

Correct Answer: AD
Which BlackBerry Resource Kit tool determines how many email messages have been sent to and from all BlackBerry device users?(Choose one.)
A. MessageFlow
B. HistoricalStats
C. AvailIndex
D. Pending
E. BESSysLog

Correct Answer: B
A BlackBerry device user is in one user group in BlackBerry Manager. An IT policy has been applied to this group. The system administrator wants to move the user to a different group and apply a different IT policy. Which two methods would accomplish this? (Choose two.)
A. Open the group information > Select the user > Drag and drop the user to the new group > resend the IT policy to the group
B. Select the user > Assign the user to the new group > Assign the new IT policy to that group
C. Remove the user from one group > Add the user to the new group > Assign the new IT policy to that group
D. Remove and re-add the user from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server > Assign the user to the new group > Assign the new IT policy to that group
E. Modify the group name for the user > Assign the new IT policy to the user

Correct Answer: BC
A new BlackBerry device user is unable to perform a wireless enterprise activation because there is insufficient network coverage. The user has the BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed. When attempting to perform a wired enterprise activation, the enterprise activation is unable to initialize.
Which three actions ensure the enterprise activation initializes? (Choose three.)
A. Switch to a new USB port on the computer.
B. Enable port 4101 on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
C. Delete and undelete the Desktop [SYNC] service book on the BlackBerry device.
D. Uninstall and reinstall the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software on the computer.
Correct Answer: ABC
Which utilities are bundled with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software that allows backing up and restoring of the BlackBerry Configuration Database? (Choose two.)
A. BlackBerryDBBackup.exe
B. BlackBerryDBRestore.exe
C. DBBackup.exe
D. DBRestore.exe
E. DBBackupRestore.exe

Correct Answer: AB
After enabling S/MIME on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, what is required to turn on S/MIME support for the BlackBerry devices in the environment? (Choose one.)
A. S/MIME Support Package Identifier
B. S/MIME Support PackagePasscode
C. S/MIME Support Package authentication key
D. S/MIME Support Package client access license
E. S/MIME Support Package client validation license

Correct Answer: D
When planning for disaster recovery, what are the two minimum version requirements to support replication of the BlackBerry Configuration Database? (Choose two.)
A. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0 Service Pack 4 15
B. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 Service Pack 2
C. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 Service Pack 4
D. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine
E. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 or later

Correct Answer: BE
When specifying the Device Software Share Location for a software configuration, what is the correct format? (Choose one.)
A. Local Windows path
B. Fully Qualified Domain Name
C. Universal Naming Convention path
D. IP address
E. NetBIOS of the host computer

Correct Answer: C
A system administrator has put an application control policy in place that prevents any application from accessing the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile API. The organization decides to change the requirements so that access to the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile API will be permitted for all applications. The system administrator has modified the application control policy to allow access to the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile API. Which statement is true about the time frame in which the application control policy will be sent to the BlackBerry devices? (Choose one.)
A. The change may take up to four hours to push to the BlackBerry devices.
B. The change will take effect when the system administrator resends the IT policy to the BlackBerry devices.
C. The change will be immediate as the policy change is automatically sent to the BlackBerry devices.
D. The change time frame will be custom as the system administrator is prompted to choose the change interval.
E. The change will be immediate only if the BlackBerry device users request a policy update.

Correct Answer: C
What type of client must the BlackBerry Router be configured as, to allow Wi-Fi Enabled BlackBerry smartphones to enterprise activate over the WLAN? (Choose one.)
A. POP Client
B. IMAP Client
C. X400Client
D. UUCP Client
E. SMTP Client

Correct Answer: E
A company utilizing a segmented network structure recently installed the BlackBerry Collaboration Service, configured it to use the TLS protocol for Microsoft Windows Messenger on its own server, and placed it in a network segment from the Microsoft Live Communications Server. Which port must be open on the internal firewall to allow TLS traffic? (Choose one.)
A. 5061
B. 5060
C. 443
D. 8443
E. 1533

Correct Answer: A
Which organizer (PIM) data synchronization control can a BlackBerry device user change on the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. Synchronization from BlackBerry Enterprise Server to BlackBerry device
B. Synchronization from BlackBerry device to BlackBerry Enterprise Server
C. Bi-directional Synchronization
D. Wireless Synchronization On
E. PIM Synchronization On

Correct Answer: D
What must a system administrator configure in order for BlackBerry device users to search for certificates? (Choose one.)
D. RSA Authentication
E. Proxy
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 47
Which file is required on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for SNMP monitoring? (Choose one.)
A. BlackBerryServer.mib
B. BlackBerrySNMP.mib
C. BBServerSNMP.mib
D. BBServer.mib
E. BES.mib

Correct Answer: A
Which two actions, performed at a Server level in BlackBerry Manager, apply to all BlackBerry device users on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose two.)
A. SRP information can be modified.
B. A wireless activation password can be set.
C. An Enterprise Service Policy can be enabled.
D. Global filters can be enabled.
E. Individual users can be assigned to a group.

Correct Answer: AD
A company recently installed a BlackBerry Router on its own server and placed it in the DMZ, and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is able to establish a connection to the BlackBerry Infrastructure.
However, BlackBerry device users are unable to establish a connection over serial by-pass. Which port needs to be configured? (Choose one.)
A. 3101
B. 4101
C. 1433
D. 443
E. 8080

Correct Answer: B
A PIN message is sent from the BlackBerry device and a letter D is displayed above the checkmark beside the message in the message list. What does this indicate about the status of the message? (Choose one.)
A. It is delayed.
B. It is denied.
C. It is delivered.
D. It is deleted.
E. It is dropped.
Correct Answer: C

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