Apple 9L0-505

Exam A
On a AFP share point, default permissions for new files and folders are the same as _______.
A. CIFS permissions
B. NTFS permissions
C. Mac OS 9 permissions
D. Standard UNIX permissions

Correct Answer: D
Sharing files over NFS is NOT secure because NFS _______.
A. relies on Kerberos
B. uses cleartext password
C. uses MAC address authentication
D. does not require user authentication

Correct Answer: D
From Server Admin, you can configure DHCP service in Mac OS X Server v10.3 to provide _________ to a requesting host machine. (Choose all that apply.)
A. a Host Name
B. an IP address
C. a MAC address
D. DNS settings
E. LDAP bindings
F. NetInfo bindings

Correct Answer: BDE
DNS service ________. (Choose THREE.)
A. maps domain names to IP addresses
B. maps IP addresses to domain names
C. leases IP addresses to client computers
D. tells users whether other clients are connected to the network
E. enables users to obtain domain names automatically, on a lease
F. lets users reference hosts using fully qualified domain names instead of IP addresses

Correct Answer: ABF
A client workstation is not receiving an IP address from its Mac OS X Server v10.3 DHCP service. What can explain this situation? (Choose THREE.)
A. DHCP service isnot running.

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