Adobe 9A0-040

Which question about capturing analog video in Adobe Premiere Pro is true?
A. A single capture card can only capture either analog or digital video.
B. Analog video must be converted to a digital signal before capturing it in Premiere Pro.
C. Premiere Pro removes timecode from analog video so it can be used by the application.
D. A stand-alone analog-to-video converter is necessary to batch capture analog video in Premiere Pro.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 2
You have been give a Premiere Pro project file and source tapes. When you open the project, you discover that the entry for Media Type for all clips is listed as Offline. What should you do?
A. Select the clips in the Project window and choose File > Batch Capture.
B. Select the clips in the Project window, and choose Project > Link Media.
C. Choose File > Capture and in the Capture window, click the Tape button.
D. Select the clipsin the Project window, drag them to the Capture window, and click the Record button.

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