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An Analog Terminal Card has how many RJ-11 ports?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 62
Click theTask button.
What icon would the administrator select to modify an Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) bandwidth compression settings?


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How does the NBX administrator assign a new user to a Hunt Group?
A. Select Dial Plan / Table and choose the desired Hunt Group and click Modify
B. Select Dial Plan / Hunt Groups and choose the desired Hunt Group and click Modify
C. Select Operations/ Hunt Groups and choose the desired Hunt Group and click Modify
D. Select User Configuration / Hunt Groups and choose the desired Hunt Group and click Modify

Correct Answer: D
Which four components are required to use the NBX CTI Telephone Applications Program Interface (TAPI) solution? (Choose four.)
A. NBX CTI license
B. Any NBX system
C. H.323 protocol support
D. NBX TAPI service provider (NBXTSP) software
E. Computer supporting TAPI, for example, Microsoft Windows
F. Either IP On-the-Fly or Standard IP license for each NBX system
G. Desktop TAPI application software, for example, Desktop Call Assistant or Outlook

Correct Answer: BDEG
Which four are features of the SuperStack 3 NBX system? (Choose four.)
A. Has an two integrated, redundant 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for LAN connectivity
B. Supports up to 200 devices, including up to 100 central office lines
C. Redundancy options include dual power supplies and disk mirroring
D. Supports up to 1500 devices, including up to 720 central office lines
E. System scales to 12 auto-attendant voice messaging ports and 80 hour of voice-mail storage
F. Uses the same Network Control Processor (NCP) card as the NBX 100 Communications System
G. Uses many of the same interface cards, for example, Analog Line and Analog Terminal Cards, as the NBX 100 Communications System
Correct Answer: ACDG
Which three are features of the NBX NetSet Administration Utility? (Choose three.)
A. Has a default IP address of and a subnet mask of
B. Has a default IP address of and a subnet mask of
C. Supports3Com’s

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Convergence brings added value to the customer by reducing cabling and skills costs
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
Which of the following modes of operation are supported by the NBX? (Choose three)
A. PBX Mode
B. Key Mode
C. Hybrid Mode
D. Simulated Mode
E. Traditional Mode

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 3
The Network Call Processor (NCP) is responsible for setting up communication between endpoints.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
Which of the following is true of the V3000 NCP? (Choose three)
A. Supports up to 200 total devices
B. Supports up to 1500 total devices
C. Supports up to 12 Voice Mail Ports
D. Supports up to 72 Voice Mail Ports
E. Supports up to 8 Virtual Tie Lines
F. Supports up to 48 Virtual Tie Lines

Correct Answer: BDF QUESTION 5
Which of the following statements best characterizes NBX Silence Suppression? (Choose three)
A. Enabling reduces network traffic
B. When enabled, a device that detects silence in conversation sends a small packet with a ilence indicator, rather than a full packet of igitized silence
C. Receiving devices generate white noise for the time periods represented by silence indicator packets
D. Can only be enabled or disabled for the entire system.

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