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What is periodically multicasted (every 10 seconds) by the DIS on a LAN to ensure IS-IS Link State Database accuracy?

Correct Answer: B
The ASBR-summary LSA is:
A. Generated by the ASBR and describes reachability to itself
B. Generated by the ASBR and describes reachabilty to the ABR
C. Generated by the ABR and describes reachabilty to the ASBR for routers in a different area from the ASBR
D. Generated by the ABR and describes reachabilty to the ASBR for routers in the same area with the ASBR
Correct Answer: C
What statement about Transit AS istrue?

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Which of the following events can NOT be tuned via router configuration to provide for faster convergence following a link failure?
A. Failure detection
B. Failure reporting
C. IGP LSP/LSA origination
D. Per-hop flooding time of new link state
E. Number of hops that need to be notified of new link state

Correct Answer: E
What best explainsthe BGP route-reflector function?

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Which statements about the Route Target Rewrite feature are not true? (Choose two.)
A. After the route target replacement policy is applied to the target router, the BGP session need not be refreshed manually to put the policy into operation.
B. Route Target Rewrite allows the administration of the routing policy to stay local to the AS.
C. Route target replacement is always done by the ASBR.
D. Route target rewrites are supported for VRF export maps.

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