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Testlet 1
Assessing the Current Environment
Executive Summary

Project Overview:
CGE is a global, diversified, upstream (exploration and production) oil and gas company headquartered in North America. CGE*s three main operating areas are North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. CGE also has a portfolio of international exploration opportunities. CGE began in North America as a small, upstream oil and gas company. Through acquisitions, CGE grew quickly and acquired companies globally. This led to a decentralized IT model, both from systems and personnel perspectives. CGE currently utilizes several Citrix technologies to provide application virtualization to a global end-user base spread across several continents. Its current IT model for application virtualization is based on regional locations; each region hosts its own Citrix environment to support its local end-user base. CGE is moving toward a global IT model in which the entire application and desktop virtualization environment will be hosted in three data centers, each with a highly available NetScaler pair. CGE would like to provide dedicated desktops to some end-user groups to alleviate past issues with applications and performance. In addition, an Internet upgrade project is underway to eliminate slow connections at all sites. This will improve latency and bandwidth issues throughout the environments. CGE engaged Citrix Consulting to determine whether best practices are being followed in its existing Citrix environments; to provide a design document for a new, consolidated Citrix environment; and to point out risks that should be resolved before moving to this new environment. This deliverable represents the output of the requirements gathering phase and will be used as an input during the architectural design phase of this engagement. Through interactive meetings, Citrix Consulting obtained information regarding CGE*s existing Citrix XenApp environments and strategic goals. By reviewing this information, CGE can understand and methodically address those areas that represent the most profound risks, improve various facets of its current environments, and prepare for the future design phase of a consolidated environment.

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